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COVID-19 has also shifted priorities for motorcyclists. Rarely has the desire for boundless freedom and especially for outdoor leisure activities been more intense than it is now. The Bike Bull batteries from Banner awaken the desire for the bike and ensure the perfect start. Especially with its premium products Banner Bike Bull AGM PROfessional and Banner Bike Bull GEL, the starter battery specialist offers two-wheel power at its finest.
Robustness, reliability and power – characteristics that the Bike Bull brand world from Banner has always stood for. The quality promise of the premium specialist for starter batteries runs like a red thread through the entire product range, which includes around 60 Bike Bull battery types. With the two products from the two-wheeler range, the Bike Bull AGM (AGM = Absorbent Glass Mat) PROfessional (PRO) and the Bike Bull GEL, the Austrian family-owned company is even a clear step ahead of the market. "Our innovative Bike Bull AGM PRO is a top product in original part quality. This premium AGM+SLA battery exactly meets the requirements of Harley-Davidson, BMW and bikes with ABS and extensive optional extras. But that's not all: thanks to its high cold stability, this product is ideal for use in snowmobiles," says Günter Helmchen, Managing Director of Banner Batterien Deutschland GmbH, in a nutshell. Characteristic of the tilt- and leak-proof AGM battery is an extreme vibration resistance, combined with enormous cold start performance. In addition, the two-wheeler trade can convince with this ready-to-use battery type with cycle stability and 100 percent maintenance-free.

The second premium product from Banner Batterien is specially designed for use in enduro and touring motorcycles: the Powerhouse Bike Bull GEL. The highly developed quality battery with nonwoven separator and fixed electrolyte for increased starting power as well as high vibration and cycle resistance is offered ready for operation and is also 100 percent maintenance-free.

With the right load for a long bike life

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In addition to proper maintenance, the correct load is also crucial for the bike's long life. Especially longer service lives of several weeks can have unpleasant consequences for the battery. For example, self-discharge in the battery produces lead sulfate, which forms lumps that can no longer be charged when the battery is not charged immediately. As a result, the powerhouse loses starting power and capacity, especially after hibernation, or a reduced cold start occurs. To avoid this, the Austrian starter battery specialist Banner offers modern chargers and accessories in addition to its wide range of Bike Bull batteries.
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