Motorcycle new registrations December 2020

Motorcycle sales & market shares in 2020

The IVM has published new motorcycle registrations for December 2020. This also makes it clear how 2020 will have gone in total in terms of motorcycle sales. We take a look at the market shares of the manufacturers as well as the most popular machines in the past year.
At the end of the year, motorcycle sales rose again strongly in December. 13,538 two-wheelers incl. 125s and scooters were brought to the man/ woman in 12/2020. In December 2019, there were only 2,909 units - so we are talking about growth of 365 percent! If you limit yourself to motorcycles over 125 cc without scooters, there will be 8,297 units in December 2020, 328 percent more than in December 2019.

Motorcycle sales for the full year 2020: up 16.89 percent

Let's look at the full year 2020: A total of 132,126 motorcycles were sold. This is an increase of almost 17 percent compared to the previous year. If we add 125 and scooters, we are talking about 218,778 two-wheelers sold in 2020 (2019: 165,311) and growth of 32.34 percent.

New registrations have been on the rise since 2010

By 2010, new registrations for motorcycles had fallen. A look at our statistics section shows that in 2010, about 122,000 two-wheelers were sold. Since then, it's only been uphill. Last year, the b196 driver's license reform was one of the reasons why 125and light-duty scooters were sold extremely well.

Motorrad Neuzulassungen 2020Photo: Screenshot

Manufacturers' market shares in 2020

Let's take a look at the market shares of motorcycle manufacturers for the full year 2020.
All the following figures refer to motorcycles (i.e. again everything without 125s and without scooters).

BMW has sold 7.42% more bikes, while its market share has fallen by about 1.8%. This will be overtaken in Munich, especially since it is not only produced for the German market. KtM, Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha follow in second to fifth place. KTM has sold a remarkable 26% more machines and improved its market share by a good 1%. The market shares of Honda and Kawa have virtually not changed and Yamaha is losing 0.8%.

Winner of the year 2020

The 2020 winners in terms of sales development are without question Royal Enfield and Indian. Both manufacturers can look forward to almost 60% more sales. Market shares are still outside the top 10 at 1.9% (RE) and 1.49% (Indian), but that could change in 2021. Pleasing: The long-term patient Suzuki was able to increase its market share by about 0.6% to 5.41% and sales by as much as 32%. The smallest growth in bikes sold in 2020 was reported by Ducati (6.26%) and BMW (7.42%) On.

Best-selling motorcycles in 2020

And finally, because it is so beautiful still a look at the best-selling motorcycles in 2020.

1BmwR 1250 GS9.228
2KawasakiZ 9003.853
4KawasakiZ 6503.086
5Ktm690 SMC2.492
6Ktm790 DUKE2.417
7YamahaTénéré 7002.395
8Ktm390 DUKE2.276
9SuzukiGSX-S 7502.178
10HondaCMX 500 REBEL2.039
11HondaCRF 1100 AFRICA TWIN1.868
12SuzukiSV 6501.711
13BmwS 1000 XR1.704
14BmwF 900 R1.654
15BmwR 1250 RS1.515
16Ktm790 ADVENTURE1.428
17HondaNC 750 X1.409
19BmwS 1000 RR1.354
20Ktm1290 SUPERDUKE R1.353
21BmwR 1250 R1.339
22BmwF 900 XR1.337
23Ktm1290 SUPER ADVENTURE1.311
24YamahaMT-09 TRACER1.307
25KawasakiNINJA 6501.270
26Husqvarna701 SUPERMOTO1.235
27Harley-DavidsonXL 1200 X1.220
28HondaCB 500 F1.201
29KawasakiVULCAN S1.119
30KawasakiZ 900 RS1.112
31Harley-DavidsonSTREET BOB1.089
32Royal EnfieldCONTINENTAL GT 6501.081
33SuzukiDL 650 V-STROM1.061
34HondaCB 650 R NEO SPORTS CAFE1.045
35BmwF 750 GS1.018
37Moto-GuzziV85 TT982
38BmwR 1250 RT964
39Royal EnfieldBULLET ELECTRA935
40HondaCB 1000 R NEO SPORTS CAFE880
41HondaCBR 500 R870
42Ktm300 EXC848
43BmwF 850 GS829
44TriumphROCKET 3791
45HondaNC 750 S790
46HondaCB 650 R NEO SPORTS CAFE742
47Ktm890 DUKE741
48SuzukiGSX-S 1000740
49Harley-DavidsonSPORT GLIDE737
50BmwS 1000 R716