Kawasaki NinjaH2 SX/SE: Tourer kit free

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Kawasaki NinjaH2 SX/SE: Tourer-Kit gratisPhotos: Kawasaki

Ninja H2 SX and Ninja H2 SX SE now included Tourer kit.

The Ninja H2 SX and the Ninja H2 SX SE have everything an exclusive hyperbike needs for Europe-wide trips. Now even the previously optional suitcase set is included in the purchase price. This saves buyers a whole €950 on the recommended retail price. This offer is valid with all participating Kawasaki dealers until further notice.

A Ninja H2 SX is made to cover long distances at high cruising speeds. With a supercharged engine that delivers a whopping 147.1 kW (200 hp), state-of-the-art assistance systems and extensive travel comfort, every trip is a special experience. So it makes sense to order original cases (2 x 28 liters volume) at the time of purchase, which can be ideally integrated into the vehicle. The matching inner pockets also make loading and unloading even more practical.

Previously, this meant a surcharge of €950 (incl. VAT). Currently, this tourer kit is included free of charge with the purchase of a new Ninja H2 SX or Ninja H2 SX SE. The money saved can be invested in other useful original accessories from Kawasaki – or it is the amount that finances the first big long-distance trip.