Triumph: Extensive Tiger 1200 Update

Sharpened claws for the Tiger 1200

Triumph: Umfangreiches Tiger 1200 UpdatePhotos: Triumph

TRIUMPH launches major update for the big adventure bike

One of the most interesting motorcycles for fans of big adventure bikes is about to become even more attractive: For the 2024 model year, TRIUMPH is launching a comprehensively improved Tiger 1200. The bike now has a further refined three-cylinder engine and can boast numerous updates to comfort in everyday life as well as on tour. Of course, there is also a new color selection for 2024.

TRIUMPH Motorcycles presents the 2024 Tiger 1200 model family – with many enhancements that further enhance the popular adventure motorcycle. The new features include several updates to parts of the T-Plane three-cylinder engine, which, among other things, lead to even better drivability and control, especially at low speeds. Comfort and ergonomics have also been noticeably improved in all areas of application. In addition, Tiger 1200 riders can now look forward to an active reduction in spring preload: With "Active Preload Reduction", the seat height can be lowered by up to 20 mm if desired. Last but not least, the two GT models in the Tiger 1200 model family now have increased lean angle clearance.
In the new version, TRIUMPH's 1160cc Triple offers an even more refined driving experience with superior control at low revs, while retaining the exciting and unmistakable triple character of its T-Plane crankshaft. Modifications to the crankshaft, the alternator rotor and the balancer shaft increased the flywheel mass of the engine. This, combined with optimised engine tuning, has enabled the TRIUMPH development team to achieve smoother low-end torque delivery and better responsiveness. Especially at low speeds, this results in increased smoothness when accelerating and decelerating. Thanks to a modified clutch design, the engagement of first gear is now smoother.
In the course of these updates, TRIUMPH has also improved the comfort of the Tiger 1200 in everyday life and on long trips, as the powerplant is now even smoother and more refined, which riders can feel at all points of contact with the bike. In addition, the cushioned handlebars and risers, which have already proven themselves on the Explorer models, are now standard on the GT Pro and Rally Pro. The result is a smoother ride and better visibility in the mirrors.
In addition, the driver's seat has been optimized with a flatter profile and now offers more space, resulting in less fatigue on longer journeys. This also applies to the low seat pad, which is available as an accessory, which reduces the position by 20 mm (to 830 mm on the GT Pro and 855 mm on the Rally Pro). In addition, the new clutch lever now offers more space for the driver's fingers.
A plus for the driving dynamics of the Tiger 1200 GT Pro and GT Explorer models: TRIUMPH has increased their lean angle clearance by raising the position of the footrests and moving them closer to the motorcycle. Another plus point for all models is the active reduction of spring preload on the rear wheel, which was introduced in August 2023. When the bike is stationary, this is reduced and thus the seat height is lowered by up to 20 mm. Drivers can activate this extra safety and control by simply pressing the "Home" button on the shift cube on the left-hand control for one second.
The four model variants of the Tiger 1200 are now available with new colors for 2024. The road-oriented Tiger 1200 GT Pro and GT Explorer are now also available in the eye-catching Carnival Red, in addition to the previous Snowdonia White and Sapphire Black options. The off-road-optimized Tiger 1200 Rally Pro and Rally Explorer are available in the new, elegant colors Matt Sandstorm and Jet Black as well as in the popular color Matt Khaki.

Steve Sargent, Chief Product Officer, said: "The 2024 updates to the Tiger 1200 range will provide an even more refined driving experience and increase its global appeal. While the current generation of models has already had a major impact on this segment, more than doubling the annual sales of the Tiger 1200 worldwide, our engineering team is always looking for new ways to refine and improve each model."

The new Tiger 1200 is now available to order from TRIUMPH dealers and will be delivered from April 2024. The prices for the different model variants can be found in the table below. As before, the new 2024 Tiger 1200 also offers a very attractive overall package - including long maintenance intervals of 16,000 km and a full 4-year manufacturer's warranty with no mileage limit as well as a 2-year mobility warranty.

Tiger 1200 GT Pro from €20,545
Tiger 1200 GT Explorer from €22,145
Tiger 1200 Rally Pro from €21,545
Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer from €23,145
Prices for Germany: plus retailer-specific delivery costs, incl. 4-year manufacturer's warranty and 2-year mobility warranty