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New: BMW S 1000 XR and M 1000 XR

Two new XRs from BMW for 2024

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New: BMW S 1000 XR for 2024

With the new S 1000 XR, BMW Motorrad presents the successful long-distance sports car and multiple test winner in an even more convincing form. Increased engine power, optimised ergonomics, fine-tuning of the design and an even more extensive range of standard equipment are the cornerstones of the model revision.

Even more powerful in-line four-cylinder engine with flow-optimised geometry of the intake ports and now 125 kW (170 hp) of power.
The in-line four-cylinder engine of the new S 1000 XR is still based on the engine of the S 1000 RR and impresses with a particularly linear and full-bodied torque curve as well as harmonious performance characteristics for optimum driveability. Compared to the previous model, the engine output has been increased by 4 kW (5 hp) to
125 kW (170 hp) at an unchanged nominal speed of 11,000 rpm. The main reason for the increase in performance is a flow-optimized geometry of the intake ducts as well as an adapted mapping. Maximum torque is still 114 Nm at 9,250 rpm.

Optimised ergonomics thanks to a new bench seat and a new, even sportier rear section.
In the sense of even more freedom of movement – especially in super-sporty operation on country roads and race tracks – the seat of the long distance athlete has been completely redesigned. It has 10 mm more seat height (850 mm) and, by increasing the usable seat length and width, now offers significantly more room for the seat and thus even better options for varying the seating position depending on the riding condition. In high-performance country road use as well as on race tracks, the optimised ergonomics make "gymnastics" easier and thus enable the driver to have even better control over the S 1000 XR. A total of three different seat heights are available.

In terms of design, the new S 1000 XR also benefits from newly designed elements. For example, the rear area is now more dynamic with new side panels and air intakes from motorsport. In addition, the radiator grille was given a new, now grained surface structure and the "beak", which was previously black, is now painted in the respective body colour.

Extended standard equipment and new optional extras / original BMW Motorrad accessories.
The new BMW S 1000 XR now has an even more extensive appearance as standard. Headlight Pro provides additional safety when driving at night with adaptive cornering light as standard from the factory. Here, the driver benefits from better illumination of the road in curves. This also includes the DRL (Daytime Running Light) for better recognition of the vehicle during the day. From now on, the standard equipment also includes Keyless Ride and a battery with a capacity of 12 Ah instead of the previous 9 Ah. In addition, the new BMW S 1000 XR has also been equipped with USB charging as standard.

Other new features include the now also available for the USA.
E-Call, the option of equipping the S 1000 XR with the optionally available M GPS lap trigger, as well as the optional M GPS lap trigger, as well as the S 1000 XR, the S 1000 XR, the S 1000 XR, the S 1000 XR, the S 1000 XR, the S 1000 XR, the S 1000 XR, the S 1000 XR, the S 1000 XR, the S 1000 XR, the S 1000 XR, the T
M carbon wheels.

Three new attractive colour schemes.
The dynamic character of the new BMW S 1000 XR is reflected in three new, attractive colour schemes:

Blackstorm metallic

Gravityblue metallic

Lightwhite uni/Motorsport
(in conjunction with the M-package and the M-seat).

The new features of the new BMW S 1000 XR at a glance:

• Engine output increased by 4 kW (5 hp) to 125 kW (170 hp) at 11,000 rpm (previously 121 kW (165 hp)).

• Changed geometry of the inlet ports.

• Optimized Shift Assistant Pro for even greater shifting precision.

• Improved ergonomics and freedom of movement thanks to the redesigned bench seat (seat height 850 mm instead of 840 mm).

• Optimized suspension strut tuning for more responsiveness and comfort.

• New, even sportier rear end with new side panels and air intakes from motorsport.

• New design handlebar clamp.

• "Beak" at the front painted in body colour.

• Radiator grille with new, now grained surface structure.

• New battery with 12 instead of 9 Ah capacity.

• M carbon wheels as an optional extra or original BMW Motorrad accessory.

• Keyless Ride as standard.

• USB charging port as standard.

• Headlight Pro as standard.

• E-Call now also available for the USA.

• Use of the M GPS lap trigger.

• New colourways: Blackstorm metallic, Gravity blue metallic and Lightwhite uni/Motorsport.


Also new: BMW M 1000 XR

M 1000 XR


"The M XR is the third M model at BMW Motorrad. On the basis of the current
S 1000 XR and S 1000 RR, the product substance of the M 1000 XR – M XR for short – has been consistently trimmed to meet the requirements of a long-distance athlete. The driving dynamics speak for themselves on the country road as well as on the race track and in long-distance use."
Dominik Blass, Product Manager M 1000 XR.

The new BMW M 1000 XR: The long-distance sports car for the highest demands, from sporty country road enjoyment to long-distance driving and racetrack use.
At the end of 2018, BMW Motorrad was already implementing the successful offering strategy of the
M automobiles for motorcycles and since then has been offering M special equipment and
M Performance Parts. The new BMWM 1000 XR is the third M model from BMW Motorrad to celebrate its world premiere, following the M 1000 RR superbike and the M 1000 R dynamic roadster: the M 1000 XR long-distance sports car.

In the anniversary year of BMW Motorrad's 100th birthday, BMW Motorrad is once again following the dynamic philosophy of the world's strongest letter with the new M XR: M is synonymous worldwide with success in motor racing as well as with the fascination of high-performance models from BMW and is aimed at customers with particularly high demands on performance, exclusivity and individuality.

With an engine output of 148 kW (201 hp), a DIN kerb weight of just 223 kg and chassis technology and aerodynamics designed equally for high-performance country road operation, extended long-distance journeys and fast laps on the race track, the new M XR, as the lightest representative of this crossover segment, opens up driving dynamics dimensions previously reserved for thoroughbred superbikes.

Powerful M XR four-cylinder based on the RR engine. High peak power and torque as well as increased tractive power thanks to shorter secondary and transmission ratios for maximum driving pleasure on country roads, long distances and race tracks.
The new M XR is powered by a water-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine based on the engine of the S 1000 RR. Its peak output is 148 kW (201 hp) at 12,750 rpm-123 kW (31 hp) more than in the new S 1000 XR. The maximum torque of 113 Nm is delivered at 11,000 rpm-1reached. The maximum speed of the M XR is 14,600 rpm-1. Increased traction on the rear wheel in all gears is also ensured by the use of a sprocket with 47 teeth (S 1000 XR: 45 teeth). In addition, the transmission ratios of the 4th, 5th and 6th gears are shorter than in the S 1000 XR, which also benefits the tractive force at the rear wheel and thus acceleration and torque.

M winglets and wind deflectors: Later braking, less wheelie tendency and earlier acceleration thanks to aerodynamic downforce.
In addition to the drive and chassis technology, aerodynamics were also a key point in the specifications for the development work for the M XR. With the aim of achieving even faster lap times on the race track and the best possible driving stability at high speeds, the new M XR was fitted with winglets in the area of the front side panels. Even at a speed of around 100 km/h, they increase the front wheel load thanks to the aerodynamic downforce generated. It increases at 220 km/h by
approx. 12 kg.

Chassis trimmed for performance-oriented use on country roads and racetracks with Dynamic Damping Control (DDC), adjustable spring base, adjustable steering damper, milled handlebar clamp and forward-oriented tubular handlebar with laser-cut"BMW M XR" lettering.
The chassis of the new M XR is based on that of the S 1000 XR with the aluminium bridge frame at its heart. The front wheel guidance of the M XR is provided by an upside-down fork with a 45 mm sliding tube diameter. It is equipped with so-called closed-cartridge inserts, separate hydraulic piston-cylinder systems. Another new feature of the M XR is the additional adjustability of the spring base, fork and shock absorber in conjunction with the standard Dynamic Damping Control (DDC).

Furthermore, the fork of the M XR has an upper triple clamp with an elaborately milled handlebar clamp as well as a black, forward-oriented aluminium tubular handlebar with "BMW M 1000 XR" lettering. Also new on the M XR are bar-end mirrors as an optional extra. Adjustments have also been made to the fork feet, which are now designed to accommodate the new M brake calipers. Another new element of the M XR is the adjustable steering damper.

M brakes with radial handbrake pump and lightForged aluminium wheels for optimum driving dynamics in racetrack and performance operation. Exclusive ofM carbon wheels as part of the M Competition package as well as individual optional extras.
After the M 1000 RR and the M 1000 R, the new M XR is the third BMW motorcycle with an M brake. It was developed directly from the experience with the racing brakes of the
BMW Motorrad factory racing machines in the Superbike World Championship. Externally, the M brake calipers feature a coating in blue anodised in combination with the famous M logo.

Together with two 320 mm brake discs of 5 mm thickness and black anodized aluminum brake disc carriers, the brake discs are marked with a new
Radial handbrake pump-equipped brake system is currently at the forefront of brake development in the field of road-legal systems. The new M XR is already equipped with very lightweight forged aluminium wheels as standard. As part of the M Competition package, the exclusive M carbon wheels with newly designed tapes on the rim edge are also available.

Brake Slide Assist – Assists the driver in braking drifts.
An important and very helpful innovation, especially for racetrack drivers, is the Brake Slide Assist function. It allows the driver to brake drifts into corners with constant slide.

Instrument combination with perfectly legible6.5-inch TFT display, new tachometer display (red area) and unlock codeOBD interface for M GPS datalogger including M GPS lap trigger.
The instrument cluster of the new M XR corresponds to the version of the M RR and also features the M take-off animation. A new feature is the extended display of the red speed range. As part of the optional equipment, comprehensive data material for the use of the M GPS Laptrigger including M GPS Datalogger can be stored via the OBD interface of the instrument cluster by means of an activation code.
(Original BMW Motorrad Accessories).

The M XR's design and dynamic design language signal pure performance and sportiness.
Even more than the S 1000 XR, the new M XR with optimised chassis technology and the most powerful engine in a BMW Motorrad long-distance sports car to date is uncompromisingly designed for sporty driving – whether on country roads, long-distance rides or on the race track. M XR – it doesn't get any more performant and lighter than this crossover segment at the moment. The proportions of the M XR are ultra-compact and powerful. Three-dimensional surfaces create excitement and dynamism. Narrow, slim and extremely aggressive, the M XR presents itself from the front with the new M winglets, which are designed as quadruple wings. The performance-oriented appearance of the new M XR is also reflected in the colour concept with the body colour black in combination with the M colours light blue, dark blue and red.

Uncompromising in design and technology: the M XR with M Competition package.
If the new M XR in standard trim is not enough for you, the M Competition package offers a fascinating mix of high-quality components for the racing technology gourmet and the aesthete at the same time. In addition, the new M XR is 3 kg lighter. The M Competition package includes M carbon wheels, M carbon parts such as rear wheel cover with integrated chain guard, side fairings, front wheel cover, inner cover and ignition/steering lock cover as well as a fully adjustable M rider footrest system, pillion footpegs and the
MGPS Laptrigger (unlock code).

The highlights of the new BMW M 1000 XR.

• Shift cam engine of the S RR, output 148 kW (201 hp) at 12,750 rpm-123 kW (31 hp) more than in the new S 1000 XR. Max. torque of 113 Nm at 11,000 rpm-1.

• Shorter secondary ratio (sprocket with 47 teeth instead of 45 teeth).

• Shorter gear ratios in 4th, 5th and 6th gears.

• Optimized intake system with variable intake funnels for improved charge change at high speeds.

• Steep titanium rear silencer with
Carbon end cap.

• M Endurance Chain.

• Riding modes "Rain", "Road", "Dynamic", "Race" and "Race Pro1-3" as well as the latest generation of Dynamic Traction Control DTC and DTC Wheelie function with
6-axis sensor box.

• Now four adjustable gas characteristics for optimal response. "Engine Brake" with triple adjustability of the engine drag torque in "Race Pro" mode.

• Brake Slide Assist to assist the driver during braking drifts.

• Shift Assistant Pro for quick upshifts and downshifts without the clutch.

• Launch Control for perfect race starts and pit lane limiter for exact speed in the pit lane.

• Hill Start Control Pro for comfortable start-up on inclines.

• M Winglets: Brake later and accelerate earlier, as well as more high-speed stability thanks to aerodynamic downforce.

• Upside-down fork with adjustable spring base in conjunction with standard DDC.

• M brakes for the first time in a BMW Motorrad long-distance sports car: the M XR with maximum braking performance for country roads and racetracks.

• Forged aluminium wheels.

• M carbon wheels with M-Tapes and M lettering on the rim edge: Elegant, lightweight high-tech components for maximum performance as part of the optional
M Competition Packages.

• M handbrake and clutch levers.

• Adjustable steering damper.

• Machined handlebar clamp.

• Compared to the S 1000 XR, forward-facing tubular handlebars with laser-etched "BMW M XR" lettering.

• Bar end mirrors (optional).

• Headlights with iconic light signature and adaptive cornering light (Headlight Pro).

• Short license plate holder.

• Instrument combination with large, perfectly readable 6.5-inch TFT display, start-up animation with M logo and OBD interface that can be used via activation code for
M GPS Datalogger including M GPS Laptrigger.

• New display of the tachometer (red area).

• Lightweight M battery, USB charging socket in the rear, powerful LED light units, electronic cruise control and heated grips.

• Keyless Ride.

• M design and dynamic design language signal ultimate performance.

• M Competition package as an optional extra.

• RDC as standard.

• Comprehensive range of optional accessories and optional equipment ex works.