New motorcycle registrations May 2023

Honda knocks BMW off the throne thanks to new mid-range bikes!

Honda Transalp 750Photo: Honda

New registrations: Honda new #1 in Germany!

We had already expected it in April: Honda overtook BMW in terms of market share in new motorcycle registrations in Germany in May 2023. Thanks to the two new mid-range models, the Hornet 750 and Transalp 750, Honda's market share in new registrations in May 2023 is now a whopping 18.2 percent.
Will the alarm bells ring in Munich? Probably not, because BMW Motorrad breaks one sales record after another, which is mainly due to the very good sales abroad. In Germany, however, the market share has slipped to 15.9% if you look at the new registrations of motorcycles (everything except 125cc and scooters). However, the new GS and other new models from Bavaria will still come in 2023. This is probably one of the reasons why one or the other potential buyer may be holding back on buying a new BMW at the moment. In any case, since our "records" (= launch of the website in Sept. 2018), BMW has always been number 1 in terms of market share. In this respect: Congratulations Honda, everything done right!
Motorrad Neuzulassungen Mai 2023

The fact that the two Honda models have taken such a hit is probably mainly due to the sharply calculated prices for the Hornet and the Transalp. So much motorcycle for so little money is currently only available from lesser-known brands. Will Suzuki be similarly successful with the GSX-8S and the V-Strom 800 DE? We'll see that next month, when the sales figures for these two new bikes will also be reliable. In any case, there is a lot of movement and a breath of fresh air in the new middle class - that's a good thing!
Honda Hornet 750

Top 50 new motorcycle registrations in May 2023



1BMWR 1250 GS727
2KawasakiZ 900457
3HondaCB 750 HORNET406
4HondaXL 750 TRANSALP351
5KawasakiZ 650302
7HondaCB 650 R250
10YamahaTÉNÉRÉ 700215
11HondaCMX 500 REBEL209
12HondaCBR 650 R206
14SuzukiDL 800 V-STROM196
15HondaCL 500172
16HondaCMX 1100 REBEL162
17KTM390 DUKE162
18KTM790 DUKE159
19KTM690 SMC152
21ApriliaRS 660147
22Husqvarna701 SUPERMOTO142
23BMWF 900 R142
24KawasakiNINJA 650137
26BMWM 1000 R134
27BMWR 1250 RS132
28HondaCRF 1100 AFRICA TWIN131
30Husqvarna901 NORTH124
31TriumphTRIDENT 660124
32HondaCB 500 F123
33YamahaTRACER 900117
34HondaCBR 500 R114
35HondaNC 750 X113
36BMWF 750 GS113
37DucatiSCRAMBLER 803110
38HondaNT 1100110
39Royal EnfieldSUPER METEOR 650109
40BMWR 1250 R108
41DucatiPANIGALE V4104
43TriumphSTREET TRIPLE 765 MOTO2103
44Moto-GuzziV85 TT98
45DucatiMONSTER 95097
46SuzukiSV 65097
47BMWF 900 XR93
48KawasakiZ 900 RS90
49HondaCB 500 X88
50KawasakiVULCAN S85