New: BMW F 900 GS

Video test of the new mid-range travel enduro in Málaga

Video test of the BMW F 900 GS during the official BMW press event in Málaga. Jan has driven the new BMW F900 GS over hill and dale and describes his impressions of the new travel enduro in this video. You'll also find out what the other journalists think of the F900 GS and how the machine fares on the road.

Test Categories:
00:00 - Introduction

01:37 - First Driving Impressions

13:42 - The BMW F 900 GS off-road
21:08 - Details about the BMW F 900 GS
25:31 - Impressions in the terrain of Málaga
26:10 - Interviews with Gregor (1000PS) and Florian (Motorcycle \u0026 Travel)
29:55 - The BMW F 900 GS Onroad
35:56 - Interviews with Ralf Bielefeld and Christoph (Motorrad Magazin)