Ducati Multistrada V2 S

Ducati Multistrada V2 S review (Baujahr 2022)

How good is the successor to the Multistrada 950 from Bologna?

Ducati Multistrada V2 S im TestPhotos: Motorradtest.de
The new Ducati Multistrada V2 S is the successor to the successful Mulitstrada 950. Especially in the electronics area there were some useful updates, fortunately the Duc has lost none of its V2 charm - on the contrary! We drove the Multi V2 S through Schleswig-Holstein and describe our driving impressions here.

This is how it stands

Even its predecessor was a large motorcycle. Also the V2 S is e.g. compared to the Mulitstrada V4 not a whit smaller - on the contrary, the wheelbase is even 3 centimeters longer. So it stands like a mountain in front of us. Above all, the highly outstanding front inspires respect, but we already know from the predecessor: You don't have to be afraid of this Duc. Rather, this is a fun bike, which even not so experienced bikers get around the corner.
During the seat test, it is noticeable that you sit very well integrated IN the machine. This reminds us spontaneously of the Multi 1260. The whole thing is very front-wheel oriented and therefore differs from many other adventure bikes, on which you sit comfortably, but often a bit decoupled from the machine. This is completely different here, but the seating comfort for driver and front passenger is surprisingly good. You have plenty of space and the bench tends to be rather large and comfortable. It's great how Ducati manages it: A travel enduro that not only invites you to long tours, but also carries the Ducati DNA in front of it, as only a Ducati can.
V2 S in schwarz
Photo: Ducati
The V2 S is available in red and grey-black. It costs 16,990 euros. If you can do without the electronic suspension, the QuickShifter, the cruise control and the full LED equipment including cornering lights, you can use the V2 (without "S"), which is already available for 14,390 euros - but only in red.
Class: Plenty of space on the Multistrada V2/S for driver & front passenger as well as an upright, integrated seating position.
CockpitLED-KurvenlichtLicht hinten

What she should be able to do

The V2 S shines with a full hut. The electr. "Skyhook" suspension allows the electronic adjustment of the damping and the spring base front and rear. In addition, there are self-explanatory pictograms in the 5" color TFT cockpit. Operation is via only one switch, which can be operated in three directions. This works quite simply, but you have to dive quite deep into the menu structure for one or the other setting.

The armada of technical driving aids and assistance systems is impressive. There is cornering ABS, 8-fold traction control, cruise control, 4 configurable driving modes, power modes, switchable ABS (off-road mode), hill start assist and and and...

The V2 S also goes to the full when it comes to lights: full LED incl. turn signals and cornering lights, daytime running lights and hazard warning lights as well as emergency brake lights. The cheaper V2 does not have all this - there is only halo light, an LC display and of course no cornering light. The price difference has to come from somewhere.


This is how it drives itself

Very strange we find the exhaust design of the V2 S. Ducati says that was made because of the suitcases, but the end pot looks at least from above but very narrow-chested. The sound, on the other hand, is typical V2, although not quite as loud as older V2 models from Ducati. Underneath the Duc bollert bassy and when gassing it blushes as usual from the whole motorcycle incl. beautiful intake snorkel sound.
For the sake of simplicity, Ducati has taken the cast wheels from the Multistrada V4. This is good insofar as it saved no less than 1.7 kg (!) of unsprung mass. Pirelli Scorpion Trail II are mounted with the pretty, red Scorpion on the tyre flank - certainly not a bad choice either. By the way, there is hardly anything bad about this bike, except maybe the somewhat cheap-looking plastic engine guard. With the V2 S you might have been able to mount the metal version from the (by the way very rich) accessories. That would be another visual difference to the V2 - but no matter. And a main stand would have been good for the V2 S, but of course that would have been at the expense of the weight - for free.
The driving characteristics of the V2 S are very reminiscent of the predecessor Mulitstrada 950 or the older Mulitstrada 1200/1260. The machine is agile despite the 19 inch front wheel and you get good feedback from the fork. The Brembos (front M4.32 monoblock with Brembo radial pump) do a clean job, only the clutch force could be a little lower, but is still in the frame. The standard QuickShifter on the V2 S is great, you only need little pressure and the gear changes are very smooth.
The power output is also not surprising. Underneath happens rather little and from about 4,500 revolutions the mail goes off. The Testastretta L-V2 does not hit the chain at low revs and you don't have to shift around non-stop to get the right speed, but that's still a different touch than the Multistrada V4 - what a surprise!
We like this typical Ducati V2 feeling, the bike feels and sounds wonderfully mechanical. You just notice what's happening under you. If you just have to, the V2 S goes really well forward, but unlike many other Ducatis, the V2 does not necessarily tempt you to gas unconditionally. Even with a relaxed riding style you have a lot of fun on this bike - and that's a really big compliment!

seitlich und hinten
We really liked the warranty and service intervals. Ducati gives a 48-month warranty on the Multistrada V2 Sfette. The normal service is due every 15,000 km or once a year and the valve clearance check only every 30,000 km. The consumption of the Multi V2 S with 5.9 liters per 100 km is not exactly a sensation, but at least significantly better than the Multi V4. Thanks to the 20 liter tank, you can mathematically travel 339 kilometers with one tank of fuel. Also not a record value for a travel enduro, but also no reason to complain.

Conclusion - what sticks

The Multistrada V2 (S) is a Ducati after old grist and grain: tubular frame, a bit V2 with desmodromics at the bottom and a bike with rough edges. We are sure that there are many Ducatisti out there who will prefer the V2 to a Multi V4 for exactly these reasons - even if the V4 may objectively be the better bike. But who cares about an objective view of a motorcycle??? In any case, we had a lot of fun with the V2 and are happy that Ducati continues to offer a Multistrada of this type.
We received the test bike from Ducati Hamburg for this test. At Ducati HH there are plenty of finest demonstrators - including the new Desert X. If you can hardly sit quietly now: Let's go to the Papenreye! And barn greetings to Lisa, Steffi and Sascha...

Price/availability/colours/years of construction

  • Price: V2 S:16.990 € / V2 14.390 €
  • Used (Multistrada 950 S3 years old): 14.000 €
  • Availability: from 03/2022
  • Colours: red, grey/black

Zubehör für die
Multistrada V2 S

  • Moneta
  • Polo
  • Amazon

Pro & Kontra

  • Agile, front-wheel-oriented seating position
  • Very good technical equipment
  • Curve ABS and Curve Light
  • Characterful engine
  • Very good windscreen & easily adjustable windscreen
  • Electronic Chassis Series (V2S)
  • strange exhaust design
  • Motor protection plate made of plastic
  • Operation takes some time to get used to
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18.290 €


2,190 mm
222 kg
830-850 mm
1,594 mm

Driving Performance & Range

Tank contents
20 l
5.9 l
339 km
215 km/h

Motor & Power Transmission

Engine design
Number of cylinders
937 cc
94 mm
67.5 mm
113 HP
94 NM
Number of gears

Suspension & Brakes

Lattice tube
Suspension front
USD fork 48 mm, electronically adjustable
170 mm
Strut rear
170 mm
Suspension rear
Two-arm swingarm
Brakes in front
Double disc
320 mm
Tyres at the front
Brakes rear
Rear tyres
170/60 ZR 17
Curve ABS