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The FTR lineup is tuned for optimal road performance for the new season


Indian Motorcycle has redefined American V-Twin motorcycles with the introduction of the FTR platform in 2019. Now America's first motorcycle manufacturer is taking the FTR platform to the next level.

The FTR, which is already admired for its unique styling, powerful engine and great handling, is now at the forefront of performance on the asphalt. By refining the engine tuning, optimising the chassis settings, the steeper steering head angle, the shorter follow-up and the asphalt-compatible 17-inch rims and tyres, the new FTR models deliver agility at the highest level and feel even more compact.

All FTR models now have the sporty profile of the Metzeler Sportec tyres and a fully adjustable chassis, with the flagship FTR R Carbon equipped with high-quality Öhlins units at the front and rear to further increase performance on the road. In addition to the chassis improvements, disabling the rear cylinder in idle mode ensures improved engine heat management.

"The FTR is able to deliver superior performance like no other motorcycle, while making a clear statement of style and self-development. The updates we have delivered reinforce this promise even for the most demanding drivers," said Mike Dougherty, president of Indian Motorcycle. "Indian Motorcycle has always pushed, innovated and continuously improved the boundaries of motorcycling, and I think the new FTR is another great example of this."

In addition to its American heritage and iconic silhouette, the FTR offers a comprehensive range of features, including a 4.3-inch digital touchscreen display (from the FTR 1200 S) and a 1203cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine that generates 92 kW (123 hp) and 120Nm (88.5 ft-lb) of torque. With its perfect balance of style and performance, the FTR range offers a superior driving experience.

"The FTR offers an absolutely unique driving experience that drivers of all levels love. Our goal was to preserve this DNA while improving and refining the motorcycle," says Ben Lindaman, Product Director at Indian Motorcycle. "The end result is a stunning, unique motorcycle that exudes character and is hugely fun to ride."

The new FTR lineup consists of the following models:

The FTR, FTR S and FTR R Carbon models are equipped with 17-inch aluminium cast wheels encased in Metzeler Sportec road tyres - the result is precise handling, which is further enhanced by a steeper steering head angle of 25° and a shorter follow-up of 99.9 mm. The smaller wheels as well as the front and rear suspension with 120 mm travel contribute to a 36 mm lower seat height – which gives the driver more comfort and safety. In addition, the ProTaper handlebar has been shortened by 40 mm to support the agile handling of the bike and to give the rider more control.

Additional updates for the new FTR line further refine performance and driving comfort. All three models feature a fully adjustable front and rear suspension , a new feature of the FTR base, as well as a cylinder deactivation to manage engine heat when idle. The new engine calibration also improves cold starts.

Each FTR model has a number of standard features adopted from its predecessors. A road-matched upside-down fork and radially mounted Brembo double brakes provide the driver with exceptional control and superior braking power, while cruise control contributes to a comfortable ride.

The main distinguishing features between the models include the following:


The basic FTR features an analog instrument and is available in Black Smoke with red accents, including red rim straps on the wheels, red Indian Motorcycle lettering on the tank and a red strut at the back. The basic FTR is also available in a performance-reduced A2 version.


The FTR S is available in Maroon Metallic and White Smoke and features Indian Motorcycle's 4.3-inch touchscreen display, which provides phone integration via Bluetooth or USB and configurable displays. The FTR S is equipped as standard with an Akrapovic exhaust, three driving modes, wheelie, stability and traction control and a curve ABS. In addition, a USB quick charging port offers a convenient way to charge personal devices.

FTR R Carbon

The FTR R Carbon is the top model of the FTR product range. In addition to the above features of the FTR S, the FTR R Carbon stands out with tank covers, front fenders and headlight panelmade made of carbon fiber, a fully adjustable Öhlins fork and damper with compensating tank, a black Akrapovic exhaust and a premium seat cover.

FTR Rally

While maintaining the Scrambler aesthetic, the FTR Rally is equipped with Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires on wire spoke wheels with 18-inch rear and 19-inch front. Like the other FTR models, the FTR Rally receives the refined engine calibration as well as the rear cylinder shutdown. The ProTaper handlebar of the FTR Rally is 50 mm (2 inches) higher than other FTR models to improve comfort and provide a more relaxed ergonomic position. The FTR Rally has an analog display and is available in titanium smoke. Like the basic FTR, the FTR Rally is available in a performance-reduced A2 version.


As an ideal basis for individualization, the FTR also receives an extended range of style, performance and comfort accessories. New style accessories include new tank pads available in black and clarity, while a variety of carbon fiber parts are available, including chain guard, V-cover, radiator protection and a 17-inch front-wheel fender. In addition, the driver can upgrade his chassis with a Öhlins fork and damper kit, while drivers who want more personal comfort can add a carrier bag, an R Carbon seat and a USB charging port.

In total, Indian Motorcycle carries more than 60 parts and accessories for the FTR family. From windshields to tank covers, Akrapovic exhaust surgeto luggage racks, everything is there to help drivers equip their FTRs individually.

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