Motorcycle of the Year 2023 election and big raffle

You and we choose the motorcycle of the year 2023! will vote for the motorcycle of the year 2023 together with its users! We offer you a choice of five current bikes in each of nine categories. If you take part, you can also win something.

Starting today, 25.08.23, we will put a category and a corresponding short video online every day. Thank you for your participation, have fun voting and good luck with the raffle!

PARTICIPATION - this is how you participate:

First of all, you have to choose your favorite per category in our YouTube community area. It only takes a few seconds and you can do it right here. Then please send an e-mail to with the subject "Motorcycle of the Year 2023" and write us which motorcycle or brand you think is cool. Since we are also giving away clothes, information about the T-shirt size (M/L/XL) is helpful and your helmet size would also be great.



The company MSA has provided two full-face helmets from Speeds with sun visor (model "SPEEDS RACE II") in blue and red. More information about the helmets can be found here.

From the Honda dealer Moto-Fun in Kaltenkirchen there is a cool Africa Twin tent for man/woman and machine.

Clothing specialist Held has sent us: A "Be Heroic" cap, a women's T-shirt size DL, a tablet bag, a laptop bag and a backpack.

BMW Motorrad Germany has provided us with a BMW Miniature R 1250 GS in rally style.

The ADAC Embsen provides a gift box with a voucher for a training session.

From the communication specialist SENA there is the brand new 5R Lite Dual Intercom system for two people.

Harley Davidson Kiel sent us a Harley T-shirt and a cool Harley Davidson backpack.

Triumph Germany will also be there with a Tiger 1200 cap, a Triumph tube scarf, a chic Triumph keychain and various stickers and visor cleaners.

The KTM and Yamaha dealer Motorrad Ruser from Haseldorf sent us the following: gloves, Bridgestone Tool Kit Pro, S100 care kit, Yamaha mobile phone wipers and Yamaha scarves

And last but not least, KSR sends us a Royal Enfield set consisting of Royal Enfield Polo Shirt XL and Royal Enfield Welcome Set as well as bags and T-shirts from Brixton in size L - and countless ballpoint pens.

Without you, this whole story would not have been possible, we and our viewers appreciate it - thank you!