How the motorcycle becomes winter-proof

Tank filling, engine oil change, care - bikers should pay attention to this before the winter break

imagePhotos: caramba

When wet foliage, ice or snow cover the roads, the motorcycle season ends for most bikers. But what is to be taken care of so that the motorcycle can survive the cold season well? Caramba, the specialist in cleaning and care, gives tips on how to stay in the machine until the next splash tour.

Depending on the material: empty or full tank
In order for the motorcycle to survive the winter well, care should be taken to refuel: a plastic tank is completely emptied, otherwise fuel components can attack the material. A metal tank, on the other hand, is best filled completely at rest. It is recommended to pay close attention to the manufacturer's specifications. To empty the float chambers, motorcyclists can close the gasoline tap during the last ride. If this is forgotten, the chambers can be emptied by a drain screw even when the motor is stationed. The leaking gasoline must then be collected and filled back into the tank.

Change engine oil, check coolant and antifreeze
The engine oil should be changed while the engine is still warm. As soon as there is no more oil in the engine, the oil filter can be replaced. After that, new oil can be filled in and the engine can now be turned several times with the starter or Kickstarter. The old oil must be disposed of professionally, and the sales office of the new oil accepts it. Cooling fluid and antifreeze should also be checked and, if necessary, replenished.

Removing the battery
To ensure that the battery survives the winter well, it is recommended to expand it and store it in a cool but frost-protected, dry place. Depending on the manufacturer's instructions, the battery should be charged from time to time or permanently. Ideally, motorcyclists then also check the acidity of the battery and, if necessary, fill it up with distilled water up to the upper filling level.

Maintaining and repairing
Complete cleaning and subsequent maintenance with motorcycle cleaners not only restores the machine to a high gloss, but also helps to avoid rust or other damage. Patrick Maione, Segment Manager Market Segment Wash at Caramba, explains: "Bikers should take care when choosing the motorcycle cleaner to eliminate dirt effectively and without much scrubbing on the one hand, but at the same time not be aggressive towards paint, metal and plastic."

To give the exhaust, rims and spokes shine and protect them from corrosion, they are best rubbed with a high-quality preservative oil. Lubrication of the drive chain with a high-quality chain spray is also recommended.

The right place for hibernation
Before the motorcycle is finally parked for the winter break, it is advisable to increase the tyre pressure by 0.5 bar or to jack up the motorcycle so that the tyres do not touch the ground. The best place for hibernation is a dry and well-ventilated room. A plastic film should not be used as a cover, as it can quickly become moist under nea.

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