Yamaha MT-09

New for 2024: Yamaha MT-09

Sharper look, optimised seating position, intelligent technology

Neu für 2024: Yamaha MT-09Photos: Yamaha

The purest Hyper Naked bike

The groundbreaking MT-09 was launched in 2013, just a year after the concept of the CP3 three-cylinder engine was first seen in the form of a complex wire frame at the Intermot motorcycle show in Cologne. The first MT-09 brought pure emotion and excitement back to the motorcycle world and was the catalyst for a Hyper Naked revolution that would change everything. Their dark and mysterious aesthetics and confident performance leave a lasting impression on all riders.

For 2024, Yamaha has taken the MT-09 to the next level of "Darkness" by making the "Dark Side of Japan" even more essential through the combination of intelligence and style.

The new MT-09 offers an even more exhilarating riding experience with pure adrenaline, aggressive and edgy styling and premium equipment that incorporates the latest technical developments.


A decade of the "Dark Side of Japan"

With the introduction of the MT-09, Yamaha has moved away from conventional Japanese motorcycle design and embarked on a confident, abstract, new direction inspired by the unique urban motorcycle subculture on the streets of Japan's largest cities.

Ushering in a new era for Yamaha, the MT-09 featured aggressive styling, agile handling chassis and a high-torque CP3 engine. Aesthetics and performance were designed to stimulate the senses.

The MT has been stripped of unnecessary attachments, packed into a compact aluminum frame and equipped with the Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T). This made the MT the perfect blend of high performance, state-of-the-art technology and functional functionality.

Neu für 2024: Yamaha MT-09


The Beginning of a Hyper Naked Revolution

Over the years, the MT-09 has become one of the most significant and successful models in Yamaha's lineup, earning its status as one of the most iconic motorcycles in Yamaha's history.

Soon after its launch, the MT-09 was joined by the MT-07, another very successful motorcycle that has established itself as an absolute top seller for many years.

The Hyper Naked segment is now one of the most important and successful in Yamaha's product range. It comprises a total of eight models, ranging from the MT-125, which is ideal for novice riders, to the MT-10 SP, the flagship of the model series.


The new MT-09: sharper, purer and even better

The new look: slimmer and sharper

The MT-09 celebrates its 10th anniversary with an all-new design that puts the CP3's legendary torquey acceleration even more under your skin.

The bodywork of the 2024 MT-09 is based on the concept of "3D Riding", which allows riders to move more freely on the bike. This concept was inspired by the motocross bikes of the Yamaha YZ range, where agility on the bike is crucial for victory.

The styling concept of the MT-09 has always been characterized by "functional beauty", eliminating unnecessary features and emphasizing the "less is more" approach. Every single detail has been rethought to enhance the aggressive look of the MT-09 and maximize the active riding experience.


More compact LED headlight

A new LED headlight in a redesigned cover creates a more uniform connection between the headlight and the fuel tank and is inspired by the origins of the MT – a mix of "Naked" and "Motard".

The LED projection headlight has been improved and has a compact diameter lens module that is smaller and narrower than that of the previous model, but still produces a wide and powerful beam of light with soft edges for low beam and high beam.

The transparent dual LED position lights give the MT-09 a cool, focused look and complete the compact, sharp and aggressive style.

This theme continues at the rear with a redesigned LED taillight. The taillight and brake light are separated from each other to adapt to the new shape of the taillight. To give the entire rear end a sleeker look, the upper taillight lens is red, while the lower one is made of smoked glass.


Sharper fuel tank design

A new fuel tank has been designed to allow for a more active and dynamic riding position while maintaining the sharp and edgy aesthetic that has become synonymous with the MT name.

The new tank, which is made using a new press-molding process, has a sharper character with well-defined edges and a tension-laden styling that can only be found on the MT models.


Neu für 2024: Yamaha MT-09

A more active driving experience

Distinctive CP3 acoustics

The sonorous, exhilarating sound of the MT-09 is one of its most distinctive features, sending pure adrenaline flowing into your veins with every twist of the throttle.

Following the Jin-Ki Kano philosophy of stimulating the rider's senses and making them feel like they are merging with the bike, sound was an important aspect in the development of the current CP3 engine.

Part of the new MT-09's signature sound is a redesigned airbox with two redesigned air intake ducts that accentuate the high frequencies while allowing for linear throttle response.

The sound, which is primarily perceptible to the rider, is underlined at higher speeds and revs by a new component on the top of the motorcycle.


Redefined seating position

The MT-09 is known for its stability and agility, which has been further enhanced by refined ergonomics with changes in the relationship between handlebars, footpegs and seat. This increases ride comfort and allows more freedom of movement for different riding styles, while maintaining the sporty, forward-leaning riding position.

To achieve this, the overall handlebar position is now lower and the rider can now choose between two adjustable handlebar positions depending on personal preference and body type. The steering angle has also been increased by the lower profile of the fuel tank.

The redesigned footpegs are positioned 30.6 millimetres to the rear and 9.5 millimetres higher than the previous model, with the footpeg height adjustable in two different positions depending on the rider's preference. To improve passenger comfort, the passenger footpegs have also been redesigned and are now located below the rear subframe.



It's all in the details: new levers for brakes and gears

Every single detail of the MT-09 has been rethought to further enhance the riding experience. The rear brake lever has been redesigned to be made of forged aluminum, and the tip of the gear lever has been significantly flattened to reduce the ankle movement required when shifting, allowing for even smoother shifting.


Separate seats for rider and pillion

To further enhance the feeling of freedom, the MT-09 now has separate seats for rider and passenger, improving both the rider's position and the comfort of getting on and off the bike.

The step between the two seats also ensures that the rider is kept above the front of the motorcycle as the MT-09's torque is deployed, while the overall seat design improves the rider's range of motion.

A USB-C socket is installed under the driver's seat, which allows charging electronic devices and powering electrically heated clothing.


Brembo radial master cylinder: linear braking, full control

To match the MT-09's high torque and tremendous acceleration, braking performance is enhanced by a new Brembo radial master cylinder. The linear ratio between the driver's braking impulse and the hydraulic brake pressure on the two front brake discs provides excellent control.

In addition, a redesigned, adjustable clutch lever gives the driver more control when clutching.


Fully adjustable front suspension and Bridgestone S23 tires

Derived from KYB®, the MT-09's 41mm telescopic fork is fully adjustable in preload, compression and rebound, and features a revised factory setting for excellent stability.

The rear suspension design has been modified and the adjustable KYB® shock absorber has been tuned to allow for more dynamic cornering and the new Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S23 M tyres provide high grip and easy handling.


More smart technology

5 inch TFT colour display

The 2024 MT-09 is equipped with a range of state-of-the-art technical solutions that enhance the overall package and driving experience, while staying true to the "Dark Side of Japan" concept that many love so much.

The all-new 5-inch TFT colour display provides the driver with an attractive new user interface with four different display options designed for a range of different driving experiences.


Smartphone connectivity and navigation

For an even more immersive riding experience, the MT-09 is equipped with a Communication Control Unit (CCU) as standard, which allows the rider to connect their smartphone to the motorcycle while riding via the free MyRide app. In addition to the display of calls and messages on the 5-inch TFT display, the ability to take calls and listen to music via a Bluetooth headset* adds a new dimension to the journey. Once connected, the rider can also use the free Garmin StreetCross navigation system, which is displayed on the 5-inch TFT display.

Riders can personalize the TFT display even further by sending images from their smartphone via the MyRide app with the data transfer function.

In addition, there is the possibility of powering external devices via the new USB Type-C socket under the seat.

*Bluetooth headset not included with MT-09


Intuitive new switches

With the new, integrated handlebar switches, the rider can operate a variety of functions of the new MT-09, including smartphone connectivity, navigation and riding modes, as well as navigating through the other menu options.

The design is clear, logical and simple – the shape, movement and ergonomic layout of the switches have been designed with intuitive operation in mind, allowing riders to go through the various functions with ease.

Customisable riding modes with Yamaha Ride Control settings

New for 2024, MT-09 riders will be able to customize their riding experience even more through Yamaha Ride Control (YRC) settings. These allow the driver to adjust the engine performance characteristics and the degree of electronic intervention to suit their preferences and road conditions.

The three integrated riding modes "SPORT", "STREET" and "RAIN" with factory settings and different levels of intervention for different conditions are complemented by the ability to configure two user-defined modes. This allows the creation of specific YRC settings for specific situations (weather, location, etc.) by changing the level of electronic assistance such as power (PWR), traction control (TCS) and LIF (lift control). All of this can be set directly from the MT-09's display or from a smartphone using the MyRide app.

These personalized settings can be sent to the bike via the rider's smartphone and easily accessed while riding using the new switches.


Additional support from state-of-the-art 6-axis IMU for ultimate performance

In 2021, the third generation of the MT-09 became the first hyper naked bike to be equipped with the high-tech six-axle IMU developed directly from the R1.

The 6-axis IMU constantly measures the acceleration in the forward-backward, upward-downward and left-right directions, as well as the angular velocity in the pitch, roll and yaw directions of the motorcycle, and is able to send data in real time to the ECU, which controls a range of electronic assistance systems. These include lean angle sensitive traction control (TCS), slide control system (SCS) as well as a lift control system (LIF) for the front wheel and a brake control system (BC).

For the 2024 MT-09, this package has been expanded to include a Back Slip Regulator (BSR) that controls torque when the rear wheel locks up during excessive engine braking – particularly useful in situations where the anti-hopping clutch reaches its limits, for example when grip is low.


Cruise Control System for relaxed driving

In addition to the extensive electronic assistance systems, the new MT-09 is also equipped with a Cruise Control System, which enhances the driving experience while driving relaxed on the highway.

From third gear onwards, the speed can be adjusted in 1 km/h increments with a single push of the switch after the cruise control has been activated, or it can be continuously increased by holding down the switch. The system is deactivated as soon as the brakes, clutch or throttle are applied.


Soft-click turn signal with automatic shut-off

For a more intuitive and comfortable driving experience, the turn signals flash three times with a gentle press of the turn signal switch to indicate a lane change or when only a short flashing signal is required. If the switch is fully depressed, the turn signal will continue to work until 15 seconds have elapsed or until the motorcycle has covered more than 150 meters, after which it will be automatically deactivated.

A new Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) function responds to sudden, hard braking by activating the hazard lights to warn road users behind the motorcycle if it decelerates sharply from high speed in an emergency situation.


Third Generation Quickshifter

The new MT-09 is equipped with the third-generation Quickshifter, which enables clutchless downshifts when accelerating and clutchless upshifts when decelerating, enhancing the riding experience.


Technical Highlights

  • Sharper, more compact design with redesigned LED headlight
  • New 5-inch TFT colour display with smartphone connectivity and navigation system
  • Customisable riding experience with Yamaha Ride Control (YRC) settings
  • Changing YRC settings from your smartphone with the MyRide app
  • Changed handlebar and footpeg position for a more active riding experience, adjustable in two positions
  • New bench seat with separate seats
  • Newly shaped fuel tank
  • Latest CP3 engine
  • 6-axis IMU with lean-angle sensitive assistance systems, now including Back Slip Regulator (BSR)
  • Cruise Control System
  • New Brembo radial master cylinder
  • Third Generation Quickshifter
  • New Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S23 M tyres
  • Adjustable suspension for better sporty riding
  • Lightweight CF die-cast aluminum frame
  • Yamaha SpinForged wheels for agile handling
  • Adjustable brake and clutch levers


Colours, availability and price

The new MT-09, as well as its 35 kW version, are available in three colors: Midnight Cyan, Icon Blue and Tech Black. Deliveries to German Yamaha partners will begin in February 2024. The recommended retail price will be announced shortly.