BMW F 750 GS

Review: BMW F 750 GS (Baujahr 2019)

Expensive, but good


The BMW F 750 is something like the little sister of the F 850 GS. It is less powerful, but 2,500 euros cheaper. Is it worth giving up? This test finds out.

Really a lot of motorcycle

The view of the 750s is reverent, and there is much to see. The 850s are not noticeable, the 750 s are also a big motorcycle. Very large and high, which could lead to problems with seat height for smaller people. More on that later.

The "F" in the model designation stands for Funduro. This term invented by BMW leaves you somewhat perplexed: what is this supposed to be? An enduro with which you can exceptionally have fun, because all other enduros don't make one? Hm. Finally, we agree that BMW probably wanted to put a travel enduro on the chic rims. The ground clearance is only sufficient for smaller trips on gravel or into botany. Road tyres are opposed to more serious ambitions to reach the North Cape as the crow flies.

At the end of each test is the question whether the motorcycle is a purchase recommendation. This question must be preferred here, because the BMW F 750 GS is about whether it can be afforded at all. Of the big 1250 GS you are used to a lot in terms of price list, the 750s are in no way inferior to it. At 9,350 euros, it is actually 2,500 euros cheaper than the 850s, but that is far from the end of the flagpole. Our test bike contains a whopping 5,000 euros in extras, which pushes the price to 14,340 euros. Full equipment? Of its part: Although a whopping 50% of the purchase price was additionally invested in extra packages, there is only a messy windshield and no main stand. Aua.

Then let's see what you get for the prize at all – and off.


Place without end

The good news first: Despite a seat height of 815 millimeters, Markus, measuring 1.77 meters, also comes loosely with his feet on the ground. If he didn't, it wouldn't be over: BMW offers various benches at different heights, down to 770 millimeters.

The motorcycle in and of itself is, as already mentioned, huge. The length of 2.25 meters ensures princely space, especially for the son. The travel comfort is really first class.

The key rotation first causes the on-board computer to boot. What you get for driving modes and adjustment options depends on the discounted packages. If we wanted to list all this, the place was not enough. Therefore only so much for a short time: A study of the user manual is necessary despite the logical operation. The display looks good and is also very easy to read.


When driving, it looks smaller

The in-line twin produces 77 hp and has a maximum torque of 83 Newton meters at only 4,500 rpm. This makes for the surprising effect that you hardly notice the power gap to the 850 (95 hp) in daily use. The underperformance is more than compensated by the lower (83 to 92 Newton meters), but almost 1,750 tours of previously available torque. Of course, the BMW also uses the old trick of making the engine sound a little more core, which works, thanks to an unusual lifting pin offset. The engine has the necessary bite and feels a bit like V2. A bit.

By the way, there is an A2 version with 48 hp, which makes it suitable for beginners on paper. The paper form can be transferred into real life here, because the BMW is always polite and never exhausting in its handling. The 224 kilos are mediocre for an adventure bike, but the faster it goes on, the stronger it feels.

What is annoying is that it weakens somewhat in your parade discipline "travel". This does not mean the very good driving comfort that allows longer tours. No, it is the windscreen or the lack of it. The small shield holds off the worst storms, but in the long run it is simply not enough. Here we have to go deeper into your pocket.

Conclusion - a bike without major weaknesses

And now, is the BMW a purchase recommendation? Yes, it is. It is not suitable for beginners, smaller people and experienced pilots. Its long-distance comfort (with a larger windshield) is excellent, it is also sufficiently bubbly.

The 2,500 Euro price difference to the BMW F 850 GS should actually strengthen any purchase recommendation. Here, however, they are precisely enough not to condemn price policy completely. If you can and want to afford it, you get an almost universally applicable bike with very good workmanship.

The test bike was provided to us by Bergmann & Söhne in Pinneberg.

Price / Availability / Colours / Years of Construction

  • Price: 9.350
  • Used (1 year old): 9,000€
  • Years of construction: since 2018
  • Availability: medium
  • Colours: white, silver, yellow

Zubehör für die
F 750 GS

  • Moneta
  • Polo
  • Amazon

Pro & Kontra

  • Processing
  • Passage
  • Long-distance comfort, also for passenger
  • Processing
  • Pricing
  • Windbreak
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2,255 mm
1,225 mm
224 kg
Ab. Weight
440 kg
815 mm
1,559 mm

Driving Performance & Range

Tank contents
15 l
4.1 l
366 km
190 km/h

Motor & Power Transmission

Engine design
Water-cooled 2-cylinder four-stroke engine with four valves per cylinder operated via towing levers, two overhead camshafts and dry sump
Number of cylinders
853 cc
84 mm
77 HP
83 NM

Suspension & Brakes

Steel bridge frame in shell construction
Suspension front
Telescopic fork, 41 mm
151 mm
Strut rear
Aluminum two-arm swingarm
177 mm
Suspension rear
directly directed central spring leg
Brakes in front
Double disc brake
305 mm
Tyres at the front
110/80 R19
Brakes rear
Single-disc brake
Rear tyres
150/70 R17
BMW Motorrad ABS (switchable)