Yamaha XSR125 unveiled

Yamaha's latest Faster Son model

Yamaha XSR 125Photo: Yamaha (Factory)

Designed for free spirits

Designed for riders who appreciate the unique combination of True Heritage design with timeless neo-retro look and cutting-edge technology, Yamaha's Sport Heritage models are truly a class in their own right. All XSR models with their unique character and imperishable charm are not only designed to provide an outstanding driving experience. Through them, the driver can also underline his individuality and express his personality.

Yamaha's Faster Sons philosophy is inspired by the past and yet highly forward-looking. It is an approach that resonates with the free spirits among motorcyclists who like to do things in their own way. The entire Yard Built scene was inspired and inspired by the Faster Sons movement. Over the past six years, the most respected customizers from Europe and around the world have built many machines with radical and extraordinary designs. The basis was always a Yamaha Sport Heritage model.

The current line-up of the Sport Heritage series is led by the flagship XSR900 with its impressive three-cylinder engine. Closely followed by the two-cylinder model XSR700. Now is the time to introduce a new model that gives a whole new audience access to the Faster Sons world. The XSR125 comes with the same high quality standards that make its two older siblings very special. With it, younger drivers or drivers with a B196 driving licence can now experience the unique driving experience of the XSR models. Thanks to Yamaha's premium manufacturing quality and well-known reliability, drivers can be sure that this machine will not disappoint them.

Completely new XSR125: Stylish commuting
The XSR125 makes commuting a lot fun. The latest Faster Sons model is built to the highest standards with state-of-the-art technology and a top engine. The lightweight impresses with agile handling and timeless heritage style. Like many younger siblings, this bike can set accents and impress.

Yamaha's retro colour scheme, outstanding details and superior manufacturing quality make the XSR125 a bike that will cause a stir every time you ride. Some other models in this class are more likely to rely on restraint. However, the XSR125 is the kind of motorcycle that makes a strong statement. This is underlined by their performance, their technology and their style.

Lightweight, agile and fun
Lightweight, agile and built for the pure pleasure of daily driving. This makes the XSR125 the ideal choice for drivers with a Class B196* driver's license who are looking for an alternative to four wheels, as well as for all motorcyclists who appreciate the outstanding value and impressive features of the XSR125.

Riders for whom motorcycling is completely new will immediately feel at home thanks to the comfortable, upright sitting position, the soft chassis and the easy, easy handling. Experienced and new riders will appreciate the fun-loving nature of the latest Yamaha Sport Heritage bike.
* Regional laws and restrictions apply.

Puristic and timeless XSR style
Like all models in the Yamaha Sport Heritage family, the XSR125 features a bold colour scheme inspired by some of the legendary Yamaha models from days gone by. The Redline, Tech Black and Impact Yellow colour variants, in combination with features such as the rounded tank, the long, flat bench and the round headlight, underline the Faster Sons DNA of the XSR125. And just like the XSR900 and the XSR700, the new XSR125 pays homage to the past while looking to the future with state-of-the-art technology such as full LED lighting and an LCD cockpit.

Class-leading 125 cc engine with 11 kW (15 hp)
At the heart of the XSR125 is its EU5 compliant, liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-valve engine with a displacement of 125 cc. It impresses with its direct response and is identical to that of the extremely successful MT-125 and R125 models. This advanced and reliable engine develops full 11 kW (15 hp), the maximum allowed in the A1 driving licence category. This makes this machine one of the most powerful in its class.

One of the most important technological features of the XSR125 is yamaha's Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system, which allows the engine to deliver sufficient torque in the lower speed range and deliver its outstanding performance at higher speeds. The result is a motorcycle that is easy and pleasant to drive in urban traffic, but also offers driving fun on the motorway. The overall driving experience is rounded off by the wonderfully well-sounding sound, which brings out the strong character of the single-cylinder engine.

The XSR125 is fully EU5 compliant and its low emissions allow driving in city centres that may be affected by increasingly stringent air quality requirements. This makes this bike an ideal machine for commuters.

37 mm Upside-Down Fork
For a first-class road position and simple, pleasant and directly appealing handling, the XSR125 has a 37 mm upside-down fork. With its black finish that fits seamlessly into the timeless look, this gently appealing telefork is a key factor for the comfort and agile handling that the affordable commuter bike offers in all riding situations. This upside-down fork is an example of the premium specifications of the XSR125, which is still one of the most cost-effective models in the 125 quality class.

Stylish tyres with block profile
Yamaha's Sport Heritage motorcycles are inspired by the past and built for the future. The tires of the XSR125 emphasize the timeless good appearance of the motorcycle with their block profile and at the same time offer excellent adhesion. The combination of a wide 140/70-17 rear wheel and a 110/70-17 front wheel in combination with the 10-spoke light alloy rims ensures a low unsprung weight. This benefits the responsiveness of the chassis and is the basis for safe handling with easy and predictable handling.

High-tech LED headlights and LED taillight
Another example of the first-class equipment of the XSR125 is the modern LED lighting system. The LED headlight sits in a classic round housing, epitother of the unique blend of classic style and state-of-the-art technology that makes this bike stand out, while the compact LED taillight underlines the agility and lightweight construction of the bike.

High-tight and lightweight deltabox frame
The chassis is based on Yamaha's advanced Deltabox frame design with a double tie-bar that runs in a straight line from the steering head to the swinging pivot point. This makes the chassis extremely robust and at the same time light. With a compact wheelbase of 1330 mm and a comfortable seat height of 810 mm, the chassis of the XSR125 is suitable for riders of almost any size.

Premium Details
Few other models in this category are so affordable and offer such impressive features. The premium features can be found on the entire motorcycle. In addition to the chassis, LED lighting system and the powerful engine with VVA technology, this lightweight Sport Heritage bike is characterized by a variety of other attractive features: for example, the tuck-and-roll bench, painted fenders and aluminium parts, which show the attention to detail that sets this bike apart from others.

LCD round instrument
Every detail of the XSR125 has been designed according to the Faster Sons philosophy, where timeless design blends with modern technology. The LCD round instrument is a perfect example of this approach. It sits in a silk-matt-black case with shiny chrome trim. The cockpit, with its inverted LCD display (bright on a dark background), provides clear and easy-to-read information, while fitting perfectly into the look of the motorcycle.

Key features
  • Class-leading 125cc EU5 engine with 11 kW (15 hp)
  • Timeless neo-retro design
  • 37 mm Upside-Down Fork
  • Comfortable sitting position
  • Light alloy wheels
  • Stylish tyres with block profile
  • Classic LED round headlight and LED taillight
  • Lightweight and high-tight deltabox frame
  • Agile, easy and safe handling
  • Painted fenders
  • Tuck-and-roll bench
  • Aluminum holder
  • LCD round instrument in retro style

Colors, availability and price of the XSR125
The colours of the XSR125 feature a strong horizontal leitmotif that underlines the timeless design and gives this model a puristic and universally appealing look. Three colours are offered: Redline (VRSK), Tech Black (MDNM6) and Impact Yellow (CPY) with matching front and rear fenders, tank graphics and logos on the side panels.

Delivery to European Yamaha partners will begin in early June 2021. For information on the recommended retail price, please contact your National Yamaha Press Officer.

Yamaha Original Accessories and Faster Sons Clothing
Yamaha has developed a comprehensive range of original accessories that allow owners of an XSR125 to make their motorcycle unique without much effort. Two original accessory kits will be available: Racer Kit and Urban Kit. The Racer Kit consists of headlight cladding and start number plates (front and side). The Urban Kit includes a windshield as well as engine cover, radiator trim and aluminium side lid.

Customers can order the kits before taking over their new XSR125 and have them assembled directly from their Yamaha partner. All components of the kits can also be purchased individually. In addition to the kit components, the original accessories list for the XSR125 includes an Akrapovic silencer, a license plate holder, a lower side panel, a Café Racer panel and knee pads, and more.

For lovers of the Sport Heritage motorcycle range, there are special Faster Sons clothing. The collection includes stylish T-shirts, sweaters, leather jackets, caps, patches and other products designed based on the timeless look of the XSR.

Yamaha's MyGarage app is the quick and easy way for customers to customize a virtual XSR125 with a wide range of original accessories at home using their smartphone or laptop. With this free app, users can add and remove accessories to assemble the perfect XSR125 configuration. The finished result can be viewed in 3D from all angles.

With MyGarage, conjectures have an end in the selection of accessories to be attached. When the configuration is complete, the customer can send the result directly to the Yamaha partner of their choice to mount the selected original accessories on the new XSR125.

For all the information about Yamaha's original accessories and apparel and the MyGarage app, see www.yamaha-motor.de

Yamaha's free MyRide app gives XSR125 riders the chance to get the most out of each ride. It is available for iOS and Android devices. The app can be used to record and save routes that are driven. The user can create their own story and add pictures to the ride to share on social media. MyRide also allows users to view driving statistics such as distance, altitude, top speed, average speed, acceleration and angle of inclination and compare them with other drivers.