Brand-new communication systems

Sena presents the 3S PLUS Boom and 3S PLUS Universal systems

Simply practical, compact and clever - for jet and full-face helmets


Photos: SENA

With the brand new communication systems 3S PLUS Boom and 3S PLUS Universal, Sena is launching the 2021 season with two new headsets for motorcycle and scooter helmets. This means that the popular 3S system has two successors, which now have an extended range of functions and a doubled intercom range of 400 metres. The 3S PLUS Boom features a minimalist compact design with buttons directly on the microphone, allowing it to be fully integrated into jet helmets. The sister model 3S PLUS Universal comes with a particularly compact, external control unit. It is attached to the outside of the helmet shell and can be used with both jet and integral helmets.

The most important features of the 3S PLUS models at a glance:

Two new models of the popular 3S series
2-way intercom with 400 meters range and HD quality
Easiest operation via just two buttons
Current Bluetooth 4.1 technology
Easily integrated into the helmet, minimalist design
Battery life up to 8 hours with 3 hours of charging

The new Sena 3S PLUS Boom, the clever communication solution for jet helmets
The two new low-profile headsets Sena 3S PLUS Boom and 3S PLUS Universal are the ideal solution for those who want to communicate with another partner without much effort and yet at the highest quality level. All important functions of the two 3S PLUS models are operated quickly and easily via only two buttons. With just a few clicks, 2-way intercom conversations over a range of up to 400 meters are set up. The Sena Advanced Noise technology, which effectively filters out disturbing wind noise, ensures crystal-clear sound. In combination with a smartphone, the user can also listen to music, receive GPS instructions or make a phone call.

Perfect for jet helmets: the 3S PLUS Boom
The ultra-compact 3S PLUS Boom system is perfectly tailored for use in jet helmets and can be mounted in just a few simple steps. The highlight: Both control buttons have been cleverly integrated into the gooseneck microphone, so that no further controls need to be attached to the outside of the helmet. Since the loudspeakers can be easily integrated into the recesses on the helmet, the 3S PLUS boom is virtually invisible from the outside.

Extra-compact communication for all cases: the 3S PLUS Universal
The 3S PLUS Universal can also be operated via just two buttons and lives up to its name as it can be used with all helmet types on the market. Whether integral, folding, enduro or jet helmet: the slim control element of the 3S Plus Universal is simply attached inconspicuously to the helmet shell. The scope of delivery includes both a freely mountable cable microphone and an ironing microphone, so that the user can choose the most suitable version for his helmet.

Full control and comfort with the Sena app
For added convenience, there is the option to connect the two new 3S PLUS models to the Sena Utility app. Users can then customize the features of their system with just a few taps, access the device's quick guide, and much more. The Sena app also offers smart intercom pairing: two driving partners connect with this easily by scanning a QR code.

Available now
The 3S PLUS Boom and the 3S PLUS Universal are now available for 109 EUR (vat incl. VAT) via Sena's worldwide dealer network and the webshop on