Aprilia Tuareg 660

Touratech Parts for Aprilia Tuareg 660

Protectors, hard and soft luggage

imagePhoto: Touratech

A well-stocked range of accessories from Touratech helps drivers of the Aprilia Tuareg 660 to fully exploit the potential of their machine on journeys and off-road excursions.

After leaving the field to other players for a long time, the Italians are now pushing into the segment of potent mid-range adventure bikes with even greater vigour. True to the motto »what lasts a long time will finally be good«, the new Aprilia Tuareg 660 is an all-round successful motorcycle that knows how to inspire on-road as well as on off-road excursions.

The Touratech test teams have dealt intensively with the sporty adventure bike and identified a whole lot of starting points to fully exploit the potential of the agile twin with the right equipment.

Protectors for off-road use

With its long spring travel, the Tuareg 660 invites you to take a spin into the terrain as well as it lends itself to expedition-like journeys. And, of course, the following applies to every off-road use: Safety First. A broken clutch or brake fitting can quickly mean the end of the journey. That's why there is a model-specific version of the Touratech Defensa hand protectors made of ultra-durable aviation aluminum for the lively Aprilia. While the pure aluminium bracket has proven itself on pure off-road excursions, the Defensa can be modularly upgraded with a wind deflector and an additional spoiler for maximum comfort on fast stages.

The stainless steel headlight guard combines cool looks with tangible functionality in off-road use.

Tailor-made aluminum case systems

The legendary Touratech luggage carrier made of 18x2-millimeter stainless steel tube with black coating is precisely adapted to the rear of the Aprilia. This means that 10,000 proven ZEGA aluminum cases are available in various versions and designs for use on the Tuareg 660.

The Aprilia receives additional storage space by using the top case carrier in conjunction with a ZEGA top case, which is optionally available with a volume of 25 or 38 litres and in black or silver anodized.

If the top case should not be included, the luggage plate, which can be easily mounted on the top case carrier, offers the possibility to securely lash even voluminous rack packs.

Clever soft luggage

Riders who want to do without a rigid luggage system can choose between two soft luggage systems. Both the Discovery luggage system and the ultra-robust saddlebags from the EXTREME Edition are fully off-road and waterproof alternatives to the classic aluminium case.

Just as indestructible as the saddlebags is the tank bag Midi from the EXTREME Edition series with its variable volume of 10 to 14 litres.

Perfectly at hand, smaller utensils can be stored in the Ibarra handlebar bag made of water-repellent textile fabric. The Ibarra Smart variant also offers a waterproof compartment with a transparent cover for smartphones. This means that the mobile phone is not only perfectly protected, it can also be used as a navigation device.

Useful accessories

A spoiler for the windscreen, which noticeably increases comfort, as well as folding rear-view mirrors for off-road use round off the Touratech range of accessories for the Aprilia Tuareg 660.

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