Presentation of the new brand

The Austrian KSR Group presented a new two-wheeler brand at an online press conference on 16 February 2021: MOTRON MOTORCYCLES.


With the "Follow the M" campaign, the advertising drum has been stirred vigorously since the beginning of January. A 4-part film series shows the life of Max Deeps (read backwards, by the way, his last name gives Max Speed). Since the beginning of the pandemic, Max has been repeatedly overwhelmed by daydreams and asked by a woman's voice to follow the mysterious M. The campaign constructs an interesting arc of tension in the Netflix style and not only entertains motorcycle enthusiasts, before the broadcast of episode 4 solved the puzzle and the new brand MOTRON could be presented.

MOTRON MOTORCYCLES presents itself in fresh black-yellow, which extends beyond the complete brand appearance up to the design of the bikes and wants to address the entry-level and mid-range segment in the two-wheel segment in particular. With a very attractive price-performance ratio, MOTRON sets new standards and draws on long-proven technology from professional partners.
WITH an extensive product range of ten two-wheeled vehicles, MOTRON starts the 2021 season. Not only classic combustion motorcycles and scooters, but also three electric scooters, as well as an electric minibike can be found in the portfolio of the new Austrian brand. The incinerator models focus on cubatures from 50 to 400 cm3 and are specifically designed for the entry-level or mid-range segment. The electrically operated models currently offer a top speed of 45 km/h and form a new alternative in the L1e class.
"The launch of the new MOTRON brand is exactly the pulse of the times. Especially in times like these, when one yearns for a fulfilling balance to the everyday life of pandemics, we appeal to a target group that can find a brand for entering a new hobby, a new passion with MOTRON. Our brand slogan 'GET OUT THERE' underlines our approach to defying the difficult times, going out and having fun on a MOTRON", Michael and Christian Kirschenhofer, owners of the KSR Group, are convinced.

Already available at the beginning of the 2021 season, the electric models WHIZZ, CUBERTINO, VOLTZ and VIZION will start on the market. The burner siblings come to the dealers from Q2: the Adventure Bike X-NORD 125, the Cruiser named REVOLVER 125 and the Naked-Bike WARRIOR 400 together with the scooters BREEZY 50, VENTURA 125, IDEO 50 and IDEO 125 make the start. Other incinerator motorcycles, namely the NOMAD 125 and X-NORD 400, will be launched in the second half of the year. All models, of course, comply with the strict EURO5 guidelines.
The development and production of the models is carried out by experienced partners in Asia who work together with already very successful and well-known brands. As a result, MOTRON can take advantage of synergy effects and benefit from a wealth of experience and technical developments.
The MOTRON design line was developed by the design team of the KSR Group, which has been working creatively for 2 years in its own development and design studio in krems-Gedersdorf Business Park, Austria. Many coherent and novel design concepts, such as Brixton's unique Crossfire design line, have already been created there. Characteristic of the MOTRON design are the fresh yellow accents on the colours black, grey and white, which are both modern and understated.

MOTRON promises a fair price-performance ratio for all models. The introductory prices of electric vehicles are therefore between € 1,899 and € 2,999. The 50cm3 and 125cm 3 burner scooters are available at € 1,499 – € 2,299. For motorcycles, the price range ranges from € 2,799 to € 2,999 in the quarter-liter class, for the Warrior 400 a price of € 4,999 is shown.

Sales of the new MOTRON models will focus on the European market as a first step, starting in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Greece. The distribution network will expand to other European countries in the course of 2021.


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