Royal Enfield One Ride on 9/17/23

Royal Enfield One Ride: Worldwide on 17 September – and 10 times in Germany

Royal Enfield One Ride am 17.09.23Photos: Royal Enfield
For the twelfth time, Royal Enfield and the Royal Enfield Riders Club invite all motorcyclists worldwide to the annual One Ride next Sunday, September 17th: This year in 7 countries, in over 460 cities with over 750 rides and over 17,000 riders - in Germany including Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, Hanover, Großweil, Königswinter and Schöneck.

Under the motto "One Mission - One World", One Ride was initiated in 2011 to bring together fans and owners of Royal Enfield motorcycles with a strong passion for motorcycling around the world. The Royal Enfield One Ride has now become the company's largest annual event dedicated to motorcycling in the world – in New Delhi, Singapore, Chicago – and ten times in Germany.

It doesn't matter which Royal Enfield you ride or where you are in the world, whether you are alone, with friends or in a motorcycle club. At One Ride, everyone is united by the idea of riding together on Royal Enfield motorcycles through the most beautiful regions and cities around the world – and Germany – on this late summer day in September.

All information about the individual One Rides can be found at the Royal Enfield Riders Club in the R.C.E. area on and directly here:

One Ride Berlin
One Ride Munich
One Ride Leipzig
One Ride Hanover
One Ride Großweil (Bavaria)
One Ride Hattingen (North Rhine-Westphalia)
One Ride Königswinter (North Rhine-Westphalia)
One Ride Schöneck (Hesse)
One Ride Hartmannsdorf (Saxony)
One Ride Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm (Bavaria)

Royal Enfield invites all riders to take part in this event and celebrate the pure joy of motorcycling.