Yamaha MT-10

The brand new MT-10:

Yamaha's Undisputed Hyper Naked Queen

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Yamaha introduces the next evolution of the MT-10

Master of Torque

The MT-10 is the undisputed leader in the Yamaha Hyper Naked segment. Since its premiere, this extraordinary motorcycle has been providing pure enthusiasm.

The heart of the naked bike is the high-torque CP4 engine derived from the R1, which provides uncompromising power. With its ultra-aggressive, undisguised styling, the look of the MT-10 is captivating and distinctive.

The lightweight aluminium frame impresses the driver with an agility and stability unmatched in this class. This makes this model one of the most exciting and attractive motorcycles ever. Now the next evolutionary stage of the MT-10 is at the start.

More power, more control and more adrenaline mean a hyper naked experience in a new dimension and underpin the reputation of the MT-10 as the undisputed "Master of Torque".

The MT Story

When Yamaha introduced the MT-01 in 2005, it changed the European motorcycle market forever. With its undisguised design, high-torque engine and unmistakable, independent look, it clearly set itself apart from the crowd. The new motorcycle era really got moving in 2013, when the extremely successful MT-09 came onto the market.

A concept that inspired: an undisguised sports motorcycle with a very special character and just the right amount of torque and agility, paired with the optimal riding experience.

The crossplane engine concept, the aggressive appearance and the undisguised presentation quickly made the MT program Yamaha's most successful model series.

With over 290,000 units sold in Europe, the MT series has brought a new kind of enthusiasm to the road. And the models in the smaller displacement classes have managed to inspire completely new generations of people for motorcycling.

From the MT-125 to the new MT-10, Yamaha's Hyper Naked range is designed to let every rider experience the exciting MT world.

The new MT-10: More power. More control. More adrenaline.

Revised, EU5-compliant CP4 engine with 998 cc

The next evolution of the MT-10 comes with an optimized version of the CP4 Crossplane engine; Closely related to that of the legendary R1. With more power and a stronger torque, this is the most powerful and technologically advanced engine ever used in a Yamaha Hyper Naked model.

The revised 2022 version achieves the highest possible efficiency with lightweight aluminium forged pistons, offset connecting rods and directly coated cylinders. To make the torque feeling even more noticeable, further modifications have been made.

In order to achieve more punch in country road use in the medium speed range, steel components were used instead of the titanium connecting rods used in the R1 for the MT-10 and the flywheel mass of the crankshaft was increased.

The tuning of the injection system has been adapted so that the linear torque increase between 4,000 and 8,000 rpm is even stronger. The intake tract and the exhaust system have also been optimised so that the MT-10 is even more spirited and delivers a unique torque delivery.

The 2022 model consumes less fuel, emits less CO2 and, of course, meets the EU5 standard despite higher performance.

Unmistakable intake sound

The sound of a motorcycle – be it on the intake side or on the exhaust – is one of the most important distinguishing features. It was important to Yamaha's engineers that the MT-10 should reveal itself with a distinctive soundtrack. For this purpose, they developed a completely new intake system.

The crossplane concept of the CP4 engine of the MT-10 with its asymmetrical ignition sequence of 270, 180, 90 and 180 degrees ensures that an unmistakable MT sound is created on the intake and exhaust side. The sound image – a pleasant sonorous rumble at low speeds – modulates at higher speeds.

The 2022 model of the MT-10 received a completely new airbox that has three intake ducts with different lengths and cross-sections.

The interaction of these three tubes ensures a harmonious sound image depending on the speed and thus for the unmistakable MT sound, which is an essential part of the driving experience.

The intake noise supports the enormous torque feeling of the MT-10, especially in the country road-relevant speed range between 4,000 and 8,000 rpm.

The acoustic feeling of being able to call up a powerful torque at any time is also supported by the air intakes mounted at the front left and right of the 17-litre tank. In this way, the rider is given a feeling with every turn of the throttle that only one MT is able to do – genuine and unmistakable.

Titanium exhaust system

The light exhaust system of the MT-10 has also been newly developed. The manifolds and the silencer are made of titanium. Like the intake area, the exhaust with its deep and clearly recognizable sound supports the unique character of the CP4 bike.

At low speeds, the exhaust dominates the sound. In the middle to upper speed range, the intake range then takes over. The soundscape enhances the sensation when accelerating and makes the high-torque performance of the more powerful 2022 engine tangible.

Compact and minimalist

Already the very first MT-10 was visually something very special and incomparable. It was soon considered one of the most aggressively styled motorcycles in its category.

The next evolution of the MT-10 interprets the theme of individuality with a powerful, standalone look that emphasizes determination and uncompromising presence.

By dispensing with all unnecessary add-on parts, the pure look is created and the mechanical beauty becomes visible.

Compact, new dual LED headlights with separate high and low beam units provide excellent illumination and project a strong and even beam of light with softer light at the edges.

The LED position lights above the headlights and the new nose give this flagship model a completely different look. The performance seems even more coherent and dominant.

The enlarged intakes on both sides of the fuel potion increase intake efficiency and play a significant role in the performance increase of the 2022 engine.

In addition to their mechanical function of directing the cool air towards the airbox, these inlets also visually underline the outstanding performance of the 998 cc engine and are an essential design element in the new look of the motorcycle.

With minimal overhang at the front, compact new nose, larger air intakes, and a more compact LED taillight unit, the MT-10's centralized mass design is optimized. This results in a striking, compacted side profile.

Improved ergonomics

The MT-10 is extremely versatile. It masters city traffic just as naturally as winding side roads, long distances and even the occasional trip to the racetrack. For more comfort and more freedom in the choice of driving style, the 2022 model has revised the "Magic Triangle" of handlebars, footpex and seat.

The tank cover is now smoother and allows the driver a better knee closure. This is particularly advantageous when braking or accelerating. It also gives the driver more room for manoeuvre when shifting weight in curves. The seat design and its strength have also been revised in the direction of more seating comfort.

Brembo radial master brake cylinder

The first-class front brake of the MT-10 is equipped with two floating 320 mm brake discs and radially bolted 4-piston calipers, making it identical to the R1 brake.

New to the 2022 version is the radial Brembo master brake cylinder for the front brake, which delivers even more feel and control and thus the ultimate braking performance.

Yamaha Variable Speed Limiter

An important new feature of the 2022 MT-10 is the Yamaha Variable Speed Limiter (YVSL). It can be used to determine the maximum speed if necessary. The system can be used, for example, so that speed limits on public roads are not accidentally exceeded.

Quick Shift System

The Quick Shift System (QSS) with blipper function is standard on the 2022 MT-10. This system allows smooth shifting without the use of clutches and makes acceleration even more exciting. Downshifting is also smoother and faster.

New TFT full-color display (4.2")

In the new evolutionary stage of the MT-10, a 4.2-inch TFT display derived from the R1 provides clearly arranged and easy-to-read information.

Via a menu switch on the right side of the handlebar, the driver can select which information should be displayed. With the "Mode/Select" switch on the left side of the handlebars, you can switch the electronic driving aids on or off and determine their intervention levels.

Ride-by-Wire APSG throttle grip with four power modes (PWR)

The new Accelerator Position Sensor Grip (APSG) throttle grip works with yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) electronic throttle control via ride-by-wire to provide the MT-10 rider with better control when accelerating. This advanced system always delivers the optimum intake air volume and ensures a uniform torque curve over the entire speed range.

In addition, the driver can adjust the characteristics of the response with the PWR switch (Power Delivery Mode). The PWR-1 level is suitable for aggressive trackday rides. PWR-2 and PWR-3 deliver a smoother throttle response that allows the rider to experience the linear torque of the motorcycle. PWR-4 provides softer throttle response in wet or adverse road conditions.

6-axis IMU with assistance systems

The new MT-10 is now equipped with a state-of-the-art 6-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). This unit was originally developed for the R1 and is even smaller and lighter in the new evolutionary stage.

The IMU measures the movements of the motorcycle in all directions and transmits the data to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). This control unit activates the electronic assistance systems of the motorcycle.

Tilt-sensitive traction control (TC)

The MT-10 has one of the most advanced traction control systems ever installed in a Hyper Naked Bike.

Sensors compare the rotational speed of the front and rear wheels. If a loss of traction is detected on the rear wheel, the control unit immediately reduces the driving force to restore traction and stability.

The new, inclined-sensitive traction control system uses the data from the 6-axis sensor cluster (IMU) to determine how much intervention is taken depending on the inclination, whereby the intervention increases with increasing inclination. A total of five levels of intervention are available for the MT-10.

 Slide Control System (SCS)

The MT-10's latest Slide Control System (SCS) provides more control and safety in curves. If the sensors detect that the rear wheel is about to drift, the control unit intervenes and reduces the drive force until the chassis is stable again. The system works with preset intervention levels. The driver can adjust these individually and also deactivate the system completely.

LIFT Control System (LIF)

If the IMU reads from the sensor data that the front wheel is about to take off, the control unit throttles the power output to the rear wheel until the motorcycle is stable again. As with other assistance systems, there are preset intervention levels. However, the driver can adjust them or deactivate the system completely.

Engine Brake Management (EBM)

The engine brake management regulates how much the engine brakes the vehicle. There are two settings to choose from. Stage 1 allows a lot of engine braking force, while the engine brakes only minimally below stage 2. Which setting is more suitable for the prevailing driving conditions is decided by the driver. Here, too, the preset modes can be adjusted or deactivated by the driver.

Brake Control (BC)

This system is designed to improve control over the motorcycle when braking. It modulates and independently controls the brake pressure at the front and rear.

The driver can choose between two modes: BC1 is the standard mode with ABS activated, BC2 is designed for emergency braking situations in cornering.

Yamaha Ride Control (YRC)

All electronic assistance systems can be set independently of each other. With Yamaha Ride Control (YRC), however, the MT-10 owner has the opportunity to create a comprehensive tuning system that allows the settings for the TC, SCS, QSS, LIF, EBM and BC systems at once.

There are a total of four YRC modes to choose from for a variety of different driving conditions.

Mode A is aimed at sporty ambitious drivers, while Mode B covers a wide range of driving conditions.

Mode C is designed for city traffic and Mode D should be chosen for rain driving and other adverse conditions.

There are also presets for the four YRC modes, but these can be adapted by the MT-10 rider to your own taste.

Lightweight Deltabox frame

The Deltabox aluminium frame, derived from the R1 super sports car, impresses in every category: low weight, maximum stability and precise handling. This high-tech frame has been specially developed for the highest horsepower figures.

Equipped with a long aluminium swingarm, the Deltabox frame has a compact wheelbase of 1,405 millimetres and ensures stable, light and agile handling – at all speeds.

Optimized spring elements

The advanced suspension technology of the MT-10 contributes to precise handling and safe road holding with model-specific tuning – on busy city roads as well as on winding mountain routes.

The fully adjustable 43 mm KYB upside-down telescopic fork offers 120 mm of travel and can be adapted to the personal driving style.

The counterpart of this high-performance fork is a fully adjustable strut – also from KYB, which can be easily adjusted to different loads and driving styles.

Bridgestone Battlax S22 tyres

Bridgestone's latest Battlax Hypersport S22 mounted on the MT-10's lightweight, 17-inch 5-spoke aluminum rims.

The 120/70-ZR17 and 190/55-ZR17 tyres ensure first-class grip and, in conjunction with the sophisticated electronic assistance systems, offer outstanding handling and impressive control.

Key features of the MT-10

  • More powerful, EU5-compliant 998 cc engine: 122 KW at 11,500 rpm, 112 Nm at 9,000 rpm
  • Standalone intake sound
  • Titanium exhaust system
  • Compact and functional, new design
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Brembo radial master brake cylinder
  • Yamaha Variable Speed Limiter (YVSL)
  • Quick Shift System (QSS)
  • Anti-hopping clutch
  • New TFT full-color display (4.2")
  • Ride-by-Wire APSG throttle grip with four power modes (PWR)
  • 6-Axis Sensor Cluster (IMU)
  • Tilt-sensitive traction control (TC)
  • Slide Control System (SCS)
  • Lift Control System (LIF)
  • Engine Brake Management (EBM)
  • Brake Control (BC)
  • Yamaha Ride Control (YRC)
  • Aluminum Deltabox frame, derived from the R1
  • Long aluminium swingarm
  • Short wheelbase of 1,405 mm
  • Fully adjustable 43mm KYB upside-down fork
  • Fully adjustable KYB strut
  • Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22 tyres

Colors, availability and price of the MT-10

Yamaha offers the new MT-10 in three color options. Cyan Storm continues to develop the Dark Side of Japan (DSOJ) philosophy in an exciting, new direction with a fresh interpretation of technology- and trend-oriented coloring. The dynamic, new Icon Blue has its origins in the factory racers and presents itself with blue attachments and blue rims. Tech Black offers a subtle, harmonious look with all-black bodywork and black rims.

Delivery to the German Yamaha partners will start in February 2022. The recommended retail price will be announced shortly.

Yamaha Genuine Accessories and Hyper Naked Clothing

Yamaha offers various accessory kits as well as individual original accessories. These high-quality components in premium finish fit perfectly and allow MT owners to easily customize their motorcycle according to their own taste.

Customers can order the kits and accessories before taking over their new motorcycle and have them assembled by the Yamaha partner. All components of the kits can also be purchased individually. In addition to the kits, there is a wide range of original accessories, e.B. Akrapović exhaust systems, brake levers, grip heaters and billet handlebar ends.

The extensive MT clothing collection includes jackets and trousers for women and men as well as hoodies, T-shirts, gloves and CE-approved motorcycle clothing.

The MT collection is constantly evolving. New articles will be added during the year.

MyGarage app

With the Yamaha MyGarage app, customers can quickly and easily configure a virtual version of their dream MT with a wide range of original accessories on their smartphone or laptop. With the free app, you can add or remove accessories according to your taste until the perfect MT configuration is determined. The finished result can be viewed in 3D from all angles.

With MyGarage, the guesswork of choosing the right accessories comes to an end. Once the configuration is complete, the result is sent directly to the Yamaha partner of your choice so that they can order the selected original accessories and mount them on the new MT.

All information about yamaha's original accessories and apparel and the MyGarage app are available on our website: www.yamaha-motor.de


Yamaha's free MyRide app gives MT riders the chance to get the most out of every ride. It is available for iOS and Android devices and records or saves driven routes. The user can create his own story with driving photos and share them via social media.

MyRide also offers MT riders the opportunity to view and compare driving statistics such as distance travelled, altitude difference, top speed, average speed, acceleration and lean angle with other riders.