The new Scrambler Ducati goes on European tour

The new generation of Scrambler Ducati starts its European tour in 2023

Die neue Scrambler Ducati geht auf Europa-TourGraphics/Photos: Ducati

Next-Gen Tour: The all-new Scrambler Ducati goes on European tour

The Scrambler Ducati Next-Gen Tour invites you on an exciting journey where the latest generation of Ducati Scramblers put their skills to the test. The tour includes five stages full of energy, entertainment, music, colors and digital art, all designed to capture the hearts of motorcycle lovers. The impressive dynamic characteristics of the new Scrambler Ducati have already impressed at the international press launch in Valencia.
• The new generation of Scrambler Ducati launches its European Tour, which showcases all its versatility
• London, Milan, Munich, Madrid and Paris: five metropolises, five special stops to immerse yourself in the world of the new Scrambler Ducati generation
• The creative concept of the Next-Gen Tour comes from Italian artists Van Orton Design, who designed a special version of the Scrambler Ducati
• Visitors to the tour will have the opportunity to test drive the new Scrambler Icon

Five of Europe's hottest cities (London, Milan, Munich, Madrid and Paris) will host five Scrambler Ducati events. Five unique locations offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Scrambler Ducati and experience the riding experience that has made it a worldwide success with more than 100,000 motorcycles sold in 8 years.

The unmistakable creative concept of the Next-Gen Tour was created in collaboration with Van Orton Design. The Italian duo is one of the best-known representatives of European digital art and has designed a special version of the Scrambler Icon for this special occasion and designed the creative concept of the entire tour. The special version designed by Van Orton Design, which is all about individuality and thus the Ducati Scrambler philosophy, will be present at every tour stop.


Each stage of the Next-Gen Tour offers a unique and special program with numerous surprises to entertain the participants. On May 13, the tour stops in Munich and welcomes motorcycle enthusiasts and surf fans to the Jochen Schweizer Arena. In addition to the test rides with the icon, which is available in nine different colors, participants can experience surf shows in which the surf pros show their tricks on the first indoor wave in Germany. After the test drive, visitors can get on the board themselves. A food court, a bar, lounges and DJs complete the program (All information about the event including registration can be found here).

The tour stops are the perfect opportunity to experience the new models in the Scrambler range: the Ducati Scrambler Icon, Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle and Ducati Scrambler Nightshift. These three versions embody the values of purism and authenticity that have always been the focus of Scrambler Ducati enthusiasts. With the new generation, the Scrambler becomes even more modern, colorful and lively.

The dates of the Scrambler Ducati Next-Gen Tour are:

London – 27 April | HERE at Outernet
Milan – 4 May (test drives also possible on 5 and 6 May) | Spazio Lenovo
Munich – 13 May | Jochen Schweizer Arena
Paris – 16 May | Ground Control
Madrid – 1 June | X-Madrid

Further information on the program of the individual stages of the Next-Gen Tour and how to book test drives can be found in the corresponding section on the and websites.

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