Auction of the Z900 conversion by Jens Kuck

The Kawa conversion of Jens Kuck's Z900 is looking for a new owner

Kawasaki Z900 Umbau Jens Guck

Who offers the most?

Last year, the successful YouTuber Jens Kuck received a Z900 from Kawasaki Germany as a permanent loan to create a customization conversion on this basis. The resulting video series was presented to a wide audience, especially on Youtube. Now the Z900 conversion is to find a new owner.

The Z900 has been the second best-selling motorcycle in Germany for years. No wonder that Jens Kuck's Z-conversion met with great interest on the net. Now this motorcycle is to be auctioned off as part of a covert bidding process in favor of a fundraising campaign. Interested parties can place their bid for this motorcycle (including all original and conversion parts) at a Kawasaki dealer. The person who places the highest bid will eventually receive this exclusive Z900. The exciting thing about it is that there will be no information about what others have offered or what the current highest bid is.

Chronological sequence:

In mid-March, Jens Kuck will share the video of the campaign on his channels and on
The Kawasaki Z900 is auctioned - YouTube:

From 1 to 30 April, interested parties can then submit their bid to the Kawasaki dealer. In the case of two equally high bid contributions, the first highest bid submitted is awarded the contract. The Z900 converted by Jens Kuck will also undergo a factory service in Friedrichsdorf and be prepared for handover.

On 2 May, the time has come. The dealers whose customers have participated in the bidding campaign will be informed of the highest bid and the winner. Kawasaki Germany then arranges delivery to the lucky new owner with the contract partner of the highest bidder.