New Royal Enfield Himalayan 450


Royal Enfield Himalayan 450Photos: Royal Enfield

Born in the Himalayas

Royal Enfield, world leader in the segment of mid-size motorcycles (250 cc - 750 cc), presents the new Himalayan at the EICMA Motorcycle Show 2023 in Milan. The new Himalayan is based on Royal Enfield's newest, lightest and most technologically advanced powertrain: the new liquid-cooled engine, the Sherpa 450. It has a host of new built-in technical features that enhance the travel enduro experience. The new Royal Enfield Himalayan, which will be unveiled to the world today, will be launched in India later this year and will subsequently be available in other regions.

Royal Enfield has long been associated with the Himalayas, which is the brand's spiritual home and creative source of inspiration. The original Himalayan was inspired by the 60-year-old tradition of exploring the Himalayas on a motorcycle and was born in the Himalayas. The Himalayan has proven time and time again to be the ideal motorcycle for adventurous rides in these incredible mountains. It is a purpose-driven, confidence-inspiring and high-performance motorcycle for any terrain. It is the motorcycle of choice for thousands of explorers around the globe who have crossed a variety of places and terrains with it, creating a niche category of travel enduro tours that is real, sensual and accessible. The new Himalayan builds on this and sets new standards.

Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director of Eicher Motors Ltd., says about the brand's connection to the mountains and the inspiration for the new Himalayan: "At Royal Enfield, we have had a deep connection with the Himalayas for over 60 years, and that is what led us to build the first Himalayan in 2016. We've received great feedback for an all-purpose travel enduro, and that has encouraged us to create an entirely new Himalayan. This bike has been redesigned from the ground up, with an all-new water-cooled Sherpa 450 engine and a 6-speed gearbox. It serves a single purpose: to master the unpredictable terrain and weather conditions of the Himalayas. We've designed this bike to be the absolute best in the world for the job. We've designed the frame and ergonomics to be great for adventure touring. It's "the" bike you need for any purpose anywhere in the world, because if it can cross the Himalayas, it can handle any terrain in the world."

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

The Himalayas are an ever-changing landscape, and those who explore it must be prepared for constant changes: changing weather and unpredictable terrain as well as rivers that are still a trickle in the morning and reach up to the bench in the evening. The new Himalayan has been designed to adapt to all these conditions, from its water-repellent, high air intake to its sturdy frame and racks that can take a beating if things don't go as planned. The improvements over the previous model are the result of the time we've spent in the saddle, from epic rides in the wildest mountains to everyday rides. What's more, the bike has been tested and developed by explorers, globetrotters, experts and riders with a wide range of riding abilities in a wide range of conditions, both on adventure tours through wild landscapes and in controlled test centres in the UK, Spain and India. The result of this test program is a truly versatile bike that is ready for anything and puts a smile on every rider's face, regardless of their performance level.

CEO B. Govindarajan on the insights behind the design of the new Himalayan and the development process of the bike: "Before we started working on the new Himalayan, we rode with our customers and talked to globetrotters, explorers and athletes. Based on these findings and our own experience, we have decided which important DNA elements we need to keep in the new Himalayan and which we need to develop further. The new Himalayan 450 is powered by a liquid-cooled Sherpa 450 engine, a first for Royal Enfield. For the first time, we are also equipping one of our motorcycles with a ride-by-wire system, which guarantees optimal power delivery and torque delivery for demanding terrain. For the first time, there is also the TripperDash with complete map navigation in conjunction with Google Maps. We have extensively tested this bike on over 5,500 km, from 6m above sea level in Chennai to 5,883m in UmLing La. The new Himalayan is thus a combination of in-depth insights, new technology and true Royal Enfield DNA."

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

The mountain goat.
Nyoma, Ladakh. 4180 meters above sea level. Drive there, have a cup of chai in one of the cafes and watch the traffic go by. That should be all you need to know about the Royal Enfield Himalayan. A motorcycle that was born in the mountains and in less than a decade has become synonymous with exploring this legendary region. The new Himalayan is an extension of this concept – it was born and shaped in the Himalayas, it brings everything that was great about the original Himalayan, and it has additional talents when the terrain calls for it. Everything you need and nothing else, that was the priority task for the team. So, there are no features or functions that don't serve a specific purpose. The new Himalayan, like the original, is all about simplicity and efficiency.

Balance between man, machine and terrain.
Just like the original, the new Himalayan isn't about dominating the landscape and racing through the terrain with aggressive tires and plenty of horsepower. It is designed to draw from the power of the Himalayas and the flow state, to explore, to be in harmony with the landscape, to enjoy it and at the same time to be able to reach the most remote areas. The new one adapts effortlessly to the terrain, the rider and the elements.

Built for all Roads. Built for no Roads.
Powerful, but not intimidating – that's the philosophy of the Himalayans. Thanks to improvements in performance, ride and handling, the new Himalayan is an easy-to-ride, good-natured motorcycle. The excellent low-speed balance combined with the ride-by-wire system's new, smooth-running clutch and smooth throttle response make tight trails and heavy traffic a breeze alike. With the adjustable driver's seat, the seat height of the motorcycle can be optimized. And the easy-to-read TripperDash gives you all the information you need while driving.

On winding mountain roads, the new frame offers improved cornering response that does justice to the extra engine power. Off-road, the engine's increased ground clearance, improved suspension travel, and higher torque make any off-road riding easier. The new, more powerful Sherpa 450 engine offers useful improvements for road and highway driving, providing more power at high altitudes. The new bike has more ground clearance so it doesn't touch down off-road, and a clean, simple navigation system that eliminates the need for a separate GPS device on the handlebars.
Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

Performance to the summit with the Sherpa 450.
The new Himalayan has more power and torque, offers excellent low-end performance and stays true to the character of Royal Enfield. With a maximum power of 40.02 hp at 8,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 40 Nm at 5,500 rpm, the new 452 cm3 Sherpa engine delivers 90% of its torque from 3,000 rpm, allowing for a well-modulated power delivery without the engine having to run at full speed. This characteristic is especially useful when riding uphill on slippery surfaces, because it means that the Himalayan still has traction even where other motorcycles spin. The power combined with the torque delivery also makes it possible to ride comfortably with two people with luggage. The semi-dry sump design of the new engine maximizes ground clearance and allows for a compact design. As Royal Enfield's first liquid-cooled engine, it features an integrated water pump and dual-circuit radiator for optimal cooling, which is crucial when riding challenging terrain and high altitudes – exactly what this bike was designed for. A new six-speed gearbox provides more flexibility in gear ratios and better handling on country roads and motorways. Shifting is done via a new cable-operated "Slip/Assist" clutch, which ensures easier clutch engagement and longer clutch life.

Perfect for adventure.
The new Himalayan has greater ground clearance and long-travel suspension, which allows it to ride challenging terrain without the frame touching the ground. In order to be able to take advantage of these advantages off-road, an all-new double-spar backbone frame has been developed without the Himalayan looking too big or intimidating. The new frame is stiffer and more stable, improving cornering and stability. The frame is equipped with a new Showa Inverted Cartridge fork designed for a wide range of conditions, from smooth road surfaces to rocky riverbeds. High-quality suspension isn't just about performance, a well-controllable fork also makes it easier for riders to deal with loose, unpredictable surfaces, allowing them to focus on their destination rather than reacting to every bump. The Himalayan features the proven 21" front/17" rear wheel combination with newly developed aluminum rims and bespoke tires for excellent grip, confidence-inspiring handling and stability both on and off-road. In addition, the wider 140/80 rear tire offers better traction and more confidence on asphalt and off-road.

Ergonomics designed for explorers.
The new frame and compact motor have improved rider ergonomics, especially when riding in a standing position. The new bike is narrower between the legs, which improves control when standing and makes it easier to keep your feet firmly on the ground when sitting. The rear part of the new 17-litre fuel tank has been made slimmer to make the knees more comfortable while driving. The split seat allows the driver's seat to be adjusted upwards by 20 mm. In addition to the standard seat, a low seat is also available as an option. Between the standard seat and the optional low seat, the driver has a wide margin of 805 mm to 845 mm seat height. In combination with the narrower frame and tank, the result is better ground clearance. Both the rider and pillion seats and the seat triangle are designed for maximum comfort during long rides on and off the road.
Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

Introducing the TripperDash – your companion for adventures.
True to the motto "Everything you need and nothing else", the technologies built into the new Himalayan serve a single purpose: to improve the driving experience. The first and most noticeable new feature is the new TripperDash. The classic round shape offers riders a range of innovative features and the ability to switch from a traditional analogue style to a digital layout. The new TripperDash offers the world's first complete map navigation on a round display with Google Maps engine and audio output in more than 130 languages. Use the joystick in the switch group on the left to control the instrument cluster as well as music, calls and messages as part of mobile connectivity. The new ride-by-wire system allows you to choose between Performance and Eco riding modes and change the response of the engine. For a more dynamic off-road ride, rear ABS can be deactivated.

ADV accessories from A to Z.
With over 30 new, exciting original accessories for the new Himalayan, there's something for everyone. These products can be configured to create two very different, ambitious styles – Adventure and Rally. The Adventure accessories highlight the motorcycle's long-distance capability with bespoke aluminium luggage cases, a larger Adventure display, Adventure seats and LED fog lights. The Rally accessories highlight the off-road capability of the new Himalayan when the Rally rear fender is combined with the slimmer one-piece Rally seat, which gives the bike a more aggressive look and a better riding position. This configuration can also be paired with the rackless bags and rear package, while the Rally handguard, oil pan guard, and headlight grille provide the ultimate protection for extreme terrain.
Royal Enfield Himalayan 450