Indian Shows New Retro Bike 2020 FTR Rally

Photo: Indian

Indian Motorcycle, America's oldest motorcycle company, presented the 2020 FTR Rally. The 2020 FTR Rally builds on the 2019 FTR Design Framework, but adds retro styling.

The FTR Rally features Titanium Smoke lacquer with the Indian Motorcycle headdress logo, aluminum spoke wheels with red pinstripe, brown aviator seat, a new windshield and Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires. The package is supposed to work in the city as well as in the off-road.

The motorcycle is equipped with cruise control, a USB fast charging port and new ProTaper handlebars that are 50 mm higher to provide more comfort and handling. The FTR Rally also features an LED headlight and LED indicators that provide better visibility with minimal maintenance.

The 1203-cm3 V twin motor offers a uniform power output with a lot of power in the lower power range. The engine produces 123 hp, delivers 120 Nm of torque and has a flat torque curve. The engine is built into a black lattice frame, and the FTR Rally features an inverted front suspension with radially mounted Brembo brakes.

The 2020 FTR Rally is compatible with the full range of more than 40 accessories specifically designed for the FTR platform. This allows drivers to customize the motorcycles when buying an Indian.

The FTR rally will be held by the dealer in early 2020.