Photo: Horwig

HORWIN Europe GmbH is based in Kammersdorf (Austria). Dealers throughout Europe are supplied with exclusive distribution rights from several e-vehicle manufacturers. For the first time, HORWIN Europe is now launching self-developed vehicles produced in China specifically for Europe. Behind HORWIN are the entrepreneurial families Zhou WEI from Changzhou (China) and Heinzl (Heinzl Group) from Lower Austria.

IN time for EICMA 2019, HORWIN Europe will be presenting two newly developed motorcycles for the first time - the HORWIN CR6 and the HORWIN CR6 PRO.

They are unique among the electric light motorcycles or light motorcycles (L3e class/ 125 cc) in a newly interpreted retro look: the abbreviation "CR" stands for the reinterpreted look of the iconic Cafe Racer motorcycles from the 1960s. In the PRO version, the two-seater is also one of the first electric motorcycles in the world with a 5-speed gearbox. Also unique: HORWIN Europe develops its products especially for the European market. They are therefore very different in size, strength, appearance, quality, technology and driving safety from those significantly smaller vehicles that are designed for the Chinese market and imported into Europe unchanged.
The range of the HORWIN CR6 and the HORWIN CR6 PRO is an astonishing 150 km (at 45km/h average speed) for the fixed and armoured battery pack. Thanks to the integrated power charger, the battery at any normal power outlet is 80% (CR6 PRO) or 100% (CR6) fully charged within three hours!
Other highlights: acceleration in just 6 seconds from 0-60 km/h, top speed of up to 105 km/h, perfect visibility with the latest LED technology, full overview thanks to large cockpit display, intelligent FOC control for more driving performance, CBS brake system for short braking distances, 2 years warranty!

The HORWIN CR6 (€5,890 in black, white, green metallic or blue metallic) and the HORWIN CR6 PRO (€6,990 in black) will be available in Germany and Austria from the end of November.

For more information: https://www.horwin.eu/de/cr6/
Dealer can be found at: Horwin Dealer