Five people who love motorcycles and test them for you and write about them.


Dealers / Cooperations / Tests
Drives GSX and R 1150 and R 1200 R and X8. Comes from Hamburg, but would rather live in the mountains - because of the curves, the weather and the good food. Likes to talk and a lot and is therefore constantly put in front of the camera. You can ask him at 3.00h at night for a small Elbe tour - he is guaranteed to ride along. Mobile bike database on 2 legs.


Mäck's "Alki" Alkofer
Editor / Bike-Tester
As a seasoned Bavarian, he knows all Alpine passes and is now also looking for attractive routes in the far north. He prefers to ride adventure bikes and likes to screw around on them. First moped: Suzuki GS 40 X - of course still stands in screaming orange in one of its many and very well-stocked garages.


"Mopeten-Kabinett" Kehmann
Editor / Bike-Tester
By far the most bizarre team member. Has about 20 mopeds, a new one is added every week. But also Harley and Moto Guzzi. The older the better. Volker feels most comfortable with eggshells and aviator glasses on his bike on the Elbe. Once a year Volker crosses the Alps with an NSU or Simson with a maximum displacement of 50cc.


Developer / Technology / Web
The technician in our team. Lives in Berlin and programs everything in the ground, which is not at 3 on the tree - e.B. also this website. Formerly SR 500 and XJ 600. Came to Yamaha by chance. The dealer was nearby and he needed a bike. So go there, give advice and buy something. Was already at the Nordkapp with his SR.