Triumph Speed 400

Triumph Speed 400 review (Baujahr 2024)

Chic 1-cylinder A2 naked roadster for little money

Triumph Speed 400Photos:
5,345 euros for a Triumph motorcycle? What seemed unthinkable years ago is now reality: The new Triumph Speed 400 is an affordable A2 bike that looks little different from the other modern classic bikes from Hinckley. We took the Speed 400 for a test drive.

So beautiful can be cheap

The new Speed 400 is instantly recognisable as a Triumph - thankfully! The bulbous tank, the continuous seat and of course the engine with the hinted cooling fins as well as the successful manifold routing look just great. Of course, bellows and spoked wheels would have been even nicer, but then the price would probably have been unsustainable. The other two Speed models (900 and 1200) are also equipped with cast alloy wheels, and they don't bother you.
The rear silencer made of stainless steel is also very nice. Where other manufacturers assemble cheap-looking bags due to cost pressure, the Speed 400 draws on the full. In addition, there is the clean workmanship and the typical Triumph avoidance of cables or other noises in the engine area. It's all very tidy and chic. The Triumph Speed 400 comes in three colours: blue, red and black. We'd take the black one...
Farbauswahl Triumph Speed 400
Blue, red or black? All three chic...
Dimensions and seat ergonomics
The Speed 400 is a rather small bike with a wheelbase of 1.37 m and a seat height of 790 mm. It weighs only 170 kg and is therefore very easy to control for all types of riders, both while driving and when manoeuvring. It gets a bit cramped on the bench for two, but it's enough for the ride to the quarry pond. You sit upright and comfortably, and the medium-wide handlebars are not mounted too low. Let's go.
Abmessungen und Sitzergonomie
That's what it's like to sit on the Triumph Speed 400.

A 360-degree tour of the Triumph Speed 400

CockpitFront-LichtBeleuchtung hinten

Manageable technology on the Speed 400

The technical equipment of the Speed 400 is manageable. In addition to the ABS (Bosch), there is a switchable traction control, as well as an immobilizer and a USB socket in the cockpit. This has an analogue speed display as well as an LC display, which provides information about the gear engaged, remaining range, fuel level, revs, etc. With a small switch on the left of the handlebars, you can skip through the on-board computer, which is happy to provide information. Simple and well made, like so much else on this bike.

The lighting comes completely in modern LED technology, but still looks classic. Daytime running lights are available as well as hazard warning lights. We find the bar-end mirrors particularly teasing, which not only look stylish, but also allow a very good view to the rear.

The Triumph Speed 400 couldn't be easier to use. That's a good thing, because it allows us to devote ourselves entirely to driving. And off goes the fox!

Auspuff und Motor

This is how it drives itself

The sound of the Speed 400 is very neighbor-friendly. Only 89 dbA of standing noise is up-to-date, but it doesn't sound as tame as you might think. The single-cylinder sounds like ... Single cylinder! As if someone had thrown a few more golf balls into the final pot, it is funny here. Want a sound check? As always, click on the top right.
On the road, the Speed 400 shows what it can do. It is playful to ride and is so accessible that everyone, even every beginner, feels comfortable right away. It's great that Triumph doesn't make any lazy compromises when it comes to tyres and brakes. The Pirelli Diablo Rosso III is mounted, a really good tyre. The braking system comes from Bybre, Brembo's Indian subsidiary. Despite its single disc, the Speed 400 decelerates very well, which is probably also due to its low weight. The ABS adjusts sensibly and the brakes are also easy to modulate. There's nothing to complain about.
Bybre Bremsen vorne300 mm single disc with radially bolted 4-piston fixed caliper. Brakes well.
The engine is surprisingly well-mannered for a single-cylinder. No rumbling or complaining in the rev range and clean revving upwards out. Although there are only 40 hp at 8,000 rpm, it's really fun! Of course, you shouldn't expect miracles in terms of performance on an A2 bike, but that wouldn't fit the character of the Speed 400 at all. Here, it's more casual cruising around, although you can definitely take it more sporty if it pinches you.
The chassis set-up was also chosen to match. The suspension elements from the Indian manufacturer "Endurance" are not adjustable in terms of damping, but they are well tuned. It's neither too tight nor too soft and the bike feels very harmonious. Okay, it could be a bit tight on the Nordschleife, but we will probably rarely see the Speed 400 there.
A word about warranty and service: There is a 4-year limit on mileage, that's a word. The service is due once a year or after 16,000 kilometers. Both are super fair and easy on the wallet. In general, the Speed 400 is easy on the wallet, because in addition to the almost ridiculous purchase price ("Two rolls, a coffee and a Speed 400, please."), the insurance costs of this A2 bike are also manageable. The main competitors that come to mind are the Brixton Crossfire 500, the Benelli Leoncino 500 and the Husqvarna 401 - all noticeably more expensive bikes.

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Conclusion on the Triumph Speed 400

The Triumph Speed 400 is a simple but well-made A2 naked bike with plenty of style. Not only does it look good, but it also drives great. With good brakes and tyres, as well as a lively single-cylinder engine, Triumph shows the competition how to put a high-quality bike on the road. Good job!
The test machine was provided to us by the Triumph flagship store Q-Bike in Hamburg . There, the Speed 400 in blue will be on display and is looking forward to test riders. By the way, this also applies to the sister model, the Triumph Scrambler 400 X, which we find at least as chic and will test soon. We are already looking forward to it!

Price/Availability/Colors/Years of Construction

  • Price: 5.345 €
  • Availability: since 04/2024
  • Colours: red, blue, black

Zubehör für die
Speed 400

  • Moneta
  • Polo
  • Amazon

Pro & Kontra

  • Classic, tidy and high-quality look
  • Engine with good manners
  • easy-to-drive A2 machine
  • Switchable traction control
  • simple but well-made roadster
  • Footpegs close together
  • Pillion operation so so-so
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2,085 mm
1,084 mm
170 kg
790 mm
1,377 mm

Driving Performance & Range

Tank contents
13 l
3.5 l
371 km
155 km/h

Motor & Power Transmission

Engine design
Liquid-cooled single-cylinder DOHC engine with 4 valves
Number of cylinders
398 cc
89 mm
64 mm
40 HP
37.5 NM
Number of gears

Suspension & Brakes

Hybrid bridge/perimeter frame, tubular steel, bolted rear subframe
Suspension front
43 mm "Big Piston" upside-down fork
140 mm
Strut rear
Gas-pressure central shock absorber with external reservoir and adjustable spring preload
130 mm
Suspension rear
Light metal two-arm swingarm
Brakes in front
Rigid 300 mm rotor, 4-piston fixed caliper, ABS
300 mm
Tyres at the front
110/70 R17
Brakes rear
Rigid 230 mm rotor, floating caliper, ABS
Rear tyres
150/60 R17