Yamaha Ténéré 700

Accessories by SW-MOTECH

for the Ténéré 700


Finally it's here, the new adventure bike from the Ténéré family. Solid yet light and without great technical frills. Simply a good bike for long off-road trips and trips to any end of the world. In line with this, SW-MOTECH offers a wide range of luggage solutions, protective products and other accessories for navigation and driving comfort.

Plenty of storage space for luggage

The detachable tank lid of the Ténéré 700 required the construction of a model-specific tank ring adapter. Both the EVO and ION tank rings can be screwed on to this. Tank backpacks such as the EVO City or the ION one can be securely and quickly fastened with just one touch. Small and necessary travel items such as wallet, keys, smartphone or water bottle are easily accessible and the tank backpack can also be quickly solved and taken with you during breaks.

Thanks to the proven QUICK-LOCK quick fasteners, the robust PRO side beams made of 2.5 mm thick steel are fully removable and provide a secure grip for TRAX ADV aluminium cases on both sides. Behind the seat, an URBAN ABS or a TRAX ADV topcase can be attached to the sturdy ADVENTURE RACK, and the luggage rack also offers sufficient support and togging points for large waterproof rear pockets such as the Drybag 350 or the Drybag 600. With two large side cases and a Drybag 600 up to 150 litres of luggage, you can transport your luggage water-resistant and dust-free throughout all weather zones.

Protection for the motor and other components

The Ténéré is made for the 'land out there', so the name in the language of the Tuareg, which thus denote the desert area in the north of Niger. And to ensure that 'out there' in the desert and off-road stays as healthy as possible, SW-MOTECH offers various solutions:
The solid moto protection made of 4 millimeter thick and brushed aluminium sheet can protect the powerful crossplane two-cylinder with the oil filter in front and the manifolds from damage in the off-road.

If the bike falls, then the robust fall bars made of powder-coated steel with 22 and 27 millimeter pipe diameters can protect the side panel and other components from damage. A cover made of brushed 2.5 millimetre-thick aluminium sheet was also developed for the brake pump of the Ténéré 700. On the handlebars, the KOBRA hand protectors provide valuable services for the pilot's hands when driving through bushes and in the cold wind.

Safety and comfortable driving

On the main stand made of high-quality steel pipe, the XT 700 Z is securely and firmly in the loaded condition or during repairs and maintenance work. Thanks to a new technology, the stand can be mounted without any force: the spring is suspended without tension and clamped over a screw. In poor visibility conditions, the fog lights under the main headlight offer more light and vision. Above the simple LED display in the cockpit of the Ténéré 700, a navigation holder can be attached, which offers a low-vibration hold for many common navigation devices. For safe switching, SW-MOTECH offers the right shift lever made of CNC-milled and HART-COAT® coated aluminium. The journey can begin!

A selection of accessories for the Yamaha Ténéré 700


Adventure Set Luggage

TRAX ADV Alukoffer system with topcase (black), PRO side carrier, ADVENTURE-RACK luggage rack, accessories.



Adventure Set Luggage

TRAX ADV Alukoffer system with topcase (silver), PRO side carrier, ADVENTURE-RACK luggage rack, accessories.



Adventure Set Protection

Model-specific protector set. Fall bracket, motor protection, water pump protection, hand protectors, fall pads.

Bc. TRS.00.104.20002

EVO City Tank Backpack

11-15 l. For EVO tank ring. QUICK-LOCK. Ballistic Nylon. Black/grey.


Bc. TRS.00.108.20002

EVO Daypack Tank Backpack

5-9 l. For EVO tank ring. QUICK-LOCK. Ballistic Nylon. Black/grey.


Bc. TRS.00.201.10001

ION one Tank backpack - Model 2019

5-9 l. For ION tank ring. QUICK-LOCK. 600D polyester / soft vinyl. Black.



EVO Tank Ring

For EVO tank backpack. QUICK-LOCK. Black.



ION Tank Ring

For ION tank backpack. QUICK-LOCK. Black.


Bc. HTA.00.201.10000

ION S rear pocket

7-15 l. 600D polyester / soft vinyl. Black.


Bc. WPB.00.001.10001

Drybag 350 Rear Pocket

35 l. Grey/black. Waterproof. Easy to combine with more drybags.


Bc. WPB.00.002.10001/Y

Drybag 600 rear pocket

60 l. signal yellow. Waterproof. Easy to combine with more drybags.



TRAX ADV Alukoffer System

45 l left/45 l right (black). PRO suitcase carrier. Accessories.



TRAX ADV Topcase System

TRAX ADV Topcase (black). ADVENTURE-RACK luggage rack (black). Accessories.



TRAX ADV Alukoffer System

37 l left/37 l right (black). PRO side carrier. Accessories.



EVO Fog Light Kit

Led. Black. With ECE mark. EVO fog lights, headlight holder, harness, switch. As a couple.



Main stand

Black. Only for model with ABS.



Mirror extension

Black. For mirror threads. Max installation: 40 mm.



Fall bracket

Steel. Black.




Silver. Aluminum. Not compatible with MSS.06.471.10000/B.



KOBRA Hand Protector Kit

Black. Exclusively with original handlebars. As a couple.



Brake pump protection

Aluminum. Silver.



Headlight protection

Protective. Black.



ION Footrest Kit

Stainless steel. Black/Silver.




Black/Silver. Infinitely adjustable. Aluminum.



Navi holder on pipe 10/12 mm

QUICK-LOCK. Removable. Vibration-dampened. Black.



Universal X-Grip Kit for Large Smartphones

Incl. 1" ball, clamping arm, X-Grip IV clamp for device width 4.4-11.4 cm.


EIA for Germany. Country-specific price variances are possible.

All products are available at https://sw-motech.com or in well-assorted specialist stores.