Where does the electricity come from? Out of the socket!

More specifically: From Wunderlich's new USB charging box

The think tank of the BMW specialists from Grafschaft Ringen is known for developing pragmatic, functional components that are simply smart and where one inevitably asks oneself: Why did no one come up with it before? This category also includes the USB charging box, which works like a kind of socket on the motorcycle.

This extremely practical USB charging box fits all BMW motorcycles with the factory BMW navigation preparation (Navigator V, VI). It is simply plugged into the BMW navigation bracket instead of the navigator, locked and can be locked theft-proof. Power is supplied via the contacts of the navigation bracket.

Two quick charging ports USB A and USB C

It has two common USB ports of type USB 3.1 Type A and USB 3.1 Type C on the right side of the case, which meet the standards for fast charging ports QC 3.0 and QC 4.0 (QC = Quick Charge). The activity of the charging box is indicated by a blue LED indicator light, which is clearly visible, located directly above the two USB slots. The charging box is splash-proof. When not in use, the slots can be closed against splashing water and dust with form-fitting elastomer covers and thus protected.

More than just a charging box!

On the front side, the charging box is equipped with four threaded bushings, which are provided with screws. These are arranged exactly in such a way that they correspond to the standardized hole pattern of various fastening systems, such as that of the holder of the Garmin Zumo XT navigation device. This turns the charging box into a clever adapter: These fastening systems can be plugged into the charging box in no time at all and in a space-saving manner and securely screwed together to connect the devices to the on-board power supply.

In addition to the described "Universal" variant, the Ringener offer two further versions that additionally supplement the USB charging box with the MultiClamp or SP-connect system holders in order to attach and operate e.B smartphones reliably and in the ergonomically recommended visual axis on the USB charging box.

In the "MultiClamp" version, Wunderlich supplies the USB charging box in a set with the MultiClamp adapter, which is compatible with the popular Wunderlich MultiClamp system.B and can be equipped with the smartphone holder (item no.: 45155-102).

In a third variant, the BMW specialists offer the USB charging box in a set with the SP-connect adapter, which is compatible with the popular SP-connect system and can be combined with the matching smartphone case (item no.: 45150-xxx).

With the three versions available, there are no limits to the versatility in the use and application of the USB charging box from Wunderlich!

Sustainable without compromise – Wunderlich BLUE

For the production of the charging box, the BMW accessories experts use a hybrid material made of recycled plastics, which is reinforced with glass fibres with a proportion of 20%. Characteristic are the low component weight and the high strength of the housing. This combination of materials protects the environment and at the same time convinces with regard to component stability.

Wunderlich offers the USB charging box "Universal" for the price of 99.90 €. The variants "MultiClamp" or "SP-connect" are € 119.90, each including a 5-year warranty.

At a glance:


21177-002 - Wunderlich USB charging box universal
21177-102 - Wunderlich USB Charging Box MultiClamp
21177-202 - Wunderlich USB charging box SP-connect

Recommended accessories:
45155-102 - MultiClamp System Smartphone Holder
45150-xxx - SP-connect System Smartphone Case


  • Fits all BMWs with factory BMW navigation preparation (Navigator V, VI)
    • Simply plugs into the BMW navigation bracket instead of the navigator, locks and locks it theft-proof
    • Two USB 3.1 Type A and USB 3.1 Type C ports
    • Meets QC 3.0 and QC 4.0 fast charging standards
    • Blue LED indicator light for function control
    • The charging box is splash-proof - the slots can be used with form-fitting elastomer covers when not in use
    be closed against splashing water and dust
    • Various mounting systems or navigation brackets (e.B. Garmin Zumo XT) with standardized hole pattern can be safe and
    can be screwed to the charging box to save space
    • Available in three variants:
    - 21177-002 Wunderlich USB Charging Box Universal
    Prepared to accommodate the MultiClamp or SP-Connect adapter
    - 21177-102 Wunderlich USB charging box MultiClamp
    Incl. MultiClamp adapter for holding the MultiClamp smartphone holder (45155-102).
    The smartphone holder is not included
    - 21177-202 Wunderlich USB charging box SP-connect
    Incl. SP-Connect adapter for holding the model-specific SP-Connect smartphone case (45150-xxx).
    The smartphone case is not included
    • Easy installation in no time at all

Material housing
- Recycled, fiber-reinforced hybrid material, lightweight and solid, splash-proof
- Width: 55 mm
- Length: 72 mm
- Height: 28 mm
Electr. Connections
- Type USB 3.1 Type A and USB 3.1 Type C according to fast charging standards QC 3.0 and 4.0

• Wunderlich Premium Product
• Design. Functional and integrated
• Wunderlich BLUE. Sustainable product
• 60 days right of return
• Made by Wunderlich
• Made in Europe
• 5 years warranty