Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard

Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard in the test (Baujahr 2022)

Scrambler or Super Moto? The Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard is both!

Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard im TestPhotos: Motorradtest.de

With the Scrambler Urban Motard, Ducati presents a mixture of Super Moto and Scrambler. In keeping with the target group, the machine has also been given the suffix "City Rebel". Jan and Dietmar sat down and drove a lap. Here is our driving report.

Very pretty part

If there's one thing the Italians are particularly good at, it's design. This is also the case with the Urban Motard and so it does not bother that this model is only available in a single color: white-red. If you want to add another color accent, you can stick a sticker on the number plate provided for this purpose. But you can also give yourself that, because the Urban Motard already looks really good. The raised mudguard at the front, the short and crisp rear and the black exhaust system just make a powerful impression - whereby with a scrambler the end pot should actually end under the seat.
For free, the Urban Motard is not a real scrambler anyway. The short spring travel and, of course, the tyres speak against this. The 17-inch front rim and the Pirelle Diablo Rosso III signal quite clearly that the Urban Motard at least technically tends towards Super Moto - but with Scrambler look, a really hot mixture, as we find.Farbe
Photo: Ducati
The Urban Motard has naturally taken a lot from the Scrambler Icon , on which it stands. Above all, the engine with the organic-looking elbow course in earthworm style as well as the wide handlebar - which, by the way, is mounted a little lower - as well as the chassis including swingarm and brake system document this.
The situation is somewhat different with the seat: This is a bit narrower on the Urban Motard and does not wear so thick on the tank. The seating position is upright and front-wheel oriented. Due to the wide handlebars, the rider automatically gets a somewhat evil-looking posture. The bike weighs less than 200 kg and is not very big overall. The seating position for the passenger is rather 1b. There are recesses below the seat, but you don't have much space at the back. No matter, the Urban Motard is not a travel enduro, but rather a fun bike for the fun-oriented individual rider.

Dimensions of the Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard

 Abmessungen Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard

360 degree tour around the Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard


Technology of the Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard

The technical equipment is also very reminiscent of the Icon: There is a cornering ABS from Bosch - and nothing else. No driving modes, no traction control, no lean angle sensors. That's a good thing, because we want to concentrate on riding and not constantly check on the smartphone whether the bike has anything to tell us.

In addition to speed and engine speed, the round LC display provides information about the selected gear and the fuel level. There is also an on-board computer, which is operated via a simple toggle switch at the left end of the handlebar. Ready.

There is a small surprise in the lighting equipment: If the Icon still drives with completely LED, the Urban Motard has an H4 main headlight. Everything else is also LED incl. turn signals and daytime running lights, which can be activated by a separate switch. Did Ducati choose a halogen headlight to make a little retro or to enhance the scrambler touch? We don't know, but in the end it doesn't matter. The lamps front and rear look very stylish.


This is how it drives itself

Then let's go. The V2 is already rumbling along in idle throttle. Typical for Ducati, the sound is very present, but without being annoyingly loud - great! We like the black lacquered double bag much better than the Icon, but both are on the same level in terms of sound.
Of course, this also applies to the performance and the suspension, because here almost everything is identical: Kayaba USD fork and mono strut (preload adjustable) with 150 mm travel each, single disc front and rear with Brembo brake calipers, aluminum two-arm swingarm and of course the air-cooled L-V2, which feels like forever. The engine has more pressure at the bottom than you would expect from the data sheet. Fortunately, he is not a performance monster to be afraid of.
Motor und Auspuff
The machine is under control after a very short time. The well-tuned chassis provides confidence and the 17-inch front wheel including the sporty tires let you whiz around the curves as if you had been driving the machine for years. Above all, the steering response is remarkable, the Urban Motard falls almost by itself into the corners. If you don't know Super Motos, this may seem a little shaky, but that's the only way to get this incredible bustle on the road. By the way, I felt this even more extreme with the Icon with the still low seat height and the higher handlebars, but also the Urban Motard is already a fun bike of the highest quality.
In addition, the Urban Motard is well made and everything looks very valuable - apart from the somewhat carelessly laid brake hose. The spoke wheels with the black painted rims, the black tubular space frame made of steel, the high-quality swingarm, it all looks really crisp.
Ducati gives a two-year warranty on the Scrambler Urban Motard without mileage limit. The service is due every 12,000 km, as well as the valve clearance control, which should be done as far as possible, because this bike has like all 800cc Scrambler a desmodromic valve control.

Conclusion - what sticks

Class, the Urban Motard carries the name suffix "City Rebel" right. She's a little evil, but not pretentious. By its very nature, this is a real FunBike. You just can't not have fun with the box. More than 12,000 euros are an announcement for an 800cc machine with this rather spartan equipment, but the driving pleasure, the appearance and the value of the Urban Motard justify this price.
The test machine was kindly provided by Bergmann & Söhne in Bremervörde for this test. There is a demonstrator who is already looking forward to many more test rides - of course next to many other Ducati bikes and machines from Suzuki. So - next trip to Bremervörde, ask for Holger, take coffee and at least boot around the Urban Motard. Have fun!

Price/availability/colours/years of construction

  • Price: 12.090€
  • Availability: from 06/2022
  • Colours: red-white

Zubehör für die
Scrambler Urban Motard

  • Moneta
  • Polo
  • Amazon

Pro & Kontra

  • exciting optics
  • casual sound
  • Cornering ABS Series
  • good workmanship
  • mega-manoeuvrable FunBike
  • limited pillion comfort
  • Brake cable strangely laid
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2,100 mm
1,150 mm
196 kg
Ab. Weight
390 kg
805 mm
1,436 mm

Driving Performance & Range

0 to 100
4.1 s
Tank contents
13.5 l
5.2 l
260 km
197 km/h

Motor & Power Transmission

Engine design
Number of cylinders
803 cc
88 mm
66 mm
73 HP
66 NM
Number of gears

Suspension & Brakes

Lattice tube frame
Suspension front
Kayaba upside-down fork with 41 mm standpipe diameter
150 mm
Strut rear
Kayaba strut with adjustable preload
150 mm
Suspension rear
Two-arm swingarm
Brakes in front
Single disc, Brembo radial mounted brake caliper with 4 pistons
330 mm
Tyres at the front
Brakes rear
Single disc, Brembo floating brake caliper with 1 piston
Rear tyres
Bosch Curve ABS