Ducati Multistrada V4 S

Test: Ducati Multistrada V4S (Baujahr 2021)

Multistrada reimagined

imagePhoto: motorradtest.de
The new Multistrada breaks with many things that have made a Ducati so far. V2? No. Lattice tube frame. Nothing. Desmodroscopic valve control? Nope.

Nevertheless, or perhaps precisely because of this, the new Multistrada is now an even better alternative to GS & Co. Our testers Volker and Dietmar are enthusiastic and don't want to give the machine any more.

Ducati takes full risk

Ducatisti must now be very brave. A machine from Bologna without desmodromik. Uff. And also no more steam hammer V2 in the new Multi, but a rather cultivated V4 with towing levers. Before everyone hides behind the sofa, however, we can give a warning: The new V4 or V4S is still a real Ducati. And yet the red ones from Bologna take some risk. Until now, the Multistradas were very independent bikes, which could hardly be compared with the adventure bestseller from BMW. The feeling was too different: Ducati very sporty, BMW rather an all-rounder and with a lot of comfort. Sporty, of course, the new Mulitstrada is still sporty, but it now feels more grown-up, not quite as playful as the older Multistradas.
Whether this scares or excites genuine Ducati fans, we can't really foresee. We can only advise everyone: take a test drive on this floor. She rides really great, but more on that later. First of all, we walk around the machine and enjoy many details of our very well equipped test machine with the travel package. There is, for example.B the noble-looking Mulistrada lettering on the handlebar head, the V4 logo in the seat, the windshield, which can also be adjusted with one finger while driving, or the practical mobile phone compartment with USB connection on the tank.
Ducati Multistrada V4SPhoto: motorradtest.de
The machine stands in front of us like a statement: Look, I'm new, I'm great. Even the view of the two-part, large bench suggests that both driver-in and social/socies will have an extremely large amount of space. Our test bike has a seat heater at the front and rear, which the passenger can set autonomously with a separate button in three steps. The driver does this via the cockpit. The seat height can be changed between 840 and 860 mm without tools. This allows even smaller drivers to rank the machine without any problems. The ready-to-drive weight of 243 kg feels lighter on the new Duc than the data sheet suggests. Conclusion before driving off: Impressive look and high seating comfort with upright seating position and a wide, alu-conified handlebar: this smells of fun and long tours without back pain. Look at it.
V4S MotorMultistrada V4S Licht vorneV4S Schwinge

This is what she should be able to do

As far as the technical equipment is concerned, Ducati has saddled up the V4S again compared to 1260. There is now an adaptive cruise control with radar. This system measures the distance to the front man and brakes automatically if necessary - and then also gives gas again when the ride is free. In other words, you set the speed on the highway and then you can read a book. The system works perfectly and is actually a veritable comfort gain for longer stages. The following other systems are on board:

  • Switch-off curve ABS
  • Ride by Wire and four configurable driving modes
  • multi-stage traction control
  • Wheely-Control
  • Motor response
  • Mountain start aid
  • electronic chassis incl. automatic level control

Despite this wealth of features, the operation of the Multi V4S is pleasingly intuitive. Sure, it takes a moment before you understand the menu logic, but then changes are made .B to the configuration of the driving modes. Each mode can be adjusted manually, although we liked the preconfigurations.


This is how she drives herself

Okay, then you go. Start by keyless go and simple pressure on the ignition. The machine is "powered up" and the cockpit comes to life. With our V4S, by the way, this is a 6.5" color TFT (V4: 5 inch) with a black background and many displays without confusing it. Pressure on the starter and the V4 is already swaying. Although this is not my first test ride with a motorcycle, I am excited. Only Ducati, Grande Emozione can do that!
First of all, slowly warm. Beautifully, the Duc hangs on the gas, it feels surprisingly light. In any case, lighter than the 243 kg (ready to drive) that are on my data sheet. It feels more compact than the 1260 and less nervous. It is excellently balanced, no head load, no intentional emphasis on the front wheel. Not a bit of SuperMoto, full program travel enduro.
Okay, now it's warm and I turn on the Quirl - and almost fall off the bike. 170 hp is not only theoretically a lot, but also a power in subjective perception. What an engine! I get caught doing it, i'm more on the high-speed road because it's just more fun. The V4S can also be driven low-touring. No chain-beating or rumbling like with many V2, instead cultivated forward drive and an extremely elastic motor. The steam hammer feeling of older V2 multistradas below is missing, but I don't really miss it either. For this purpose, the butter-soft Quickshifter (series on the V4S) is on board on our test machine, which also works excellently in both directions.
Multistrada V4SPhoto: motorradtest.de
The chassis is also very balanced to match the engine. The machine feels very stable without appearing cumbersome. On the contrary, it is manoeuvrable and does exactly what I want. At the corner entrance, the line is targeted and the V4S travels through the curve as if by itself. I also feel like the king of the (country) road thanks to the comfortable seating position. The steering angle is designed to be suitable: you can drive extremely narrow circles - good for manoeuvring and for Alpine passes.

Conclusion - what gets stuck

Man, it was fun! Volker and Dietmar agree: A great throw from Ducati. Competitors need to dress warmly and we are looking forward to the first comparative tests with GS & Co. Whether die-hard Ducati fans are as enthusiastic about the new Multistrada as we are, it is not to be seen. Objectively, the new V4S is the better motorcycle, but one or the other will still prefer the 1260s with the great V2, because it represents classic Ducati virtues better than the new Multi. In this respect, this machine also polarizes a little, but it probably has to if Ducati wants to be in the top 10. We believe that the opportunity for this is very good. You hear from many pre-orders, Ducati seems to have done everything right. Auguri, Ducati!

The test motorcycle we kindly got provided by Bergmann & Söhne Bremervörde.

Price/Availability/Colours/Years of Construction

  • Price: from 20.9900 € (V4S)
  • Availability: from 02/2021
  • Colours: red, grey

Zubehör für die
Multistrada V4 S

  • Moneta
  • Polo
  • Amazon

Pro & Kontra

  • High seating comfort for driver and passenger
  • Impressive engine, sporty and cultivated
  • Good windscreen and easily adjustable windshield
  • Very handy, yet stable handling
  • Technically everything on board (at extra charge) that your heart desires
  • Brakes, tyres, chassis: all great
  • Range could be better
  • Fully equipped no bargain
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240 kg
Ab. Weight
470 kg
840-860 mm
1,567 mm

Driving Performance & Range

Tank contents
22 l
6.5 l
300 km
255 km/h

Motor & Power Transmission

Engine design
Number of cylinders
1,158 cc
170 HP
125 NM
Number of gears

Suspension & Brakes

Monocoque frame
Suspension front
180 mm
Strut rear
180 mm
Suspension rear
Two-arm swingarm
Brakes in front
Double disc
330 mm
Tyres at the front
Brakes rear
Single disc
Rear tyres
Curve ABS