New: Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R

From autumn 2023 also in Europe: Small SuperSportsman from Kawasaki

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4RPhotos: Kawasaki


For North America and Asia, the Ninja ZX-4R, a new mid-size super sports car, has just been presented, and this model is expected in Europe from autumn 2023. The four-cylinder engine and frame have been completely redesigned. In addition to the base model, Kawasaki Motors Corporation offers two variants as Ninja ZX-4R SE and Ninja ZX-4RR.
The exact specifications vary in different markets. The most powerful Ninja ZX-4R will produce an outstanding 80 hp (with Ram-Air) in a lightweight, compact chassis based on the Ninja ZX-25R. The resulting considerable power-to-weight ratio ensures exceptional acceleration. At launch, the Ninja ZX-4R will be the only fully faired supersports car with inline four-cylinder in the 400cc class. The new model features the dynamic styling and high-quality equipment of the Ninja ZX family in conjunction with the sensational sound of the high-revving four-cylinder. A breathtaking experience for both new and experienced pilots in the supersport sector.

At the heart of the Ninja ZX-4R is the newly developed liquid-cooled DOHC inline four-cylinder, based on the legendary Kawasaki ZX engines. The engine develops up to 57 kW (77 hp) and with Ram-Air even up to 59 kW (80 hp). The power delivery has been designed in such a way that sufficient power is available even in the lower and medium speed range, whereby the peak power is achieved in mid-five-digit speed regions. This makes the motorcycle equally predestined for use in everyday life and on the racetrack. In both cases, the standard assist and slip clutch is a reliable aid that prevents the rear wheel from stamping when downshifting before cornering and makes easy operation possible.
The use of Kawasaki's legendary Ram-Air system increases intake efficiency and thus increases engine performance. The air intake is centrally located in the upper part of the fairing, which contributes to a uniform styling on all Ninja ZX models. The Ram-Air channels then lead left and right from the fork to the airbox. The extremely high-revving engine, which reaches up to 15,000 rpm, produces an inspiring sound – typical of Kawasaki's high-performance in-line four-cylinder engines.
The chassis uses a high-strength tubular steel frame and a long, curved swingarm. The frame ensures ideal front/rear weight distribution as well as an excellent balance of rigidity and flex. This guarantees easy handling and the best feedback for the driver.

Showa's SFF-BP fork (the spring base can be adjusted on the Ninja ZX-4R SE and Ninja ZX-4RR) is combined with a horizontal back-link rear strut. This variation has the same progressive characteristics as a Ninja ZX-10R and the superior handling performance of supersport models. The Ninja ZX-4RR is also equipped with the same Showa BFRC-lite strut as the Ninja ZX-10R.

The necessary braking power is provided by a 290 mm double disc with radially mounted four-piston brake calipers at the front and a 220 mm brake disc with single-piston floating caliper at the rear. This brake combination offers excellent braking performance, controllability and feedback. The braking efficiency and the necessary grip are ensured by the combination of 120cc front wheel and 160cc rear tires, which also fits perfectly with the dynamics of the Ninja ZX-4R and provides good stability at high speeds.
Even at first glance, you can see that the dynamic styling of the Ninja ZX-4R fits perfectly into the Ninja ZX family, which stands for power and spontaneous power delivery. The high-quality impression of the Ninja ZX-4R is also underlined by the complete LED lighting from the dual headlights to the rear light.

KTRC (Kawasaki Traction Control) and four power modes are used as electronic assistance systems. From the four performance levels Sport, Road, Rain and Rider (for individual settings), the pilot can easily select the right setting for the respective road conditions or the desired driving style. The Ninja ZX-4R SE and Ninja ZX-4RR are also equipped as standard with a KQS (Kawasaki Quick Shifter) automatic shifter for upshifting and downshifting. In this case, the clutch no longer needs to be operated manually when shifting.

The 4.3-inch digital color display of the Ninja ZX-4R is perfect to read and enhances the premium impression of the motorcycle. A track mode that shows lap times, a gear indicator and a display for speeds above 10,000 rpm are integrated. The Kawasaki RIDEOLOGY app can be used to connect to the smartphone, which, among other functions, allows the recording of a route via GPS as well as other movement data of the vehicle.

In addition to the standard version Ninja ZX-4R, the following model variants are available ex works:

Ninja ZX-4R SE
This model comes in the colors of the Kawasaki Racing Team (KRT). In addition, the SE model has the following additional equipment:
- KQS (Kawasaki Quick Shifter) with blipper function for upshifting and downshifting
- Tinted windscreen
- USB port
- Frame protectors

Ninja ZX-4RR
In addition to the colors of the Kawasaki Racing Team (KRT), "RR" graphics and a BFRC-lite shock absorber from Showa (as on the Ninja ZX-10RR) are used. This allows an even sportier driving style.