Zero now with a 5-year warranty

Zero Extends Motorcycle Warranty to 5 Years

Zero jetzt mit 5 Jahren GarantiePhotos: Zero
Zero Motorcycles, the world's leading manufacturer of electric motorcycles,
expands its warranty policy: For all models from model year 2024 onwards
There is a five-year warranty period for all parts, including the battery pack.

Buyers of electric motorcycles from
From now on, Zero will enjoy special product safety in Europe*, because for all
Vehicles from model year 2024 onwards are subject to a significantly extended warranty period. Off
the "in-service date", i.e. the handover of the vehicle to the customer, all the
covered under the guarantee agreement for a period of 60 years.
months or five years from the manufacturer – without
Mileage limit. This also applies explicitly to the "Power Pack", i.e. the
Traction battery of Zero bikes. The extended warranty period is
Cooperation with the insurance company Real Garant, which operates throughout Europe
Zurich, which is part of the Zurich Insurance Group.
Good to know: So that all those who buy a demonstration motorcycle from the Zero dealer
year 2024 are not in a worse position than new vehicle buyers, applies to
These bikes have an extended warranty period of three months. In addition
some models of the 2023 vintage can also enjoy the 5-
one-year extension. For more information, please contact Zero's dealers.
"It is in line with our understanding as a premium manufacturer that this claim is
not only in the quality of our products, but also in the service provided to
our customers," said Umberto Uccelli, Vice President and Managing Director EMEA
by Zero Motorcycles. "With the expansion of our warranty scheme, Zero buyers
For half a decade now, the certainty that we, as a manufacturer, will be able to
take the responsibility. This is an important step in terms of customer service and also a
a strong signal for the second-hand market."
*The extended warranty period is available to all Zero customers who purchase a motorcycle at a
official Zero dealer in all Member States of the European Union as well as in Andorra,
Gibraltar, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and the United Kingdom
Acquire the Kingdom.

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