Safety first

Smart helmet with brake light

Photo: Joe Doucet
Not only chic but above all safe should be a motorcycle helmet. New York designer Joe Doucet took this to heart and designed the Sotera Advanced Helmet. It looks like a modern jet helmet, but can do much more. Thanks to an LED panel on the lower half of the helmet, the Sotera Advanced Helmet can change color. The helmet is made of fiberglass and polycarbonate. The transparent visor protects against wind and rain. However, as already mentioned, the lower half of the helmet, which glows red when the driver brakes, is really interesting, similar to a normal brake light. Joe Doucet's goal was to prevent accidents in advance. A helmet that suddenly lights up red could significantly increase the attention of road users who are driving behind. Using an accelerometer, the helmet notices when the driver is delayed. The helmet is charged via USB port. Other colours can also be represented.

Doucet had initially planned to have the helmet realized and patented himself, but he decided against it relatively quickly. So far, the Sotera Advanced Helmet is only a concept, but the New York-based designer is calling on manufacturers to integrate their idea into their own products. The safety and prevention of potentially fatal accidents are his number one priority.
Then we are curious if the manufacturers use the idea of the designer. This is not completely new anyway, because additionally mountable LED brake and rear lights are already available. Such as Nolan's ESS MULTI system, which is designed to be compatible with full-face helmets, folding helmets and jet helmets of any brand.
Photo: Nolan