Yamaha Hyper Naked

Models 2023

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New TFT displays with smartphone connectivity for the bestsellers MT-07 and MT-125

With their radical, uncompromising styling, muscular frames and thrilling, high-torque crossplane engine, Yamaha's Hyper Naked models have established themselves at the top of their respective categories.

Inspired by an alternative biker culture and shaped by the "Dark Side of Japan" philosophy, the MT model range has enjoyed enormous popularity on the European market for ten years. More than 420,000 Yamaha Hyper Naked motorcycles sold have created their own community.

With its impressive mix of super-agile handling, outstanding acceleration and uncompromising design, the MT model range covers the entire spectrum from 125 cc to 1,000 cc, so that every rider can choose the right model for him.

In 2023, the highly successful model range will be strengthened with even higher-quality versions of the MT-07 and MT-125. In addition, the all-time bestseller of the Hyper Naked category will continue to be offered in the form of the MT-07 Pure. The model range is completed by the MT-09 and MT-09 SP, which are also available as 35 kW variants, as well as by the top models MT-10 and MT-10 SP.

MT-07 2023

New TFT full-colour display with smartphone connectivity

After more than a decade at the top of the sales charts, the MT-07 hardly needs to be introduced. More than 160,000 units have been sold so far. This makes it one of the most successful Yamaha motorcycles of all time. Since the original model was launched in 2014, the MT-07 has been gradually developed according to the demands of the market. Thus, the remarkable mid-size motorcycle for 2023 receives a number of attractive innovations – while of course retaining the purist and undiluted design.

5" TFT full color display with dual display option

The most significant upgrade is the new 5-inch TFT full-colour display, which offers the choice between two different layouts. The street display has a modern design with overhead rev counter with bar display, underneath speed and the engaged gear are shown. The touring display is more traditional: on the right it shows an "analogue" rev counter and on the left a digital speed display.

Smartphone connectivity via MyRide app

Using the free Yamaha MyRide app, riders can establish a Bluetooth® connection from the smartphone to the Communication Control Unit of the latest MT-07 and then receive notifications of incoming calls, emails and messages on the TFT display.

If configured accordingly, the system also informs about the technical status of the MT-07. Upon request, an email will be sent to a Yamaha dealer or rider designated contact person.

The MyRide app also offers many other useful functions, such as monitoring all important parameters of the bike, recording of route, distance traveled, acceleration, maximum speed, lean angle and much more data. The information can be shared on social media and compared with other drivers.

Preparation for Quick Shift System

Yamaha's extensive range of original accessories includes numerous style, comfort and performance products to enhance and personalize the MT-07. To simplify the installation of the Quick Shift system, the MT-07 is already equipped with the necessary electronics. This allows the driver to quickly and easily enjoy thrilling acceleration and seamless gear changes.

MT-07 and MT-07 with 35 kW, model year 2023

New features

  • 5 inch TFT full color display
  • Selectable display representations "Street" and "Touring"
  • Smartphone connectivity via MyRide app
  • Prepared for installation of the Quick Shift system

Colors and availability

The MT-07 and the 35 kW MT-07 of model year 2023 are offered in the paint finishes Cyan Storm, Icon Blue and Tech Black . It is expected to be available from May 2023 at German Yamaha partners.

MT07 Pure

pure driving pleasure

The recipe for success for the great popularity of Yamaha's middleweight Hyper Naked of the past ten years continues in the MT-07 Pure. Yamaha wants to provide the widest possible range of MT models so that there is an opportunity to experience the exhilarating Yamaha Hyper Naked feeling at every stage of a motorcyclist career.

Under the model name MT-07 Pure – available at full power and as a 35 kW version – the 2022 model (with LCD display - white display on black background) will continue to be offered, offering many cost-conscious customers and driving schools the chance to experience the original, undiluted driving pleasure of this legendary motorcycle.

Color and availability

The MT-07 Pure is offered in Yamaha Black and is now available at German Yamaha partners.

MT-125 2023

New 5-inch TFT full-color display with smartphone connectivity

A powerfully attractive appearance, a strong price/performance ratio and the DNA of the Yamaha Hyper Naked family are the reasons why the MT-125 is one of the best-selling models in its class. It is popular with a wide range of buyers from drivers with an A1 driving licence to experienced veterans who want a lightweight, characterful motorcycle. In 2023, the MT-125 will receive a new 5-inch TFT full-color display with smartphone connectivity.

The system is similar to that of the new MT-07, whereby "Street" is displayed by default. Here, too, the smartphone is connected to the motorcycle via the Yamaha MyRide app – the display informs about notifications and the MyRide app shows, in addition to the functions for recording routes and information, the status of the vehicle.

New traction control

The MT-125 offers impressive features with a 125 cc engine with torque-enhancing variable valve timing, anti-hopping clutch (A&S), upside-down telescopic fork and large disc brakes. 2023 will be added again. The MT-125 gets a new traction control that gives the rider even more confidence and control.

MT-125 2023: New Features

  • 5 inch TFT full color display
  • Smartphone connectivity via MyRide app
  • Traction control

Colors and availability

The MT-125 is available in Cyan Storm, Icon Blue and Tech Black liveries. It is expected to be available MT-125 from May 2023 at German Yamaha partners.

Yamaha Genuine Accessories

With high-quality parts from Yamaha's original accessories range, riders can customize their Hyper Naked model to their individual preferences. The comprehensive product range extends from luggage solutions and parts to optical
Customization up to performance parts such as Akrapovič high-performance exhaust systems and Öhlins struts.