Episode 1: NSU Quickly

Dear friends of one-lane,
After various interviews and tests, we have come together in one of our insanely strenuous and unbelievably extensive editorial sessions (see photo) with smoking heads to prepare a very special moving image highlight lovingly for you.
Here we will deal mainly with treasures, which are usually completely undermotorized, but highly polished. One of our troupe has not only a special preference, but also an extremely skilful hand for these ladies. And now guess who of Motoradtest plays the main role in it? Who knows our videos, of course, has long since caught him by his helmet habits - but more will not be revealed at this point!

Soon will start exclusively on our MOTORRADTEST. DE-YouTube-Channel an extravagant series.
So you can be excited and should click in regularly!!!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do and greet you:
Volker, Chris, Stephan, Dietmar and Markus