Triumph Tiger Sport 660

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 reviewed (Baujahr 2022)

The new cross-over bike with 660 cc triple in the test.

Test der Triumph Tiger Sport 660Photos:
With the new Tiger Sport 660, Triumph presents its new all-purpose weapon in the middle class of sports tourers. The sister model to the Trident 660 costs 8,700 euros and wants to compete with Yamaha Tracer 7, Kawasaki Versys 650 & Co. for buyers. Whether this can work, we want to find out during an extensive test drive.

This is how it stands

Triumph steps on the gas! New models are intended to secure market shares and, if possible, expand them. What could be more obvious than to create a sister model for last year's best-selling Triumph? Voilá - here comes the new Tiger Sport 660. It is technically very similar to the Trident, but the character is a completely different bike. High, wide handlebars, more travel, higher seating position, front fairing, etc. and a crossover bike is already in front of us. The new Tiger does not want to be a real travel enduro, but rather a sports tourer with which you can also get to work. But it is much lighter than the adventure bike thick ships and with its 17 inch front wheel also wonderfully agile.
But before we go into the driving characteristics of the tigers, a word about the seating position. The footpegs are comfortably positioned and the handlebars are nicely high and positioned towards the rider thanks to the riser. This results in an upright sitting position with a relaxed knee angle, which also allows longer journeys without back problems. In addition, a comfortable seat and real grab handles for the front passenger as well as integrated luggage racks and a decent payload (max. Total weight 430 kg at 206 kg ready to drive). Okay, we don't find quite as much space as on a Tiger 900 or even 1200, but it's thick enough and you immediately feel comfortable on the new 660.
Abmessungen Sitzprobe
We would have liked a little more courage with the colors. The Tiger Sport 660 is available in red, blue and grey. Good is the adjustable windscreen, which can also be moved while driving. The windbreak is okay, but can not keep up with the large travel steamers because of the rather smaller windscreen. At high speeds it gets loud, but the pressure on the upper body is well reduced.

Virtual tour around the Triumph Tiger Sport 660

What she should be able to do

The standard equipment of the Triumph Tiger Sport 660 is good, but not exaggerated. There is Ride by Wire, two self-explanatory driving modes "Rain" and "Road" and a switchable traction control. As with the Trident, the cockpit is divided into an LC part (inverse) and a small color TFT display. All displays are easy to read and logically arranged. There is also an on-board computer and for an extra charge you can pair the machine with your smartphone via app.

What is missing is lean angle sensors and such important things as wheelie control, launch control, rear wheel lift control and control control. Joking aside, apart from cornering ABS, there's nothing we'd really miss. One or the other motorway driver would perhaps wish for cruise control, which is not available for an extra charge. Oh yes: Unfortunately, there is no main stand either, which should annoy one or the other travel endurist because of the necessary chain care when traveling.

Additional charges include heated grips, QuickShifter, tyre pressure monitoring and, of course, as always with Triumph, abundant accessories such as a case system. A USB charging point can also be retrofitted, but it ends up under the seat. A little tip: This can be moved to the front - where it belongs.

By the way, we have nothing to complain about with the light (full LED incl. the turn signals). Funny: The turn signals have a "fire-and-forget" function: Tap once briefly and then flash three times like in the car, done.

Tiger 660 Sport in grauPhoto: Triumph

This is how it drives itself

Enough talking, now it's time to drive. We start the engine and enjoy the wonderful sound of the triple. The 3-in-1 system sounds heartbreaking, especially at higher speeds, the triple starts to hiss wonderfully (soundcheck top right). Already on the first meters it becomes clear: This bike is active and easily accessible. You immediately feel like the driver of the machine and not as a driven person. The 17 inch front wheel and the low weight support this impression.
The little tiger comes with Michelin Road 5, a good because suitable choice. The suspension is not adjustable except for the spring base at the rear. Does that bother us? No. The Showa USD telescopic fork is comfortably tuned without being spongy or weak. The Nissin brakes grab neatly and give just as good a feeling as the whole suspension. The machine does not seem overwhelmed at any time, not even if you take it a little faster.
The real star of the Tiger Sport 660 is, of course, the engine. The 660 cc Triple hangs nicely on the gas at all times and does amazing things on top. At low speeds, it does not move forward so rapidly due to the moderate torque, but the engine does not muck around or gets even at 2,000 rpm. Those who instead allow the engine revs from 5,000 rpm will be rewarded with plenty of propulsion. As with the Trident 660, one is willing to say: But the competition has to dress quite warmly!

The consumption of the in-line three-cylinder is 4.5 liters per 100 kilometers, which means a calculated range of 380 km with a maximum tank volume of 17.2 liters. The top speed is almost 200 km/h, so you can get from A to B quickly if necessary. Important for Tyrol travelers: The stationary noise of the Tiger 660 is 94 db - uff....

Conclusion - what sticks

The Tiger Sport 660 is indeed a motorcycle for all occasions. Whether to work, in the city, to swing curves on the country road or on trips - she can do everything. Thanks to the good-natured driving behavior, it is also suitable for novice drivers and does not overwhelm anyone.
The competitors have less power and are all two-cylinder. So if you're into triples, you can't get past the Triumph in this class anyway, but apart from that, the Tiger is in a good position compared to the competition.
Anyone who has now tasted blood and would like to take a test drive should go to Triumph Hamburg as soon as possible. There the little kitten is ready for a test drive and will welcome you with a heartbreaking hiss.

Price/availability/colours/years of construction

  • Price: 8.700€
  • Availability: from 01/2022
  • Colours: red, grey, blue

Zubehör für die
Tiger Sport 660

  • Moneta
  • Polo
  • Amazon

Pro & Kontra

  • lightweight, manoeuvrable, easy-to-ride bike
  • elastic and powerful motor
  • Long-distance seating position
  • wonderful triple sound
  • easy operation, no unnecessary frills
  • no main stand
  • no USB in the cockpit
  • gets noisy when driving fast
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2,020 mm
1,398 mm
206 kg
Ab. Weight
430 kg
835 mm
1,420 mm

Driving Performance & Range

Tank contents
17.2 l
4.5 l
382 km

Motor & Power Transmission

Engine design
Three-cylinder in-line engine, DOHC, 12V
Number of cylinders
660 cc
74 mm
51.1 mm
81 HP
64 NM
Number of gears

Suspension & Brakes

Steel tube perimeter frame
Suspension front
41mm Showa Up-Side-Down Fork with Separate Function
150 mm
Strut rear
Showa Monoshock rear suspension with hydraulic, tool-free adjustable spring preload
150 mm
Suspension rear
Two-arm steel profile swingarm
Brakes in front
Double disc, Nissin-2-piston saddles
310 mm
Tyres at the front
Brakes rear
Single disc, 1-piston brake caliper Nissin
Rear tyres