Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST

Harley Davidson Low Rider ST Review (FXLRST) (Baujahr 2023)

Now with Milwaukee Eight and 168 Nm - the new Low Rider ST

Harley Davidson Low Rider ST TestPhotos: Motorradtest.de
With the Low Rider ST, Harley Davidson transplants the Milwaukee Eight V2 into a cruiser for the first time that doesn't call itself CVO. The ST comes with a grown-up cockpit fairing and side cases, which is immediately reminiscent of the Sport Glide. Volker and Dietmar tried out how the Low Rider ST rides at Harley Davidson in Kiel.

A ship will come...

The Low Rider ST (model code FXLRST) weighs 327 kilograms. Although there are heavier Harleys, the ST is also a real ship of a motorcycle. It is visually pleasing with a sloping line from the top right to the bottom left. As usual with Softail models, the rear suspension isn't visible - but there is. The Low Rider ST costs 23,495 euros and is available in three color variations: blue, white and black.
Farben Low Rider ST 2023
Dimensions and seat ergonomics
The Low Rider ST is classified by Harley as a cruiser and that's how it sits. The seat height of 720 mm appears lower in practice and the handlebars are mounted high and far away from the rider. You can move the handlebars thanks to the riser if you wish. Our test machine from Harley Davidson Kiel has a forward footrest system, so that you can take an extremely casual riding position typical of Harley. Normally, the footpegs are roughly between the two beefy cylinders, i.e. rather in the middle.
As standard, the ST comes as a solo seater, but of course there is a bench seat for two people as an accessory. You sit upright and have a very comfortable knee angle. The seat is super comfortable, so you can cruise around for hours without getting back pain.
That's what it's like to sit on the Harley Low Rider ST.

360 degree tour around the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST

CockpitBeleuchtung vorneBeleuchtung hinten

Technique of the Low Rider ST

The cockpit of this machine consists of an inverted LCD display, which is housed in the handlebar clamp. There are no analogue clocks, but the speed can at least be displayed digitally.

The legibility of the small cockpit is surprisingly good, although not much is displayed. There is an on-board computer that can be skipped through via a button on the left of the handlebar. Only the fuel level and the speed are displayed. Obviously, there is a deliberate focus on reduction here, which in our opinion also fits well with this bike and is also conducive to easy operation.

Apart from the 2-channel ABS, there are no electronic driving aids. Our test bike also didn't have traction control, but it should now (autumn 2023) also be part of the standard equipment. Our test bike came with full LED lights including the turn signals and hazard warning lights. As standard, the turn signals are still equipped with incandescent lamps and orange caps. By the way, there is an automatic turn signal reset, very pleasing.

Jekyll and Hyde Auspuffanlage


The sound of our test machine was simply stunning. Instead of the standard silencer, a system from Jekyll and Hyde was mounted, which seriously makes you wonder how it got approval. It is a flap exhaust that makes a lot of steam already closed. If you open the system with the button on the left end of the handlebar, everything really flies around your ears.
If you don't believe it: Please start the sound check in the upper right corner. By the way, this does not change even while driving. The sound becomes a positive safety factor for the rider: With this bike you might be overlooked (although that's hard to do), but you're guaranteed never to be overheard! Please go your separate ways, here comes a Low Rider ST.
Sharknose Windschild

That's how she drives.

In contrast to the Low Rider S, the Low Rider ST has a sweeping cockpit fairing in "Shark-Nose" style. Okay, not quite as opulent as a Road Glide and with only one headlight, but still very stylish and with good wind protection. Underneath the windshield there is a small chimney slot, which also ensures reduced turbulence on the helmet. This works splendidly, you cruise around without pressure on your upper body and with an acceptable background noise.
Milwaukee Eight V2
Now we come to the central feature of the Low Rider ST - the engine. You have to let the data melt in your mouth: 1,923 cc distributed over two cylinders, with 168 Newton meters of torque at only 3,500 rpm and the whole thing then also air-oil cooled. As soon as you start it, you can already guess what is about to happen, actually even before when you look at this monument. It's the largest and most torquey engine Harley has ever built. The V-Rod models had more power than the Milwaukee Eight, but not the full torque, which is much more important for a cruiser.
From 1,500 rpm there is pressure without end and at 3,500 rpm at the latest, you inevitably shift into the next gear to treat yourself to the next pressure wave. Even 4-cylinder enthusiasts cannot free themselves from the fascination of this drive. In addition, there is a balanced chassis and good brakes. Of course, with so much weight, you need some pressure to bring the load to a stop, but the pressure point, modulation and braking performance are really good.
Two things struck us negatively: On the one hand, Harley still relies on the Michelin Scorcher 31, which is only suitable for wet roads to a limited extent, and on the other hand, the necessary clutch force is already noticeably higher than with smaller engines - who is surprised? In addition, the cockpit fairing was fastened with unnecessarily long screws, but this detail may be overlooked. Otherwise, the quality impression of the Low Rider ST is good to very good.

Conclusion - what sticks

The new Low Rider ST delivers what it promises: Sportand Touring. At first glance, you wouldn't believe how sporty you can be with it. Of course, it is neither a proven curve robber nor a machine for beginners, it is simply too heavy for that. If you can handle the weight, you get a real power cruiser without a lot of frills. At its heart is the outstanding engine with the outrageous torque feeling.
The test machine was kindly provided to us by Harley Davidson Kiel . There the Low Rider ST and many other Harleys will be on display and looking forward to test riders. By the way, Harley Kiel is "Harley Dealer of the Year 2021" - and rightly so. The guys there are just super nice and especially sympathetic is the house dog, with whom you can play throwing sticks for hours.

Price/Availability/Colors/Years of Construction

  • Price: 23.495€
  • Availability: since 2022
  • Colors: Black, White, Blue

Zubehör für die
Low Rider ST

  • Moneta
  • Polo
  • Amazon

Pro & Kontra

  • Steam from below
  • bold sound
  • comfortable sitting position
  • good chassis
  • good brakes
  • good wind protection
  • Integrated Cases Series
  • Front fairing mounted carelessly with visible screws
  • Heavy vehicle
Von unserem Team geprüft:


24.295 €


2,365 mm
1,160 mm
327 kg
Ab. Weight
526 kg
720 mm
1,615 mm

Driving Performance & Range

Tank contents
18.9 l
5.5 l
344 km
190 km/h

Motor & Power Transmission

Engine design
Milwaukee-Eight™ 117
Number of cylinders
1,923 cc
103.5 mm
114.3 mm
106 HP
168 NM
Number of gears

Suspension & Brakes

Double-loop pipe frame
Suspension front
43 mm upside-down telescopic fork with three spring rates and alloy triple clamps
130 mm
Strut rear
Central strut with hydraulic adjustment of spring preload and two-tube shock absorber
137 mm
Suspension rear
Triangle swing
Brakes in front
Double disc, four-piston fixed caliper brakes
300 mm
Tyres at the front
110/90 B19 62 H
Brakes rear
Single disc, two-piston floating saddle
Rear tyres
180/70 B16 77H