Yamaha MT-07

The new generation of MT-07

The Dark Side of Japan

Photos: YAMAHA

Yamaha Motor is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year. Many models have made history over the past seven decades. One category stands out, however: with the Hyper Naked Bikes, Yamaha broke with conventions and dared to take a completely new direction. Inspired by the motorcycle subculture in Tokyo, a kind of motorcycle was created that was different from all other brands. A Naked Bike Design in which the mechanics dominate, with pure and powerful image.

Shortly after the introduction of the first MT-09, the MT-07 followed in 2014. The motorcycle world was changing. And Yamaha delivered two of the most important new models. With more than 250,000 units sold so far, the MT line is the most successful series ever produced by Yamaha.

It quickly became clear how immense the 690cc two-cylinder Naked Bike would have on the European market. A test drive was enough to realize that the MT-07 was really a different type of motorcycle.

MT stands for 'Master of Torque'. With its crossplane technology, the excellent engine honours this name. Its linear torque makes driving with the MT-07 a pure pleasure in all conditions. The compact chassis provided the ideal blend of manoeuvrability and stability. The perfect ergonomics and the natural seating position made it a great success for drivers of all ages and experience levels. Simply put, the MT-07 is a motorcycle that is suitable for everyone. And with its competitive price, it can rightly claim to offer excellent value for money in its class. By the way, the MT-07 is ranked 1st in the endurance test rating of the magazine MOTORRAD.

Next-Generation MT-07: The Next Stage of Evolution

Its great sales success over the years makes it clear that the MT-07 offers exactly what you would expect from a motorcycle. With its distinctive new attachments that reflect the pure DNA of the next MT generation, the 2021 MT-07 represents the advanced evolution of Europe's most popular Naked Bike. At the same time, it remains true to its core values.

It features a number of improved features, such as the strong-character EU5-compliant engine and the more powerful front brake. The equipment underlines the high quality. These include the new LED headlight, the new position lights as well as the LED indicators and the LCD cockpit. A 32mm wider, conified handlebar, a new tank and a new bench contribute to a more comfortable, upright sitting position. The latest sports tyres from Michelin ensure good grip and increased driving pleasure.

Next-generation design: Pure Hyper Naked DNA

The key to the new look is the compact, minimalist, new LED front. Together with the LED headlight, the position lamps create a Y-shaped front view. It symbolizes the characteristic look of the next-generation MT family. The compact arrangement of the new attachments, the cooler and the bench with the CP2 engine resulted in a mass-centered layout. It enhances the feeling of torque and power also visually.

Winglets on the sides of the redesigned covers of the 14-litre fuel tank direct the airflow towards the sharply shaped air intake channels. This gives the motorcycle a dynamic look and emphasizes the pure Hyper Naked DNA of the new model.

In many details, such as the color and finish of fork covers, footrests, motor struts and engine covers, the high-quality workmanship becomes clear.

Latest EU5 compliant 690cc CP2 motor: more linear force development

The 690cc two-cylinder CP2 engine of the 2021 model year has redesigned the air intake channel design and optimized fuel injection. There is also a new 2-in-1 exhaust and a new ECU.

These changes result in a more linear response of the motor, while maintaining its characteristic performance development.

The engine of the 2021 model has a more even power and torque development. This provides excellent values in terms of acceleration and top speed. It reaches its maximum torque of 67.0 Nm at 6,500 rpm – the maximum power of 54 kW (73.4 hp) is 9,000 rpm. These values show it to be the ultimate engine in this class.

A new electronic control valve and a lightweight battery ensure a reliable engine start even after a longer service life. The engine of the 2021 model also has new engine covers in the color Crystal Graphite as well as a new silver-colored exhaust pipe and new covers for silencers and exhaust.

The crossplane-typical pulsating performance development of the 2021 model is even more linear, with excellent response in all speed ranges. This makes the MT-07 engine one of the most enjoyable and entertaining on the market.

298mm front double disc brake: larger diameter and stronger braking power

One of the most important technical improvements to the 2021 MT-07 is the new front high-performance brake. The diameter of the front double discs has been increased from 282mm to 298mm compared to the previous model. This results in increased braking performance and better control without extra weight. Together with the 245 mm disc brake at the rear, the new system is more powerful and the new tyres achieve better braking performance.

New LCD cockpit: Brighter and easier to read

The 2021 model is now equipped with a modified LCD cockpit. The cockpit of the MT-07 is similar to the Tracer 700. It is a compact and lightweight multifunction display with larger displays. All information is displayed in light digits on a dark background. The cockpit is operated by a new handlebar switch.

LED flashers: High-quality workmanship in all details

In addition to the new LED headlight, the 2021 MT-07 is also equipped with new high-performance flashers at the front and rear. They are lighter and more compact, complement the next MT-generation style and enhance the premium specification.

Tyres of the latest generation: High traction and excellent handling

The new Michelin PR5 tyre offers excellent traction and excellent handling properties even when used in sport - even when wet. The tire fits perfectly with the MT-07. The tyre sizes are 120/70-17 front and 180/55-17 rear.

New Colors, Graphics and Finish: Emphasis on MT DNA

For 2021, the MT-07 is available in new colors and with new graphics. They strengthen the connection within the MT family and create an independent identity. New black clutch and brake levers ensure a valuable appearance and the cable connections in the cockpit area have been re-laid to improve the optics.

Colours, availability and price

The new MT-07 will be available in three colours: Storm Fluo, Icon Blue and Tech Black.

Delivery to Yamaha's European partners will begin in March 2021.

The recommended retail price is EUR 7,374.00. It consists of the vehicle price of EUR 6,999.00 and EUR 375.00 in additional manufacturer costs. This EIA includes 19% VAT!

Technical highlights

• Attachments in the design of the next MT generation
• Winglet-style air intakes create the unmistakable MT-07 look
• New LED headlight with characteristic Y-shaped front view
• 690cc crossplane CP2 motor
• EU5 compliant
• 270-degree crankshaft for linear torque development
• Maximum torque of 67.0 Nm at 6,500 rpm
• New 298mm double disc brake front in wave design
• New, wider, more conified aluminium handlebar
• More comfortable, more active seat position for the driver
• New LCD cockpit, operable via handlebar switch
• New LED indicators
• Michelin PR5 tyres of the latest generation
• New colors and graphics
• Compact tube frame with 805mm seat height




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We're back! After a week of Alpine passes (at least three a day), the team of BikeReview.info has arrived at their desk again. And we share our
Photos: YAMAHA

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