Triumph Street Triple 765 RS

Triumph Street Triple 765 RS Review (Baujahr 2023)

Is 2,100 euros extra for the RS worth it?

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The new Triumph Street Triple 756 RS costs 12,295 euros, exactly 2,100 euros more than its little sister Street Triple 765 R. What can the RS do better, is the surcharge justified and in general: Is the 765 RS a good naked bike? Volker and Dietmar chased the RS over the country roads around Hamburg in hurricane-like gusts and describe their impressions here.

News from Spocht!

The Street Triple 765 is available in three colours: yellow, silver grey and red. The R, on the other hand, is available in white and silver, so there should be something for everyone. Let's get straight to the equipment differences between the RS and the R: With 130 hp, the RS has exactly 10 hp more power without weakening in torque. There are higher quality brakes including a radial brake pump from Brembo, higher quality levers and mirrors, an Öhlins rear shock absorber, better tires and a more modern cockpit.
Farbauswahl: Gelb, Rot, GrauPhoto: Triumph
Whether these changes are worth the extra charge, everyone has to decide for themselves individually. We say: The RS is worth every penny, but the Street Triple 765 R was also able to convince us in the test. However, if you have the necessary change to spare, you should go for the RS, it makes a lot of things a bit better, even if only a small ...
Dimensions Triumph Street Triple 765 RS
The seat height of the RS also differs from the R: At 836 mm, you sit one centimetre higher. Nevertheless, the seat ergonomics are similar and typical for a streetfighter: You sit sportily, but can still tackle longer distances without effort or back pain due to the footrest and handlebar position. With a length of 2.05m, the Streety RS is not a big motorcycle, but Dietmar also felt very comfortable with his 1.84m. You can't necessarily say that about the passenger, because as usual with naked bikes, there is only a small seat bun and no grab handles. As we like to say: It's okay to go to the quarry pond, but not from Hamburg to Munich.
SitzergonomieThat's what it's like to sit on the Triumpf Street Triple 765 RS.

360 degree tour around the Street Triple 765 RS

CockpitBeleuchtung vorneBeleuchtung hinten

Technology of the Street Triple 765 RS

The Street Triple 765 RS is technically excellently equipped. There is a large TFT color display, lean angle sensors, driving modes, traction control, USB under the seat, QuickShifter and, for an additional charge, the option of placing a Google powered Turn by Turn Navigation on the display. The only thing we don't find is an electronic chassis, but otherwise pretty much everything is on board that pleases the driver.

The light comes completely in LED including the turn signals and Triumph has also thought of an LED daytime running light for the RS. There is a separate switch for switching between these daytime running lights and the low beam. By the way, both together are not permitted by law.

Unlike the R, the Streety RS is not operated via a directional pad, but via a pushable joystick. There is a separate M button to change the driving modes while driving, and there are also switches for the hazard warning lights and a home button for menu control. The operation is simple and logical, despite the many functions you can quickly get to grips with it. The only downside: The cockpit is very reflective and should be a little brighter and more contrasting for our taste.


That's how it drives

Even the sound check (see top right) has it all: The triple hisses and snots and at high revs the machine literally screams at the driver - out of sheer delight! The stationary noise, on the other hand, is pleasantly airy, Volker would have liked even more volume despite the stationary noise of 95 dbA. However, this may also be due to his age-related hearing that is no longer quite as good.
So, let's finally go for a spin. What is immediately noticeable is the subtlety with which the chassis of the RS goes to work. It cushions or dampens unevenness of the road surface so elegantly that you hardly notice them. Anyone who thought that the RS would have an extremely tight suspension - no way. It's tight but not overly hard and the Öhlins STX shock absorber does an excellent job. In fact, we imagine that we feel a small but quite perceptible difference to the R. It's great how the RS tilts into curves almost by itself and keeps its line there. The whole bike is so finely balanced that we have hardly experienced it with other machines so far.

Auspuff und Zweiarmschwinge
Short stub exhaust and beautiful aluminum two-sided swingarm on the 765 RS. Stationary noise: 95 dbA
We can report similarly good things about the brakes. The Brembo Stylemas have an easy time with the flyweight of only 188 kg. The machine stands as if on command and the dosage and bitefulness of the pliers are at the highest level. Even the short ABS control interval of the rear brake struck us positively - this rarely happens. The QuickShifter also receives top marks from us. Whether downwards or upwards, it shifts calmly, quickly and without jerking - great!
But the real hit of the machine is without question the engine. The triple, which has been revised again, goes forward like the fire brigade. Astonishingly, this is not only the case at or only at high speeds, but already in the middle of the speed. In addition, the 3-cylinder is extremely cultivated in terms of elasticity. Pulling up in 6th gear at 2,000 rpm is no problem, there is no grumbling or shaking, it just goes straight forward. Do you notice a difference to the 765 R? Volker says yes, Dietmar says yes. Whatever the case, the engine of both machines is simply a piece of cake, it is addictive after a very short time and tempts you to dig at the whisk. We recommend the following test video and especially our test drives.

Conclusion - what sticks

The Streety 765 RS is an insanely good bike with many strengths and few weaknesses. It delivers tons of driving pleasure and impresses with a handling that even a Speed Triple 1200 RS has to fit into. Whether it has to be the RS or whether the R is enough, you can't say objectively. If you have to pay attention to your wallet, you will certainly be happy with the R. However, if you can afford the RS, you should help yourself there. The RS is actually a little better in some things and, above all, more noble in appearance. An absolute dream motorcycle!

Once again, we received the test machine from Q-Bike, the Triumph flagship store in Hamburg, for this test. At Q-Bike, both the RS and the R are ready for a hearty ride. So if you are still undecided which one it should be - just go to Q-Bike and at least look at or ride both machines. But beware: If you test drive the RS, you are acutely endangered...

Price/Availability/Colours/Years of Construction

  • Price: 12.295€
  • Used (3 years old): 8.500€
  • Years of manufacture: since 2017
  • Colors: red, yellow, gray

Zubehör für die
Street Triple 765 RS

  • Moneta
  • Polo
  • Amazon

Pro & Kontra

  • Famous engine with strong performance and elasticity
  • high-quality brakes
  • super-precise chassis
  • tons of driving fun
  • fully equipped incl. lean angle sensors
  • Radiator protection in need of improvement
  • Cockpit reflects and could be a bit brighter
Von unserem Team geprüft:


12.495 €


2,065 mm
1,064 mm
188 kg
836 mm
1,399 mm

Driving Performance & Range

0 to 100
3.2 s
60 to 100
3.4 s
Tank contents
15 l
5.4 l
278 km
241 km/h

Motor & Power Transmission

Engine design
Number of cylinders
765 cc
78 mm
53.4 mm
130 HP
80 NM
Number of gears
X-ring chain

Suspension & Brakes

Double bridge frames
Suspension front
Showa 41 mm Upside-Down Big Piston Fork (BPF), adjustable compression and rebound damping and adjustable preload
115 mm
Strut rear
Öhlins STX40 piggyback reservoir monoshock, adjustable compression and rebound damping and preload adjustment
131 mm
Suspension rear
Light metal two-arm swingarm
Brakes in front
Two floating 310 mm discs, Brembo Stylema 4-piston radial monobloc calipers, cornering ABS, Brembo MCS radial master cylinder
310 mm
Tyres at the front
Brakes rear
Single 220 mm disc, Brembo single-piston caliper
Rear tyres
Curve ABS