World record at LiveWire

- 1,723 kilometers in 24 hours

One rider, four countries and an e-series bike in public road transport - Previous range record for e-motorbikes exceeded by 406 kilometers

How far can i get in 24 hours on an electrically powered motorcycle? The answer has just been redefined – by Michel von Tell, a Swiss cabaret artist, journalist, entrepreneur, and, more importantly, a Harley fan of pure water. The 39-year-old former professional baseball player proved that he not only loves the classic "potato potato" sound of the V-Twins, but also stands on the spaty jet sound of LiveWire on 11 and 12 March 2020. In the saddle of the first electrically driven motorcycle of a large-scale manufacturer, the passionate biker set a new record: 1,723 kilometers in 24 hours. The starting point of the motorcycle marathon was Zurich, from where man and machine set off with full battery in the direction of Stuttgart. Near the state capital of Baden-Württemberg, the battery of the LiveWire was recharged for the first time before heading to Singen, the second fixed point of the record attempt. Here the battery loaded again and from then on the man with his iron buttocks shuttled back and forth six times on the A81 between Stuttgart and Singen, until he extended the last stage south to arrive in Liechtenstein after 23 hours and 48 minutes as well as eight battery-powered charges via Austria – with said 1,723 kilometers on the clock. Von Tell insists that the record was set by him alone and with a conventional production vehicle on public roads. Six witnesses, including a Swiss journalist, confirmed the facts. The Guinness World Records book probably won't mention the ride for formal reasons - but that's by no means diminished by Tell's performance and that of his orange-red LiveWire. The marathon man from Switzerland surpassed the previous world record by a proud 406 kilometres. It was installed in 2018 on an electric motorcycle from a California manufacturer – with seven riders and on a closed test track.
When Harley-Davidson learned of the action after the mega ride, the joy was great. The company warmly congratulates Michel von Tell on the new record. For more information about Harley-Davidson and LiveWire, see