Ducati SuperSport 950

Ducati SuperSport 950: New model for 2021

Still a sports tourer or already a super-athlete?

Ducati revamps his sports tourer and gives it a new name. "Ducati SuperSport 950" is the name of the new bike, which above all gets a sportier look. Is this still a sports tourer or already a super athlete you might wonder. We take a closer look and answer this question.
Ducati SuperSport 950 
The "old" Ducati SuperSport has been around since 2017. This model was still clearly sorted as a sports tourer. The new model, on the other hand, will be (even) more sporty and less suitable for touring. There will still be two variants. The S-model has a high-quality Öhlins chassis and costs approx. 15,000 euros in red or white. As before, the cheaper version without S in the model name relies on Marzocchi fork and Sachs strut and costs around 13,000 euros.
The 937 cc V2 engine has been homologated for the Euro-5 standard and continues to provide 110 hp and 93 Nm of torque. New are the LED light with daytime running light as well as Bosch curve ABS, wheelie control and 2-fold quickshifter in series. The 4.3 inch colour display is also new, as is a better padded bench. The new windshield has become flatter and now double adjustable.
The new SuperSport 950 can be seen on the side gills as well as the further pulled-down cladding. With these changes, the new model moves closer to the Panigale V4. Looks chic, but isn't as self-contained as before.
We will continue to list the Ducati SuperSport 950 as a "sports tourer"in our bike database. Although the new 950 is already very sporty, the motorcycle type "Super-Sportsman" at Ducati should be reserved for the Panigale models.