Indian Scout Bobber

Test: Indian Scout Bobber (Baujahr 2020)

Maximum reduced


Such a real bobber is a cruiser, of course. But unlike normal cruisers, it must be reduced. In the case of our test bike, even the Sociusplatz is missing. For this, everything that belongs to the round around the block is gathered, especially this fantastic motor. The test clarifies what else the Indian Scout Bobber has on it.

As from the picture book

Images can only incompletely reflect how low this bike actually is. The data show just over a metre in height. To this end, it has what Americans call "stance." The right posture, a firm stand, a strong optical presence.

If you take a closer look, you will discover how the Amis got this. Grease wheels, coarsely carved Pirelli MT60RS tyres, a frame that looks like milled from the full, the sloping tank line that stretches up to the suspension of the rear wheel. It's there. Again to the frame: At first glance, this looks like a rigid frame, so the Indian would not have a suspension at the back. Do it spring, of course, this is an optical trick.

Everything pays a maximum of the reduction, which in reality does not take place at all. So you will find small but loving details everywhere on the motorcycle. These include the rubbers of the stereo dampers on the rear wheel, which carry a fine Indian lettering. Or the two round badges on the engine where the camshafts would be if you could look inside. The Indian Scout Bobber is not reduced, but looks like this.


Our test bike with extras without end

The engine itself is the heart of this Indian. The pure data is good, but not sensational. 94 hp push forward, but more important is the torque produced by the 1,133 cubic-sized V2. 97 Newton come together, at 5600 revolutions. In our machine, the exhaust gases escape through a Penzl flap exhaust, which amplifies the dull, bass-heavy noise. And 2,500 euros extra costs. Oha. In total, more than 7,000 euros of extras are put into this Indian, so the Indians are more expensive from their base price of 14,490 euros by a further 50%.

The knocking test reveals it: What looks like metal is made of metal. And what is long is also long, because the Indian Scout Bobber comes to a length of 2.27 meters. Weighing, of course, she does, not as much as you would expect: 261 kilos fully refuelled and ready to be taken off.

Then let's go, the highway is waiting.


Everything easy

The engine starts immediately, somehow one would now expect a sloppy announcement noise like in the past from a carburetor battery. This does not exist thanks to the injection system, but the expressions of life in the stand indicate what will happen later: it is not loud, dull and can be heard at any time.

The seat height is 649 millimetres, so in this case it is more of a seat depth. Even for Bobber ratios, that's little. This, in combination with the footrests mounted far in front, brings with it an almost non-existent knee angle. The handlebars are wide, but not mounted too far in front. The maximum casual bobsleigh maintenance of the pilot is finished.

The circular instrument, which one would like to call classic despite the integrated display for the on-board computer, displays the speed analogously. The Indian digital informs about the rest, including the speed. Which makes it difficult for us to read in 50 increments in case of speed. The good news is immediately after the start, because the respective speed does not matter at all, enough wumms is always present. By the way, there is not much to indicate, because the Indian can only show an ABS on modern electronic helper lines. Her only driving porgram is firmly burned into her DNA, so deep that it can never come out again. It says: Bobbern, so casual cruising.

The Bobber rides completely unproblematic, if you pay attention to one thing. Slanted, well, that's not hers. It could be from the chassis or the tire, if it were not at 29 degrees inclination. On the right, the expensive exhaust would snap across the asphalt.

The Indian engine characterizes the Indian Scout Bobber more than other brands. This has already occurred to us at the Indian FTR, how well the engines harmonize with the respective machine. Here the V2 never shows a strenuous side, it does not want to animate the pilot to anything. What is astonishingly good is that, despite its torque-heavy design, it does not appear laced up around. A sportier motorad than a bobsleigh would get him on his toes. In reality, such sparrows can be fast not only because of the low slant freedom or the not exactly over-motivated brakes. The casual bustle suits the Indian much better – it can do anything, but it doesn't have to. Unfortunately, this also refers to the Bobber's rear suspension. Only 51 millimetres of travel cannot, of course, perform miracles, and they do not. Short shocks come through noticeably.

A good offer

Even if my private loot scheme wouldn't fit bobbers, it's definitely a good choice. It is beautiful in the classical sense and dresses the owner to the very finest. For this engine and the fine materials, the called 14,490 euros are certainly not too much. Although it is reduced to a maximum, the Indian Scout Bobber gives you a lot of feeling for your money.

The test bike was provided to us by Legendary Motorcycles in Hamburg.

Price / Availability / Colours / Years of Construction

  • Price: 14.490€
  • Used: 13.500€
  • Years of construction: since 2018
  • Availability: medium
  • Colours: black matte & metallic, blue metallic, bronze smoke, white smoke

Pro & Kontra

  • 1. the engine!
  • 2. the engine!
  • 3. the engine!
  • 4. the engine!
  • 5 ...
  • Sloping rear suspension
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15,090 €


261 kg
649 mm

Motor & Power Transmission

Number of cylinders
1,133 cc
95 hp