ADAC Adventure-Bike Training Motorcycle

What exactly happens with the ADAC adventure bike in Embsen?

ADAC Adventurebike-Training

Video documentary: We accompanied the ADAC Adventure Bike Training in Embsen for a day on- and off-road and show in this video what exactly is offered at the ADAC Adventure Bike Training and for whom it is suitable. More info here: https:///

Video flow and content
-Get to know
- On-road exercises: standing riding, weight shifting, work with the footrest, slalom, overcoming obstacles, driving switchbacks, jumping, hard braking, stopping in uneven places
- Off-road part 1: Accelerating and braking on loose ground, ballet dancing on the bike, trying out different positions on the bike off-road
- Off-road part 2: Driving through hilly terrain, up and down hills, through narrow forest passages, driving through deep water
- Interviews with the participants
- Conversation with the trainer