Indian Product Range 2022

New colors and brand new cruiser, excavator and touring accessories.

imagePhotos: Indian Motorcycle

New accessories for 2022 include a premium luggage collection, Adaptive Headlights for Scout models and more.

Indian Motorcycle, America's first motorcycle manufacturer, has announced its model range for 2022. It is characterized by technology updates and new accessories for the cruiser, excavator and touring models. In addition, new colors will be available in all model series in 2022.

"As we continue to develop and improve our model year offering, we focus on rider feedback, and we've done the same for 2022, with a variety of new colors and accessories for the entire product range," said Mike Dougherty, president of Indian Motorcycle. "The introduction of the redesigned Indian Chief in 2021 rounded off a truly comprehensive range of cruisers, excavators and touring models, and with the help of customer feedback, we aim to consistently expand and improve the 2022 offering with new technologies and more comprehensive accessory options like these."

The Thunderstroke and PowerPlus Line Up


The models equipped with Indian Motorcycle Thunderstroke and PowerPlus range from excavators to tourers. All offer heritage-inspired design or modern "blacked-out" style. The air-cooled excavator and touring models, including the Springfield, Chieftain and Roadmaster series, are equipped with the Thunderstroke engine, while the class-leading power of 122 hp of the Challenger models is generated by the liquid-cooled PowerPlus engine. With their high-displacement engines, Indian Motorcycle's excavator and touring models were designed to drive ahead. Saddlebags and the Roadmaster touring case offer ample storage space for equipment and luggage, while windscreen, comfortable ergonomics, running boards and comfortable benches make these models the ultimate long-distance machines.

This year's 2022 excavator and touring series will receive new paint colors in all series: Quartz Gray on the Chieftain Dark Horse and the brand new Indy Red over Black Metallic on the Challenger Dark Horse once again highlight the character of each bike.


For extra storage space on longer rides, Indian Motorcycle has released the Spirit Lake Luggage Collection, which includes a rack bag, day bag and touring bag. Each piece has a shoulder strap for comfortable carrying. Of course, it can be easily and securely attached to luggage racks, sissy bars or the back of the passenger backrest. Each piece is available individually, but designed as a cohesive collection.

In addition, excavator and tour riders can add a personal touch to their bikes and increase passive safety with the brand new LED saddlebag taillights. The Pathfinder Auxiliary LED Saddlebag Lights are designed to

seamlessly integrate into the standard lighting. They are self-adhesive, so there is no need to drill for assembly.

Indian Challenger riders now have additional wind protection available with the Hard Lower Fairings. Designed specifically for these models, the fairing is compatible with all models from model years 2020-2022 and offers the possibility of installing PowerBand Audio or additional storage compartments in the lower trim parts.

Prices & Painting

For prices and availability in your area, please contact your local Indian Motorcycle press contact.

  • Indian Springfield: Available in Maroon Metallic over Crimson Metallic and Black Metallic over Dirt Track Tan
  • Indian Springfield Dark Horse: Available in Black Smoke and the brand new Quartz Gray
  • Chieftain Dark Horse: Available in Black Smoke and the brand new Quartz Gray
  • Chieftain Limited: Available in the brand new Silver Quartz Metallic
  • Indian Challenger Dark Horse: Available in Black Smoke and the brand new Indy Red over Black Metallic
  • Indian Challenger Limited: Available in Black Metallic and the brand new Maroon Metallic
  • Roadmaster: Available in Black Metallic and Maroon Metallic over Crimson Metallic
  • Roadmaster Dark Horse: Available in Black Smoke and the brand new Silver Quartz Smoke
  • Roadmaster Limited: Available in Crimson Metallic

The Indian Scout Line Up


The robust Indian Scout model series offers both classic and modern designs. The Scout, Scout Bobber and Scout Bobber Twenty are equipped with the 1133 cc (69 cubic-inch) and 94 hp engine and are characterized by a low seat height and manoeuvrable handling.

The 2022 Scout model range will feature a new livery that further enhances the iconic appearance and lines of the motorcycle. Colours such as Silver Quartz Metallic on the Scout, Titanium Metallic on the Scout Bobber and Silver Quartz Smoke on the Scout Bobber Twenty underline the modern design and the discreet look that their owners love so much about her.

And for aspiring novice drivers, all Scout models are still available in an A2-compliant version (Black Metallic only).


Indian Motorcycle has launched a number of new accessories for the Scout that further enhance comfort, style and performance. The Syndicate Two-Up seat and the Syndicate Low Profile Sissy Bar have been developed for more comfort when driving in pairs. New Performance Parts include adjustable piggyback rear suspension and an analog

Tachometer. Scout Bobber riders can underline their style with the new smoked glass turn signals.

Indian Motorcycle has also introduced a new 146 mm (5.75 inch) Pathfinder Adaptive LED headlight, which is available for all Scout models. Like its seven-inch big brother, the Scout's Pathfinder Adaptive headlight delivers unique illumination by detecting the motorcycle's tilt angle and activating individual LED rays.

Prices & Painting

For prices and availability in your area, please contact your local Indian Motorcycle press contact.

  • Scout: Available in Black Metallic and two new colors incl. Maroon Metallic, Silver Quartz Metallic over Black Metallic
  • Scout Bobber: Available in Black Metallic, Alumina Jade Smoke, Maroon Metallic Smoke and the new color Titanium Metallic
  • Scout Bobber Twenty: Available in Black Metallic, Stealth Gray and the brand new Silver Quartz Smoke

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