Motorcycling in the sweltering cold

- so the fingers do not become icicles

Cranky? Of its very insinuating! Wonderful handlebar cuffs are up to date, chic, warm and they combine proven protection with sophisticated construction and contemporary technical fabrics

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Cold, stiff fingers are not only unpleasant and painful when riding a motorcycle, they are really dangerous. If the muscles of the fingers simply no longer want to obey due to penetrating cold, when brake and clutch levers or the switch fittings can no longer be operated safely, the driving safety is no longer given.

Die-hard winter drivers have therefore relied on handlebar cuffs for decades when it comes to warm and dry hands when driving in winter or during the transition period. Even if their design at one time often came rather quirky.

Contemporary designed and warm

Wunderlich shows that things can be done differently and introduces the latest generation of proven handlebar cuffs: they are up-to-date, not only with regard to the quality of the workmanship, the contemporary, appealing and fresh design, but also with regard to the use of equally contemporary, protective and wear-resistant fabrics!

The best protection against cold hands is their reliable thermal insulation and the avoidance or exclusion of convection. The best means of doing this: well-designed, high-quality handlebar cuffs - ideal also in combination with the handle heating.

Well thought-out construction

Wunderlich's handlebar cuffs can be used universally on a variety of BMW models. They are made of water-repellent and dirt-sensitive, high-quality CORDURA® fabric. They are simply pulled over the handlebars on the left and right and are additionally equipped with a cuff attached to the mirror arm, which is securely fastened with Velcro and zipper and closes tightly. The interventions in the cuffs can be individually adjusted and tightly closed thanks to an elastic cord that has a stopper.

Safe operation even at high speeds

The handlebar cuffs have a padded shape insert on the inside. This feature ensures that the cuffs remain stable in shape even at high speeds and the associated high wind loads, thus ensuring a solid, protected space that ensures thermal insulation and safe, unhindered operation of the fittings and levers with the hands. The cuffs are dimensioned in such a way that they also fit over the in-house hand protectors.

In the area of the switch units of the fittings, generously dimensioned transparent windows made of UV-stable PVC are incorporated, which allow the safe, unambiguous operation of the fittings.

The handlebar cuffs are equipped with reflective elements.

The functional, high-quality design is contemporary and has nothing in common with the usual, simple solutions that can be found on the market. They are designed with a lot of experience and are made exclusively from high-quality materials.

Specially developed motorcycle handlebar cuffnfor all vehicles equipped with and without hand protectors are the guarantee for a lot of driving fun – even at the lowest temperatures. Wunderlich manufactures the handlebar cuffs of high quality in Europe, so the price of 139.90 € is of course also included five years warranty.

At a glance:

25200-100 - Wonderful Motorcycle Handlebar Cuffs - Set - Black

• No more cold hands when riding a motorcycle, despite sub-zero temperatures!
• Warm hands provide more passive safety when driving in the cold season
• Always safe operation of brake, clutch and fittings due to the use of moulds
• Clear window on the switch units for safe, unambiguous operation
• Elastic sealing end at the procedures
• Special cuff for the mirror arms
• If the mirrors are integrated in the cladding and are therefore not on the handlebars, the
Store the cuff neatly under a zipper
• Reflective elements for greater safety
• Suitable for all BMW models (with and without hand protectors)
• Water-repellent and dirt-resistant
• Easy, fast installation

Technical data
• Material: CORDURA®, robust and abrasion-resistant
• Dimensions
• approx. 30 cm on the handlebar width
• approx. 38 cm in arm length

• Wonderful Premium product. Small series. Made by hand.
• Wonderful design. Integrated and functional.
• 60 days right of return
• Made in Europe
• 5-year warranty

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