Royal Enfield now offers "Rentals and Tours"

For adventure seekers, the easiest way to explore the world on a motorcycle.

Royal Enfield bietet ab sofort Photos: Royal Enfield

Through a network of proven, expert partners, interested parties worldwide can rent a motorcycle of their choice or book a tour.

Exploring and adventuring by motorcycle is now easier than ever. With the launch of 'Rentals and Tours', a 360-degree solution for motorcycle travel of all kinds, Royal Enfield now offers effortless exploration of new destinations with the assurance of a strong brand.

Following the success of Royal Enfield Rentals in India, the comprehensive platform aims to serve as the ultimate enabler for all explorers looking for new motorcycle experiences around the world. Through an international "Rentals and Tours" program with accredited partners, Royal Enfield aims to redefine motorcycle tourism. The brand's "Rentals and Tours" offer includes motorcycle rentals, professionally guided tours, as well as assistance in putting together self-guided tours. Royal Enfield "Rentals and Tours" covers a wide range of driving preferences – both in terms of terrain and experience level – and allows budding explorers to professionally organise unforgettable adventures.
"Royal Enfield has long been associated with epic voyages of discovery. For decades, enthusiasts have crossed countries and continents with our motorcycles. We understand this longing for adventure and the desire to discover the world in the saddle of a motorcycle. Royal Enfield "Rentals and Tours" not only simplifies the logistics of motorcycle tourism, but also opens up a world of new possibilities for those who have the spirit of adventure within them. We have one of the largest motorcycle communities in the world and are convinced that this initiative will not only strengthen but also expand the global Royal Enfield community and foster a deeper sense of camaraderie among riders across borders," explains B Govindarajan, CEO of Royal Enfield.

Renting a Royal Enfield or booking a motorcycle tour has never been easier. The process is very user-friendly and requires only a few clicks. On and, one can browse through the options depending on the planned goal and time frame. Once you have found the right one, you can express your interest in booking. The responsible operator will call you back immediately to discuss and confirm the details of the tour. Then all you have to do is pack your helmet and equipment, and the next big adventure on two wheels can begin.
The rental program covers more than 60 destinations, including India, South Africa, Indonesia, Colombia, Turkey and Namibia. Because Royal Enfield works with various partners, there are a total of 62 different tours to choose from at 52 destinations in 25 countries. From destinations in France, Scotland or Spain to exotic locations such as Cochin, Gangtok or Tawang in India, Royal Enfield "Rentals and Tours" offers limitless possibilities for unforgettable tours.

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• For the more adventurous, Royal Enfield "Rentals and Tours" is now arguably the quickest and easiest way to explore the world on a motorcycle.
• Through a network of proven, expert partners, interested parties worldwide can rent a motorcycle of their choice or book a tour.
• Royal Enfield "Rentals and Tours" is available in more than 60 destinations in over 25 countries, including India, France, Italy, Scotland, Spain, Turkey, Colombia, Argentina, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Morocco, Namibia, South Africa, Nepal and Bhutan.