Comparison Yamaha Motorcycles 2023

Tour through Schleswig-Holstein with test bikes from Tecius & Reimers.

At the invitation of the Yamaha Center Hamburg (Tecius & Reimers), the team spent a whole day on the road with various Yamaha test motorcycles. In this video, we describe our impressions of the current Yamaha motorcycles in 2023 and go into detail about the tour elaborated by Tecius & Reimers. Have fun!

You can download the GPX tour dates here: Outward /return tour
The route planner mentioned in the video can be found here.

Here are the Yamaha motorcycles in this video:
06:00 - Yamaha MT-10 (Test consumption: 6.8 liters)
12:38 - Yamaha Niken GT (Test consumption: 5.3 liters)
19:54 - Yamaha Tracer 9 GT (Test consumption: 4.3 liters)
25:41 - Yamaha XSR 900 (Test consumption: 4.2 liters)
35:57 - Yamaha MT-09 (Test consumption: 4.2 liters)