Suzuki GSX 1300 RR Hayabusa

Suzuki presents new motorcycles on February 5

Virtual Suzuki motorcycle house "Global Salon" with new models goes online soon

Suzuki will launch a new digital communication platform in just under two weeks and is expected to present new motorcycle models there. The Suzuki Motorcylce Global Salon will open on February 5, 2021. If you want to be there, you have to register first. All information about the event here.

suzuki global event
The new virtual communication platform is announced on the German website of Suzuki Motorrad with a graphic on the homepage, but without a link or without any further text. The colleagues on the English Suzuki websiteare a little less sleepy, because there is a text - albeit short - that explains this new platform at least a little. Among other things, it says:
"With the Global Salon, users can view the motorcycles on display in a virtual environment from the comfort of their home, as if visiting a Suzuki dealership or a motorcycle show, and introduce the brand new Suzuki models. When browsing the models on display, users can view Suzuki's technical information and configure the machines to match their individual preferences, including colors and accessories. You can also interact with other visitors to the Global Salon. Suzuki Motor Corporation will also plan future new launches of models within the Global Salon platform. Fans from all over the world can virtually follow and witness the introduction of new Suzuki motorcycles in real time."
Whether and which new Suzuki models will be presented there on 05.02.21 remains open, but Suzuki will probably not only open the Global Salon with the old models. Registration for the event starts on January 27th at 23:00 PST, so that would be on 28.01.21 at 08:00 in the morning. Here you can register for this event.

We are very excited about this new digital tool, which obviously even needs your own software, which you have to install on your computer. This suggests that Suzuki is virtually going full here. You will probably be able to see the new bikes "like in a real motorcycle house" from all sides. It should also be possible for visitors to communicate with each other. The smartphone app for the new platform will not be ready on time for 05.02.21 and will be submitted afterwards.

Will a new Suzuki Hayabusa be introduced?

Rumours of a new Hayabusa have been circulating for a long time. To be quite honest, we don't know more than you - unfortunately. What is clear, however, is that Suzuki has to give gas from the model range in order to be able to compete with the competitors. At the Leipzip motorcycle fair in early 2020, a Suzuki insider told us that 9 new models are to be unveiled in 2021. Tension and thrills!

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