Checklist: Sell used motorcycle

What should i have to pay attention to if you want to sell a used motorcycle?

Gebrauchtes Motorrad verkaufen

Private sale or payment at the dealer?

Private sale
  • higher selling price possible
  • Bike must be technically fine
  • Damage should be repaired
  • Wear parts should be okay
  • Motorcycle must be lightning-clean
  • Sales display must be created
  • Test drive dates are necessary
  • annoying price negotiations
  • only in spring good prices possible
  • Purchase contract must be drawn up
  • Effort of sale very high
Sale at the dealer
  • low selling price
  • additional room for manoeuvre to negotiate
  • Check / preparation of the bike is not necessary
  • No annoying price negotiations
  • no test driving, no dates
  • Expenditure of the sale significantly lower
  • The timing of the sale does not matter
Preparation of the motorcycle before purchase
  • Check or have the machine checked at the dealer
  • if TÜV is pending, let us join in
  • Check oil, water level, tyre pressure
  • Checking the electrics and lighting
  • Clean and grease the chain
  • Washing, cleaning, laying -> no cat wash, but right
  • Check second-hand exchanges according to the same model in the region
  • higher price gives room for manoeuvre in price negotiations
  • low price increases the number of interested parties

Test drive & checkout
  • before the test drive: have an identity card given, check your driving licence
  • Write down the address and telephone number of the prospect
  • Hand over the vehicle letter only after full payment
  • allow extensive test drive
  • Legal obligation: openly address defects of the motorcycle, do not conceal anything
  • Do not accept cheques
  • no sale without a purchase contract!
  • Use standard purchase agreement (download ADAC sample purchase contract here)
  • Fix the time of vehicle handover and insurance transfer in the purchase contract

Create a sales ad
  • Create meaningful photos from different perspectives
  • these include side view, front and rear view, cockpit, tank, engine, exhaust
  • Damage not to hide and also to photograph
  • pay attention to good exposure and sharpness, borrow the neighbor's camera for the need
  • ensure a calm background in all photos
  • Photos from the last Alpine holiday with mountain in the background don't interest anyone!
  • in the description of the ad give too much rather than too little information
  • Please mention: number of previous owners, condition, possible damage, BJ, mileage

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