Harley-Davidson Sport Glide FLSB

Harley Davidson Sport Glide (FLSB) reviewed (Baujahr 2022)

Tourer or cruiser - or just a Harley Davidson?

Test Harley Davidson Sport GlidePhotos: Motorradtest.de

The Harley Davidson Sport Glide has been one of the most popular Harleys since its appearance. Whether this is due to their versatility from tourer to cruiser? With the removable cases and the removable fairing, the Sport Glide is actually a 2 in 1 machine that knows how to please visually - at least that's how our two testers Volker and Dietmar, who drove the Sport Glide near Kiel, feel that way.

This is how it stands

As always, our Harley Davidson dealer in Kiel had prepared everything picobello and so our test bike in grey is ready to drive in front of us. It reminds me strongly of the Low Rider without disguise, Volker - who owns a Low Rider - still sees a few differences. In addition to the grey version, the Sport Glide is also available in black and sand. The elaborately ground rims and the single disc at the front catch the eye. Will that be enough for a machine over 300 kg? In any case, the Sport Glide is a classic Harley with a triangular swingarm, low seating position and the 107 cubic inch V2 and rather flat fork. Looks chic, no matter in which color.

You climb the Harley then also casually and lead the feet as if by themselves on the far forward moved footpegs. This is how Harley works! If you've never driven H.D. before, you'll be surprised that you're almost sitting on the road. The seating furniture is also Harley-typical well upholstered and in general, the machine makes a very valuable impression, no matter where you look. However, we did not expect this differently at a price of over 20,000 euros.

Dimensions of the Harley Davidson Sport Glide

Abmessungen Harley Davidson Sport GlideThis is how relaxed you can sit on the Sport Glide
The machine is very long (2.32 m) and has a crazy wheelbase of 1.62 m. It weighs 317 kg ready to drive and has a gross vehicle weight of 526 kg. The double-loop tubular steel frame copes well with these dimensions, the machine always feels safe and stable. Even the braking performance we felt despite the single disc front as completely okay. But this is probably also due to the fact that you rarely or never drive a Harley at the limit anyway - and then you don't need a Moto GP brake system. By the way, the braking performance of the rear brake is even remarkably good, probably also because there is so much weight on the rear axle.

360 degree tour around the Harley Davidson Sport Glide

CockpitLED LichtMotor

What she should be able to do

The technical refinements of the Sport Glide are - well, let's say manageable. After all, there is cruise control, USB, Keyless Go and self-resetting turn signals. But to be honest, we didn't miss any other technical helpers.
The light front and rear comes in LED technology and especially the light mask front we find very stylish. The front wheel has an 18 inch rim, rear it is 16 inches. For Harley quite moderate, a 180/70 slipper is pulled up at the back. The standard tires Michelin Scorcher is dry okay, in wet but rather 1b. Due to the belt drive, the rear travel is very tight at only 86 mm. The ride comfort is still okay, there are no blows to the neck and at the front the spring travel of the 43mm USD fork with 130 mm is not even too tight. That all fits and as I said: With a Harley you drive around anyway rather casually in the area, so these things play a rather subordinate role.


This is how it drives itself

What probably plays more of a role with a Harley is the sound. And that was extremely fine with our test machine. However, it was not the stock exhaust, but a special system with a button to control the exhaust flap. If this is closed, the sound is moderate and suitable for the city. If you open the flap, it's over with the pony farm. Boy, boy, you have to like that. Volker, in any case, always had a big grin on his face when he came rattling past me and my camera during the sound test drives...
The performance of the Harley Davidson Sport Glide is exactly as you would expect: Below Bums like a steam locomotive, on top not much happens. You always drive at low revs and enjoy the ride on the torque shaft. The characteristics of the Milwaukee-Eight fit like ass on bucket: The Sport Glide is a steam hammer par excellence. In our opinion, nobody can do it as well in this form as HD.

Conclusion - what sticks

The Sport Glide drives us with its optics, its engine, the sound and its whole being directly into the heart. Even Dietmar, otherwise not exactly a fan of cruisers, is enthusiastic. If Harley is foreign to you so far, but would like to try out a cruiser, the Sport Glide is a good choice. The touring capabilities are not to be underestimated and the removable cases and front fairing are a clever gimmick that turn the Tourer schwuppdiwupp into a thoroughbred cruiser. Cool bike!
The test machine was provided by Harley Davidson Kiel . Go there, Marius and his boys are super nice and show you a really nice test drive route around the nearby lake. Of course, there are also other Harleys who are also looking forward to a test ride with you.

Price/availability/colours/years of construction

  • Price: 20.490 €
  • Used (3 years old): 18.000€
  • Colours: black, grey, sand

Zubehör für die
Sport Glide FLSB

  • Moneta
  • Polo
  • Amazon

Pro & Kontra

  • Case and fairing easily removable
  • Characterful engine with fat torque
  • casual sitting position
  • LED, cruise control and Keyless Go series
  • 4 years warranty without km limit
  • Surprisingly agile
  • Difficult manoeuvring
  • Finding idle difficult
  • Knee angle tight at the rear
  • Single brake disc front

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2,325 mm
1,120 mm
317 kg
Ab. Weight
526 kg
680 mm
1,625 mm

Driving Performance & Range

Tank contents
18.9 l
5.3 l
190 km/h

Motor & Power Transmission

Engine design
Milwaukee-Eight V2
Number of cylinders
1,746 cc
100 mm
111 mm
83 HP
145 NM
Number of gears

Suspension & Brakes

Double-loop pipe frame
Suspension front
USD fork 43 mm
130 mm
86 mm
Suspension rear
Triangle swing
Brakes in front
Single disc, four-piston fixed caliper brake
300 mm
Tyres at the front
130/70 B18 63 H
Brakes rear
Single disc, two-piston floating saddle
Rear tyres
180/70 B16 77H